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  1. The Wednesday Tap - now serving food

    Not over again until Reading game mate. You'll have to let me know
  2. The Wednesday Tap - now serving food

    Think Ill try the Steak and Hendo's pie next time I'm over Might even treat our lass.
  3. Clean language viewing

    I sit in the North Can't say I've heard any swearing Above the screaming obscenities I come out with
  4. FFP and avoiding an embargo

    Joao would now be worth a couple of million
  5. Predictor For Remaining Games

    Just call me Septic peg!
  6. Massive 3 points & good performance!

    Could have been more comfortable if we had converted a couple of chances early on
  7. With a proper pre season of training behind us we should not be chasing the leading pack as of previous seasons So I am going for top six Keep everyone fit and add some pace to the squad I can't see why we can't challenge for the autos
  8. So everything Carlos said about him picking the players he wanted and leaving the negotiations to the board was a lie?
  9. Almen Abdi returns to training

    Why would an eye injury stop him training with the first team? Playing I understand, but training?
  10. We start games at walking pace We finish them at crawling pace
  11. Link for Saturday's game???

    Not showing on any channel except ifollow
  12. For the common man you would only use this on special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Can't see the problem for the club to cater for this Some just moan for moans sake
  13. Had more stuff in the little old place
  14. You can't install a full pre season fitness training by playing catch up with double sessions in February! The die was cast in June/July and we have been paying the price all season and continue to do so