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  1. oi_you_owl

    Team for Sunderland

    I can't fault what you're saying. I'm not sure anyone does. Do you have an idea what our best team is?
  2. oi_you_owl


    Let's give it a chance, sometimes new ideas and projects take time to develop. Amazing that it happened so quickly after the thread went up.
  3. oi_you_owl

    Adam Reach

    Adam Reach to be me seems much more effective when he has the ball closer to goal. Reach, Bannan, FF on the ball further up the pitch. IMO that's how we will hurt teams.
  4. oi_you_owl

    Joey Pelupessy

    Clearly not my friend. I stand corrected. Thanks for doing the research and pointing this out. That's football fanning for you. Can you be highest passing % player and STILL give the ball away quite often? A mad man sees what a mad man sees. UTO
  5. oi_you_owl

    Joey Pelupessy

    Still hanging on to the hope that he will improve. It doesn't appear to be happening for him at the minute. Gave away possession today and looked like a passenger. Are we playing him in the right position? Hard to see what his strengths are as the games seem to pass him by. Could it be a confidence issue?
  6. oi_you_owl


    100% potentially a very good player for us.
  7. oi_you_owl

    Another pathetic manager

    How do you know for certain he's a decent guy? A decent guy with no balls...that's really unlucky for Jos if true. Joking aside - I'm happy with the second half display and hopefully as the season gets going we'll start to find our flow. The current 'in' saying of 'it is what it is' springs to mind...Focus on what we can do as a team and not what we cant. Amazing to hear the Sheffield tunes pumping out as well, definitely a positive move. On to the next game. UTO.
  8. oi_you_owl

    Ash Baker

    Jordan Thorniley is a good prospect in my opinion. He seems very composed and gets in the way of things.
  9. oi_you_owl

    Up in the Grandstand today

    Worth every penny for Mario Kart...surely?
  10. oi_you_owl

    Clare joins Swansea

    What's the changes of Sean Clare ever pooing out a hedge hog? Perhaps a Swan, possibly an Owl? Depends on his diet. Made me laugh.
  11. oi_you_owl

    Clare joins Swansea

    I agree with you. Players to leave with the blessing of fans. That would be a positive attitude to adopt.
  12. oi_you_owl

    Clare joins Swansea

    Do you think that's self confidence? Do you think self convince is a good attribute to have as a young footballer? Is it because he has signed for Swansea that this becomes something to beat him with? I just wonder - if he had signed for us, would you still say the same. I think often we get pissed off about players leaving, give them a hard time and find things to be negative about. Young kid. Looking out for himself...Most of us would do the same, would we not? If presented with an opportunity to earn more money.
  13. Still having same problem now as I did when I was 16 on OT...How on earth do you post media correctly. (Video)
  14. Mabel Love / Wolf Man Fury Such a good idea. I'd be absolutely bursting with Sheffield pride hearing Monkeys blasting out before the game.