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  1. lanzaroteowl

    Streams for tomorrow

    Jump on a plane We're showing it.
  2. lanzaroteowl

    Positivity on a night of moaning

    Yes every now and then he delivers. Did another tonight. But one decent ball per game will not get us to where we want go be. Got nowt against the lad. Home grown and Wednesdayite to boot. But simply not good enough for what we need.
  3. lanzaroteowl

    iFollow is junk

    Myself and a dozen other Owls in the bar found it great. Might have something to do that its for overseas consumers.
  4. lanzaroteowl

    Positivity on a night of moaning

    If Palmer could ever find a telling ball into the box he would have been a half decent footballer. Pity it's now too late in his career to learn.
  5. lanzaroteowl

    Pig game Tickets

    Still a huge game I'm flying over for it.
  6. lanzaroteowl

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    Boyd, Fox and Palmer have been highlighted as weak for a promotion chasing side and we got replacements for them in January. Just need to ease them in
  7. lanzaroteowl


    Beat the Blunts They fail in the playoffs We stay up Best of a bad season?
  8. lanzaroteowl


    He looked good didn't he. Should start over Boyd.
  9. I think Ian Knight tried to sue him privately Not sure of the outcome
  10. lanzaroteowl

    Unhealthy sugary snacks.

    Watched the Leicester City players stock up on Gummy Bears in EMA before a European game. They did lose 4-0 though.
  11. lanzaroteowl

    What the f**k is happening here

    I had a mate who changed from the Blunts to us because we kept taking the Shoreham in the 70's and he wanted to be on the winning side for once!
  12. lanzaroteowl

    Rotherham tickets sold out for Owls fans.

    Not hammers and chisel again! FFS
  13. lanzaroteowl

    Sam Winnall & Gary Hooper

    Didn't know Fat Leon had moved. Shows how much attention I pay to our little neighbours
  14. lanzaroteowl

    Sam Winnall & Gary Hooper

    Doubt that. But rather them than Clark, Madine and Sharp
  15. lanzaroteowl


    Can't seem to find a Wednesday shirt when he passed the ball forwards.
  16. lanzaroteowl

    Ipswich Sub

    Gives them an extra 30 seconds.
  17. A derby they could afford to lose. It all went pear shaped for them after that.
  18. lanzaroteowl

    Idea for Steve...

    Change 'Steve Bruce' for 'Brucie' it flows better
  19. lanzaroteowl

    Skys April and May schedule

    Yes, we used to play football on the same team every Thursday in the midday sun! phew. He's still here doing metalwork.
  20. lanzaroteowl

    February 1st

    Backroom staff will be treated differently to a manager, including how much payoff they get. Depends what was in the contract they signed .
  21. lanzaroteowl

    Skys April and May schedule

    Get the bus of you want to catch a game. Number 3 from Costa Teguise, number 161 from Playa Blanca. Enjoy your break anyhow.
  22. lanzaroteowl

    Skys April and May schedule

    Puerto Del Carmen. Along the main strip
  23. lanzaroteowl

    Skys April and May schedule

    Booked flights Friday to Wednesday to cover them both
  24. lanzaroteowl

    Skys April and May schedule

    Home game v Forest on the Tuesday night so if moved can only see Friday night.