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  1. Team vs. Swansea

    Love that you're using CM - brilliant. Are you actually playing the game as well?

    Are you sure it isn't the megabus man?
  3. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Someone wants Villa back in the premier league. It'll be interesting to see the decisions they get in the run in. Didn't see the game, but I can tell by the reaction on here that something is fishy.
  4. You know what to do guys...

    I'm only doing it once - I don't know how to cheat. Bazza is killing it.
  5. Poor Game Management

    It would be so much better on here if we could out the undercover blades.
  6. Poor Game Management

    Tough season. We'll be OK. The gloom is lifting...trust!
  7. Poor Game Management

    How will this bet be arranged? Is it a cash, or friendly bet? The chances are 'the bet' will be forgotten about before next weekend. What are we betting on?
  8. Poor Game Management

    Absolutely. And it isn't just injuries, it seems also like a huge huge huge lack of fitness. The man is working miracles in a fashion
  9. Poor Game Management

    Oh OK. How do we know Jos is leaving in the summer? Is this official news? Or a general vibe?
  10. Poor Game Management

    Wouldn't you say the morale is improving? I haven't been today but get the impression that morale has improved since CC.
  11. Bow down before lucky owl

    You have to question the power of OT. Can't make it today, none the less a grown man bowing to an owl on his phone as he walks up Abbeydale Rd.