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  1. Snorkelling is an interesting hobby.
  2. The free kick was taken just inside the penalty area. Why was it not a penalty?
  3. You meant to say 'flouted the rules' didn't you?
  4. Jim McCalliog or David Ford, 2-2 draw against the Blades, 1966. Can't remember who got the first.
  5. Is it still possible to be average, or do we have to be bang average now? Bang average causes me more stress than I need at the moment.
  6. Okay, you're right, will do. I do tend to get quite vexed about things that don't really matter. Having said that...
  7. We’ve come to expect Leeds bias from Sky, but today they took it to another level; no pretence at all to impartiality. I think they’re going to be disappointed again though because on that showing Leeds will do well to finish top six.
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