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  1. I don't get to as many games as I would like due to work at weekend and family commitment. I therefore have to rely on the guys doing commentary on Player as I live outside the area. My question is, whether the club have any plans to roll out the home commentary team for matches away from Hillsborough, as I just can't stand listening to the rubbish trotted out by Giddings and Radio Sheffield gang. We have so many key games coming up, I just can't be doing with them bugging off to catch up on Rotherham's meaningless game when Wednesday are on the attack. Will you ask him if we can get JP and Rob to do more away games if not for the rest of this season, certainly next season. I would have thought if we aren't doing a beamback this weekend, it would be a good idea to have them covering the match at Huddersfield too as it's just down the road. Also will they be covering all of our play-offs games if that's what we end up with? I was flicking the other day between some of the other commentaries on player and even the likes of Walsall have their own in-house commentators. Surely a club of our size can afford it? Cheers mate Ben
  2. Really don't want Hughes. We don't need another striker anyway, he is too old and carries too much baggage.
  3. Shouldn't that be the case at home games too so why not use the BBC guy for them as well? Sounds like typical Wednesday providing a good service then deciding to short change fans with their next move.
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