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  1. 40%? What are you talking about? Presumably you don't go and perhaps don't know.
  2. So I guess you think now is the time to give up on CC?
  3. 'evidence to date shows' does it? The evidence I've seen didn't suggest that at all.
  4. Won 3 games? Yes. What would Gray have done? As you say, probably drawn them. Though having said that they'd have probably lost today's.
  5. more like completely understandable. Carlos has won them.
  6. Pig caller having a go at us. Wants to know when we were last in a FA Cup semi-final. Somebody needs to tell him.
  7. Obviously bringing him in to replace Nuhui. Play Nuhui for first 65 mins. When he tires, as he does, put Graham on to do same job.
  8. Good stats. One of those matches last season was also a Sky match I think, so significantly higher revenue, but not from fans. So in terms of revenue from fans that suggests if prices had stayed the same then we'd be about 10% down. But according to some we are paying 40% more (!) so actual revenue this season would be 25% up. More likely the average is 15-25% more , so actual revenue is going to be between 1 and 10% higher. So it seems probable match day tickets are bringing in at least thesame amount as last year. Exec boxes likely to be bringing in less.
  9. We are not are we? Perhaps 1000 that POTG and don't have membership are paying 40% more. A small minority. Most supporters have gone for a relative bargain. If we are paying 40% more then revenues would be significantly up - equivalent to a crowd of 26k last season. It 's more likely, as others have said, todays revenue is down.
  10. Welcome back to Hillsborough. You've missed a lot worse over the last 17 seasons.
  11. Agreed. He showed this in the 2nd half of last season. When we were safe and he had better players at his disposal (including McGugan), the football became even more boring while we plummetted from 7th to 13th. That's when imo he blew whatever chance he had.
  12. Chansiri wasn't involved at City. But Pairoj P was involved (in the Kuwaiti takeover of City), and Pairoj P facilitated (?) the takeover at Reading. Meanwhile Pete P his son was involved in Chansiri's takeover of SWFC ( and might still be involved for all I know).
  13. Must say that would have been my original reason for leaving him out. And it sounds like Lee had another good game tonight...but without scoring / winning.
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