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  1. Just reading about the 2026 World Cup. It says 16 stadiums (3 in Mexico, 3 in Canada, 10 in USA). It also states that stadiums must be a minimum 40,000 capacity.
  2. It was always the case that up to 12 stadiums to be used with only one city allowed to have 2 stadiums. Qatar has broken that mould with just 8 stadiums across 5 cities, but that is down to the small sized country... and the fact is corrupt as fizz 2018 Russia - 12 stadiums (2 in Moscow) 2014 Brazil - 12 stadiums, 12 cities 2010 S. Africa - 10 Stadiums (2 in Johannesburg) 2006 Germany - 12 stadiums, 12 cities With that in mind, you'd be looking at London x2 (Wembley +1) Dublin (Aviva or Croke) Glasgow (Celtic or Hampden) Belfast
  3. Cheers How come you can't order online?
  4. Anybody know how to get printing on the shirts? Can it only be done in the store? Can't see an option for it online: Cheers
  5. For appearances and goals etc. www.soccerbase.com is best, breaks it down per club and competition. www.whoscored.com is decent too. Wikipedia isn't very accurate on appearances.
  6. Started 7 games for Chelsea (6 were cup/Euro). 12 games in total. Chelsea fans on twitter reckon he's a shoe-in first name on the teamsheet. I'm not so sure Wilder will start him just because he's from a big club.
  7. Hi everyone. Thought i'd pop on and say hi. I stuck to my word and didn't bother posting after the end of last season. As much as we hate each other as football clubs, we still all share the same city, breathe the same air and send our kids to the same schools. Hope you're all safe and well and we'll be able to get back to a little normality one day.
  8. The best ones were these: The worst ones: You should always keep normal stripes and steer clear of blue shorts
  9. You clearly haven't read the thread on S24SU then. If anything both boards are agreeing for once. FF isn't worth £14m (Owlstalk). United wouldn't pay £14m (S24SU). From a personal note, I think on his day FF is a fantastic player. For multiple reasons, he's not been on song for some time. He showed glimpses of getting back to his best in the last 10 games or so but the rumour is just that, a rumour. It's made up b0ll0cks from a sh1tty newspaper. There is no United obsession or trying to unsettle, it's just mere papertalk b0ll0cks. Good player though like I say. If you c
  10. Serious question - Do the majority of Weds fans not like the band?
  11. It could really change the scope of the league table. For example - Derby would move from 8th to 5th place overnight.
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