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  1. If your name is Dave you’re allowed to be called Big Dave. it just becomes a problem when your actual name is say, Atdhe or Darren.
  2. How long is it since we had good players at right back and left back? Oh for the day when Palmer is no longer on the team sheet.
  3. Well short of league 1 standard.
  4. Pelupessy was poor, just not quite as bad as most of his team mates. He may well have been our MoM, that’s how utterly dire we are.
  5. Norwich will be happy that Pelupessy is starting.
  6. I was 32 when I first took my daughter to a match at Hillsborough.
  7. It hasn’t arrived yet - the day Chansiri sells up and becomes history.
  8. We’ve had 3 managers this season who have lost 4 in a row, and Moore is halfway to another 4. Must be some kind of record there too.
  9. Back into the shadows for Thompson (tbf Hank Marvin is well past retirement).
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