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  1. Looks like Monk has gone with Bullens advice with that line-up.
  2. At least we won't have lost come 5 o'clock.
  3. Forestieri Bannon Reach Lee But not necessarily in that order. When do we get the correct answer?
  4. They'll be having a bucket collection for us at the Chuckle Dome next.
  5. You haven't convinced me. In fact you haven't even made a case for Pulis.
  6. As I remember it the football under Megson was dire, as well as unsuccessful.
  7. I would not wish to hear the details of your own agenda, judging by these comments.
  8. Everton only in the prem to make up the numbers these days. Home win.
  9. Soz. Still trying to get the hang of this.
  10. It hasn't all gone wrong yet. We've lost 2 games. Top 2 still going to happen.
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