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  1. He’s unlistenable too/as well/too. Always has been. Other commentators at RS are pretty good though.
  2. Our results during the short time he was here suggest he wasn’t going to keep us up. They contributed to our relegation though.
  3. That puddle is symptomatic of everything that’s wrong with our club.
  4. We should all challenge discrimination and hate speech wherever it shows up, otherwise we’re endorsing it.
  5. Disappointing and offensive Brighton reference. Unnecessary.
  6. Dunkley? Problem is he’s not very good at football.
  7. How come we fans know Sam’s midfield days are behind him, but the manager does not?
  8. He’s furloughed himself, but shhh…. Still doing a bit from home.
  9. You’re right, sorry, but I do enjoy a good mangled idiom.
  10. How do you grasp something with open arms? The expression is to ‘grasp with both hands’.
  11. So, the brief was to find a worse crosser than Palmer.
  12. Dull-witted defender, very poor on the ball, little presence on the pitch. One of the many reasons we were relegated. Will suit Bristol fine.
  13. Seems like quite a few staff and players are voting with their feet on Chansiri’s leadership. Probably many supporters too come next season.
  14. How will a poll tell you whether a minority (or majority) is mindless?
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