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  1. Get a stadium built at Kelham island - would move in an instant.
  2. Can you go watch thsee games at Hillsborough?
  3. oi_you_owl

    Iyad Hamud

    Why does the universe exist??
  4. One thing that helped me; Magnesium Citrate. It's worth reserching if anyone is feeling the walls closing in. Apparently a lot of people are low in Magnesium. I am really glad to see people being so open about mental health on OT. Thank you to those that have shared and I'd like to say, my DM is always open for anyone who would like someone to talk to. UTO
  5. oi_you_owl

    Form over last 9 games

    Certainly don't fear boro going into that game. I really hope the fans start to believe now that a good season is possible. Dare we start looking towards beautiful down town hotel yet....another Jos masterpiece?
  6. oi_you_owl

    Highlights on Sky Sports

    Watch Bannan winding their fans up, during second goal celebration.
  7. oi_you_owl

    Barry Bannan

    No No No No No not listening
  8. oi_you_owl


    Loovens, but can play with it a bit more (the ball)
  9. oi_you_owl


    The one truly deserving the title of 'The General' In a world where everyone is looking for heroes...We have been blessed with our very own miniature hero... The General Super Jos Jos The Boss King Jos ......Keep em coming.
  10. oi_you_owl

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Wooooooooooooo uts uts uts
  11. oi_you_owl

    Live stream ?

    VIPbox for live streams normally, failing that then Ifollow. The way we watch live is changing dramatically isn't it. I honestly think we'll see days when teams play in front of 0 people. OK maybe dramatic but how will clubs find the balance? It's actually possible to watch every game live for $6 even in the UK. Interesting times.
  12. oi_you_owl


    I found that quite interesting! He went a bit Alan Watts. I don't dislike the style, just confuses me. Creatures of habit, we don't like change..Philosophy Sunday.Com
  13. oi_you_owl

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Second half, late on could be a different story.