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  1. Yeah, I'm now behind enemy lines, too. Flying aren't they.
  2. Huddersfield manager with white chinos. Interesting choice that.... Had some chicken for tea.
  3. Gone defensive. Already. Sigh. Huddersfield not Brazil.
  4. Park Drives, not for the faint of heart those things.
  5. I was thinking. Should probably go his own way.
  6. I did think the same to be honest. Only a matter of time before the hoofs start happening. Been a bug of mine for years that. Tom Lees hoofing the ball. Arrrrgh
  7. Any decent meds to get you through today's game?
  8. Locked in a tin warehouse by the canal. With a single frayed light bulb and a steel chair. Doing nothing... Only concentrating on his game. FOREVER.
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