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  1. Still only 35 and a free agent.... Could he Would he...
  2. Still only 30, playing for Hornchurch.... Hmm.. Do we think he'd want to come back and do a job?
  3. Absolutely - seems to do a bit in the community too, with youngsters.
  4. Nuhui to come back with his head bic'd, then fire us up the league from absolutely nowhere Rhodes peeling off him like a fox, rolling balls into the corners I hope you are all ready
  5. That is a good point. Some clubs will already be building on progress from last season. Shows you the task at hand, if Monk can pull this off, he'll have worked a small miracle
  6. Going to be interesting to see how other clubs in Championship get on Gives you a sense of how we're comparing Are we reading about our rivals in the league making quality signings whilst we seem slow, or is it much of a muchness so far.... These are interesting times, kind of enjoying the ride
  7. Good enough, not good enough, maybe so. Your post...shocking.
  8. Or someone helping you to improve at your job, or to put something in place to support your development. Not walk up to you and say "you wAAnk coont'
  9. Right on, Moses. Agree wholeheartedly - keep the frequency high. That comment from Jord is WOW bad. Let's remember this next time something mental health related comes along.
  10. He's a FB now? I don't understand the hate - personally hope he does well. I big myself up daily, I self promote daily, no one gives me hassle for it. He's hardly going to state to the world on social media that he's a poor footballer.....this game is built on success / achievement, that self confidence could be the difference at some point #flair
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