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  1. Sooner we move from Hillsborough the better. Inc training ground.
  2. I enjoy a Jim post. Different angle - sniff of a truth, too. All perspectives welcome. Together not against. UTO.
  3. Stick with Moore - it's not the time to be changing manager.
  4. Stick with Moore - stick together, patience and time. We flatter to deceive at the moment. But remember the position of the club as a whole. Its been a nightmare. Steady and settled with bumps in the road.
  5. It's a tough call. I like the Clubber Lang fight. 'aint so bad, ain't so bad, you ain't nuffin' The Bill Conti soundtrack is brilliant. Don't mind a bit of Tommy Gun either. Street feyt!
  6. I can't tell you how welcome these posts are. I love to hear about posters and real life. Sometimes when we're swiping and projecting, it can be tricky getting a feel for the love. Important to remember, we don't know what's happening beyond the screen. Our words hold weight. I'll be choosing mine wisely in 2022. I lived at Sheffield Emmaus once upon a time. It's stayed with me - there's people in the world with no one. See you Christmas Day, for a bit.
  7. Oh yeah, the jabs. Don't forget your jab, and your booster jab, too.
  8. Hope everyone giving the lungs and immune system some attention. Increasing capacity and power of lungs recommended.
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