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  1. Doesn't it make a change to hear our manager say we should get the 3 points. Not big up the opposition so much that the players think we are playing Barcelona every week and react accordingly.
  2. And all the ball boys are Roland Nilsson.
  3. Voting for a Labour Police Commissioner was always going to be a monumental idiocy.
  4. It's about time the Club looked into sueing these half wits. Take them to court to justify their arguments, without bias against us. Show the court precedents from other grounds around the country. Make them pay for their blatant discrimination against us. It's beyond a joke now.
  5. On a slightly different note Walked passed the Meadowhall pop up shop on Sunday. Was pleasantly surprised to see how busy it was. Nice to see the what a couple of good wins can do for excitement amongst the fan base.
  6. A long time since we've had such problems. It's like we're now a proper football team.
  7. Iorfa is the better player but go with the one who hasn't done anything wrong yet in the shirt.
  8. Rounded off a good day seeing all the faces from back in the day. .
  9. Would have been one of the most memorable debuts if he had tucked that one away
  10. No probs with my spanish account Try a credit card
  11. I suggest you jump on a plane to Lanzarote and watch it in the Owl and Pussycat. I won't be there though as I'll be at Hillsborough.
  12. Pick him up in January for £1M. Great to have him for the run in especially with suspensions
  13. You may not need a big name manager as money talks in football But a decent coach is a must.
  14. Some say dire others say savvy. Beginning of last season most on here would have been cheering Rhodes out on a free to save his wages. Joao get our money back as he will never come good. Today Joao rumoured 5-7 million, Rhodes 2 mil loan last year plus a possible 4-5 mil transfer fee this. Decent activity.
  15. He ain't heavy he's my brother from another mother.
  16. Tell them their sister is having a DNA test on her baby.
  17. Anyone have a problem with the Wednesday app?
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