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  1. oi_you_owl

    New Kit

    I've got a feeling it'll be Hummel. I can feel it in me bones.
  2. Champions of the Championship 2018/2019
  3. Next season is our season. I can feel it in my bones. The path is set my friends, the path is set. All we have to do is walk it...together.
  4. A bloke doing his job. Lost on modern day football fans and forums. Keep the vibes high.
  5. oi_you_owl

    New Kit

    Please be Hummel - they do some seriously cool stuff in my opinion.
  6. oi_you_owl

    The new/old #SWFC badge

    I'd give it 4 stars out of 5
  7. oi_you_owl

    Richard Hawley

    Beautiful man. Great song writer. Top stuff...
  8. oi_you_owl

    Stadium location?

    A properly designed ground at Neepsend would be perfect. Kelham island and potentially the new ski village complex. Would be a good little boom. Purely fantasy land all this ground talk but it's fun to imagine isn't it.
  9. oi_you_owl

    Stadium location?

    Kelham or redevelopment. I'd worry about a west ham situation with a move.
  10. oi_you_owl

    Knee Sliiiiiiiiiiiide

    He's a cult figure isn't he - name a cooler Wednesday player.
  11. That is ACE and I hope your parents had a top day.
  12. Yes I agree with your point here. He, and no doubt other 'advisors' at the club have fudged up big time this season. Some productive criticism for sure. I still think things will come good. From what I see DC is still working hard to turn things around. Bridges will be built but we as fans have a part to play in this also. The abuse and general negative attitude has to stop.
  13. Have to disagree Ramone. It's an ever changing bed. This is a transformational season that didn't work out. We'll be back.
  14. He has a really valid point though. The first two seasons we were challenging for promotion. The recruitment appears bad yes, but only on the basis of this horrible season. I think we need to put things into perspective. He's also saying that the players are human just like the rest of us. It isn't always straight forward - everyone makes mistakes. In my opinion we need to start cutting the club a bit of slack. Yes, sometimes more transparency would go along way but the amount of resistance we create with all the negative views ultimately makes it harder for the club and chairman. We all want the same thing. DC isn't someone who we need to be hating - he's pretty much one of us in terms of wanting the best for Wednesday. Onwards!!!!
  15. oi_you_owl

    Toxic at S6 from top to bottom

    This is a good point. We do give a lot of our focus to that era, which let's be honest, was over in the blink of an eye.