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  1. today's rag says West Ham are to send him out on loan
  2. Could be wrong but I don't think there were any free tickets distributed for yesterdays game (I mean not the block 2,000 that is being suggested) Free tickets are usually given out for the Bramall Lane upper tier, or the Westfield corner and usually when it's a cat C game when very few visiting supporters attend. Occasionally H block in the South Stand is used as well However, as both the upper and lower tier was given to Barnsley and the Westfield corner was not used due to segregation, this was not the case This was a cat A game, a local derby and I don't see it making too much sense to give out 2,000 free tickets. I'm not saying there aren't some freebies knocking around, as there is for most games and most clubs, but not the intention of giving them out wholesale as some might suggest
  3. The price Rotherham are after is not a million so I'm led to believe
  4. Wrong Sage Owl First of all I think the deal will go through Furthermore, why should I be that bothered about your pending new owner? I am actually of the opinion you are walking into potentially unknown and possibly dangerous territory for your club longer term If he were on his way to be our owner, it would sit a little uncomfortably with me. However, if you are happy then that's all that matters
  5. Sage Owl, S2 is correct that Baghlan group defaulted on a loan payment of $19m against $150m loan From Reuters: Baghlan's downgrade reflects the non-payment of debt obligations on its unrated USD150m 14.75% loan participation notes (LPN). The planned bond issue was intended to refinance the majority of its debt obligations. The ratings have been withdrawn as Fitch no longer has sufficient information to maintain the ratings. The current liquidity position of the group and its ability to meet maturing debt obligations including with local banks cannot be assessed. Fitch was recently notified that Baghlan failed to pay the USD19m interest payable on 27 December 2013 on its USD150m LPNs. The LPNs were in technical default on 1 January 2014 following a grace period. As of 7 March 2014 part payment of USD8m had been made. KEY RATING DRIVERS Failure to Refinance Baghlan failed to refinance and extend the majority of its debt facilities as the company did not proceed with its planned bond issue in December 2013. Access to medium-term bank funding is constrained by an under-developed banking market in Azerbaijan. Although Baghlan had largely been dependent on local bank funding it had issued unrated LPNs in June 2012. Challenging Debt Maturities Refinancing risk and its limited ability to extend short-term bank lines is a key rating constraint. Fitch expects that large portions of Baghlan's assets are likely to be pledged as collateral to aid refinancing. The agency also does not expect Baghlan to be able to raise sufficient funds from banks to refinance its USD150m amortising LPNs with a final maturity in 2015. Poor Cash Flow Conversion Solid P&L profits posted over the last three years have not fully converted into cash flow. Negative working capital outflows during 2011 and 2012 have resulted in a working capital requirement of around AZN181m as at FYE12 (inventory plus current receivables less current payables). Unless there is a reversal in the working capital position and payment of the high receivables balance liquidity problems are likely to persist." I would add that obviously, the date of the above suggests all parties are fully aware of the situation and that appears to have no relevance to concerned parties ongoing agreement to the sale of SWFC
  6. Sunday rag The People confirming rumours that Wednesday are in for both Andy Johnson and Keith Andrews Says ready to nick Andrews away from rivals Huddersfield by offering the 33 year old a 2 year deal Regards 33 year old Johnson, apparently he has a choice of accepting a £300k offer to go and play in the Indian Premier league for 3 months work, or sign for Wednesday, who the Azerbaijani ownership see as a 'marquee' signing
  7. Clough said a few weeks ago one GK will be going out on loan
  8. Apologies if missed in the above posts but RS have just said Owls have denied interest in said player and he's not on their short list
  9. Just to point out Liam, The Scottish lad McNulty wasn't free. As far as I can recall, neither were the other Scottish lads Scougall, Murphy, Flynn, or Taylor I would also hazard a guess that it's you guys that's in for Rowe.
  10. ha Didn't know that and yes, I agree with you most are utter dross
  11. here's some twitter poo for you. apologies if already posted "Nottingham Forest have accepted a £500k bid from Sheffield Wednesday for midfielder Guy Moussi. More as I get it. #swfc #nffc https://mobile.twitter.com/Transfers13_14
  12. I think on the face of it, this seems highly unlikely. However, the article went to say that there is uncertainty regards Gray's long term future due to takeover interest. That to me seems to perhaps make the paper talk rumour more plausible than Gray just walking out to go to Wigan to be assistant, when he is already head honcho at Hillsborough.
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