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  1. I'm hugely disappointed that we were so blatantly happy to play for the draw at home to them What's that now, 1 chance created in the last 3 games against them? F**ck sake
  2. Chrissy Big Balls was happy with a point after 60 minutes tonight. Fancy that! Maybe he should stop pretending he relentlessly goes for the win all the time and never changes the approach We were there for the taking but he was too scared to take any sort of risk
  3. Yeah they were poor but to be honest we were no better at their place Our home support was better than theirs was though
  4. He's absolutely terrified, there's no two ways about it
  5. Every position picks itself apart from RB and LB, surely? Despite Bruce only having a few games, I think we're more predictable than them with the team selection - they have a few coming back from injury so there are question marks about a number of their positions, and they could go with various combinations up top But Wilder will know exactly what to expect from us which is concerning
  6. One said they have a better squad than us I laughed in his face so hard that a bit of spit went on him, then things got a bit heated Nevertheless I calmly explained to him why Bannan is better than Duff and Flack put together, I think deep down he knows I'm right
  7. I don't know whether to be more p!ssed off with our Wembley [email protected] or Chansiri's pricing
  8. FFS. The thought of them filling the Leppings Lane end scares me a bit
  9. How many assists from these legendary 'overlapping centre backs'? 9 goals scored is nothing for a back 5, you should be ashamed.
  10. Sick to death of hearing about overlapping centre halves, it's really winding me up. The whole f***ing world's heard about it and praising them and it's pathetic. Yes their defenders get forward a bit, so what. F**k me. How much do they directly create? If anything's worth mentioning it's how they don't seem to get caught out much, they have numbers everywhere to cover and compensate - only Boro have conceded less. So I don't expect it to be wide open. Best bet might be going direct.
  11. Now that Bristol City have hit the wall I have no doubt that we'll make the play offs And yes I'm serious, mark my words it's happening
  12. Another 2 goal victory. We'll rattle the sh!t out of them and they simply won't cope. Another 2 for Flecther maybe.
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