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  1. Alex Hope

    It’s sickening

    Outraged you took to the keyboard to call out other warriors on their outrage. That's a lot of irony for a Sunday morning.
  2. Alex Hope

    An evening with Paolo do canio

    The memories served up by Di Canio are unrivalled. We missed out on his peak. Will refrain from the typical Wednesday narrative...oops. White boots. Short shorts. Rounding keepers more times than was necessary before tapping one in. Brilliant!
  3. Alex Hope

    A new signing

    Top marks from me OP; going against the grain, bold, not afraid of being unpopular. Traits of a leader. And you never know. LP for CM.
  4. Alex Hope

    Chris Turner

    Wish him well - easy to point the finger at others. Poor form.
  5. Alex Hope

    Sad picture

    Cinnamon Swirl or Iced Finger, do we know? Always wondered if Jos was a bun man. Can imagine he stays away from cream based buns, due to the whole facial hair clash. Re dogs abuse and social media. You'd do well to remind ye sens that people find themselves at different stages of evolution, not everyone matures....You gotta love em regardless. Tara Jos! Must dash! 0v0
  6. Alex Hope

    Fans forum match day thread

    Come on then - someone periscope it.
  7. Alex Hope

    Fans Forum - live stream?

    Don't let me down ; )
  8. Alex Hope

    A Ploy?

    If you think about it, there's always sets of supporters that turn up and watch s**t - no matter what league. Do you think most fans in championship are happy, or unhappy supporters?
  9. Alex Hope

    Weak manager in jos

    I'd agree. I can't help but feel for Jos to be honest.
  10. Who's coming in to replace Jos, and what will be different under new management? Doesn't sound like he'll be sacked anytime soon, does it?
  11. Alex Hope

    Blame the Fans ...

    I hope it's a peaceful, and solution focused event. I get the feeling some fans are chomping for a tear up.
  12. Alex Hope

    Hillsborough on Saturday

    What is a toxic atmosphere?
  13. Alex Hope

    Hillsborough on Saturday

    Are the band still lighting up the atmosphere on the Kop? Can't fault them - banging away come rain or shine. Impossible for us to have a toxic atmosphere, with a brass band in the stadium. Parp Parp
  14. Alex Hope

    Lost in the hyperbole

    As a life coach, yes I know, blessed career choice! I wonder, how many of our players are being coached? To me, getting the best out of people comes naturally - I automatically presume then, that football managers possess the same motivational qualities. The next Wednesday gaffer for me has to strike that balance between being able to coach, gain respect, and be friendly enough to build good rapport. We want Morgan Fox running through walls for us!! Dying for the cause. Again, plucking wild opinion out from the depths of my soul BUT I think we've had everyone's friend in Carlos, and a real hard working disiplined Jos. DC taking his time - I'm happy with that because this next appointment is vital. Don't rush.