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  1. Seems like the type of player Wilder was signing for the Blades when they were in the Championship (meant as a compliment).
  2. Was Hillsborough the first ground to have an electronic scoreboard.? I might have made that up.
  3. First target has to be nul points. Based on our form this calendar year it could be a struggle.
  4. Comes over as a good bloke. Possible future manager (not necessarily with us).
  5. Monk would freeze him out.
  6. Everything feels like a lifetime away right now.
  7. Not necessarily. The EFL can appeal the decision and the sanction imposed. Charlton, Wigan, Barnsley etc could all pressure the EFL to appeal and have the sanction apply to the current season.
  8. having one player that scores more than eight would be good start.
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