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  1. So, the brief was to find a worse crosser than Palmer.
  2. Dull-witted defender, very poor on the ball, little presence on the pitch. One of the many reasons we were relegated. Will suit Bristol fine.
  3. Seems like quite a few staff and players are voting with their feet on Chansiri’s leadership. Probably many supporters too come next season.
  4. How will a poll tell you whether a minority (or majority) is mindless?
  5. Blimey, that means if games started at half time we’d probably have finished bottom.
  6. Surprise us Mr Biggs and report something we don’t know.
  7. Commiserations pal, you’ll learn that supporting Wednesday is a mostly joyless activity. Keep the flag flying in South Korea.
  8. There’s one thing that’s absolutely certain - it’s going to be flippin unbearable.
  9. And if we lose at Derby, and Rotherham and Wycombe each get at least a point, we get to finish bottom.
  10. True, but if we’d set up to go all out for a win today we could have let Forest in the back door and lost the game, so our season would be over tonight.
  11. Not disagreeing with most of what you say, but it wasn’t a must win game was it? We didn’t win and we’re still in the hunt. It was a must not lose game. Next Saturday is a definite must win game (unless Rovrum win on Tuesday) so a performance like today’s will be unforgivable.
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