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  1. Enjoy the journey brother. Only way. Finding peace in your heart as a Wednesdayite takes practice. Have to embrace the fun house.
  2. That photo at the train station. Heart breaking stuff.
  3. *wipes brow* phew! This is good news for me.
  4. I imagine he'll score goals. We've never made him the main man. We've needed to play to him. He's a round peg in need of a system of round holes.
  5. Tell me we aren't cursed. Injured falling into the net. I mean really slow down and think about this...
  6. Good grief. That defending! Woooo Change it now. It's not working so make a change.
  7. I know some tremendous leaders. And what I see in them I do not see in Chansiri. I agree with you. How has he created his wealth? All personal power lost the moment you start projecting blame outwards. In all moments you surely look and reflect on your own being in situations. I won't buy it. We are effectively without leadership. Ego is running the show. Gulp.
  8. Separation gets us nowhere. Ever. I think that's why Milan is fondly remembered because his time here felt unified. This is the total opposite. Two sides. Neither in good will towards the other.
  9. I bet its a daunting experience if you've never called in. I consider that when I listen. Majority of callers are nervous. (or blind drunk)
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