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  1. lanzaroteowl

    Carry on Wednesday

    Get Dingle Mick in
  2. lanzaroteowl

    Quote by Pep.

    Time is a very precious commodity. Not to be expended on a lost cause.
  3. "Poisonous attitude of the fans" comes from poor results and performances a new manager would think he would change these
  4. lanzaroteowl

    Was it hooliganism in the 70's?

    That's patently Bolax and can be dispelled easily from your first post. You stated you went home and away including the derbies. So I take it your eyesight doesn't reach as far as the Shoreham end for the return fixtures in 1980/81 when thousands of Wednesday fans were on the Kop fighting throughout the game? As I said earlier if you never saw trouble you were never there.
  5. lanzaroteowl

    To the Jos out brigade

    Last night for me proved we need a new manager A great battling performance from the lads in this one game. This type of endeavour should be the minimum you expect from professional footballers. The top teams including the Scum put this effort in every game, their managers demand and expect nothing less. We need someone who will do the same for us
  6. lanzaroteowl

    Was it hooliganism in the 70's?

    Got sources mate
  7. lanzaroteowl

    Was it hooliganism in the 70's?

    Most pubs in town OK full of Wednesday. Only Bessemer got pigs in
  8. lanzaroteowl

    Was it hooliganism in the 70's?

    If you never saw any trouble in the 70s and 80s you were never there
  9. A win would buy him time until the January window. A draw will give him until before the Xmas games A loss would give him one more game For me he's not the one to sort things out and should have already been replaced
  10. lanzaroteowl

    Is it better that the game is away?

    Agree until the final whistle
  11. lanzaroteowl

    Not worried much

    Owl and Pussycat. Puerto Del Carmen
  12. But have just changed the WiFi code in the bar to Boxingday4-0. To make me feel a bit better come the worst
  13. lanzaroteowl


    Even if fit Jos won't pick him. He would rather stick to some self imposed rule about playing in the U23s first than give us a chance of winning the most important game of season so far.
  14. lanzaroteowl

    is the bacon game

    It's just another game. I'm just glad I'm 2000 miles away if it all goes titsup.
  15. lanzaroteowl

    Joao has to start Friday

    Better to start with five in midfield and Fletcher alone up front to tighten up. Snatch a winner