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  1. I'm not one for doing down our legends. But I don't recall Waddle winning many international caps whilst playing for us.
  2. Loved Zico. But Roland was the best right back in the World whilst he was playing for us. We can't say that for any other of our players in their position in living memory. So an easy vote for Roly
  3. Someone's got to do it. So I thought I'd sacrifice myself.
  4. Nope. Flying on to the Maldives on the Wednesday
  5. First, last, boxing day and derbies will always be premium priced. Thought it might be dearer to be honest. Just bought one in the North.
  6. Now let me get my head around this. If we are allowed to lose £39M over three years. When is the cut off date for the 'new/next' year? Taking it that the first year will then be 'spent'. Freeing up all the money spent in the first year. Or have I got something wrong there?
  7. A good day out last time If you call falling arseovertit in front of a bus shelter full of pensioners a good day out
  8. Went there last year, nowt there not worth the trip
  9. As this season is now winding up. Has anyone heard owt about where next seasons pre season tour is?
  10. Massive fall from grace. A spent force. Any money would be good money
  11. Villa, Bolton to win Boro v Ull to draw please
  12. Can't we smash them Then donate the points back to them? Win, win
  13. Once got a rebate for sitting pisswet through for four hours on the football special train from Portsmouth.
  14. Six of one half a dozen of the other Makes only 6th place now viable, but ensures we have a better chance of achieving it by scuppering one of the teams above us, whom we don't get to play.
  15. No action to be taken against Wednesday for coins and bottles thrown onto the pitch in the derby. As Sheffield Star
  16. I always thought of doing this to the Stain if I'd won that 100 million quid Euromillions!
  17. In a game where no one stood out the two point winning saves made Westwoods contribution the most telling. Same as if FF had misplaced passes all day (he did) but scored two goals to save us a point then he would have got the plaudits and MOM.
  18. We had it on and had Owls from as far Playa Blanca.
  19. It looked level on tv so onside. Though Pearson and co commenter couldn't be sure. Goal for me
  20. Every league game is on ifollow
  21. TC and Rodger the Dodger playing in the same side What a wankfest! that was
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