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  1. oi_you_owl

    The magic roundabout

    Iconic Wednesday Poetry. Very good.
  2. oi_you_owl

    Not long until what?

    I've got my own conspiracy theory. Mrs Fessi has a joint of pork in the oven. She's really quite excited, because it's nearly ready. I'm excited just thinking about her pork joint. Or, she's talking about Christmas, and the turkey.
  3. oi_you_owl

    Bohemian rap DC

    Brilliant. Bravo.
  4. oi_you_owl


    Overly tactical rubbish - we are better than this. Let them play! Never looked comfortable playing his style, whatever that may be. That was really bad.
  5. oi_you_owl

    Live Stream

    WebRTC plug in, and clear your history before logging into ifollow. It's worth paying for a VPN too.
  6. oi_you_owl

    We’re on our way

    If it lifts the dreaded S6 curse, then I'll sing it.
  7. oi_you_owl

    We’re on our way

    Hot Roast Pork. Stuffing. Apple Sauce.
  8. oi_you_owl

    What's this all about?

    What's the difference between calling out a dead child, and writing gay banana muncher on the club's official IG account. It's a very fine line, isn't it? You'll always have this element in society. Unless you police words - then that gets a bit 1984. Freedom of speech - great. The above comments - not good. What's the solution? - IMO the club should look into the above and put some bans in place.
  9. oi_you_owl


  10. oi_you_owl

    Grim. Dull. Attritional.

    Surely most competitive league going? I love the championship. Great league.
  11. Oh I thought the first episode was out - heard this one.
  12. oi_you_owl

    Can still go for me

    I see the word dross has seeped into Owlstalk vocabulary. 1.Dross 2. Abomination 3.FFS Anyway - I am convinced a change of manager will happen before the year is out. The murmurs are gathering force.
  13. You have your own Wood? Life Goals.