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  1. There’s something strange about him these days.
  2. Going to get in some table gazing now before in changes
  3. Or Peter Eustace. He was OK but never lived up to expectations.
  4. He’s going to get really mad when we lose at Preston. And Swansea.
  5. Hope it’s a clean sweep of the coaching staff, including Bullen.
  6. Why do I always feel insulted and belittled after the annual audience with Chansiri? Is it just me?
  7. I’ve been managing my expectations downwards for quite some time now. At some point soon I’d like to start managing them upwards again please.
  8. You could expect him to get in a decent cross occasionally by now. At 29 years of age he has spent his whole career so far trying to get it right. It’s mostly been painful to watch for long suffering supporters. Almost as though the club owes him a living.
  9. Scour the entire city on google earth and you’ll be hard pressed to find a suitable site for a new ground. A new West Stand and a redesign of the Kop is all that’s required. Maybe also desist from calling it the ‘old girl’.
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