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  1. You can look back on it as a good game. Ran one of the top teams around. Were unlucky to be behind from an uncharacteristic error from Westwood. Battled back to take the lead but ultimately came up short of a win. Take the positives, there's a long way to go.
  2. We need a lot more mental strength before we can say we are credible challengers
  3. Was locked outside during the minutes silence. You could've heard a pin drop from inside and outside the ground Well respected Wednesday.
  4. Should have gone for it from the start. That being said we only neede to make the FF substitution to affrect a decent result. The others just unsettled us.
  5. Probably some of it goes to package costs and handling. But if they are going to give all the shirt price money to charity then I'll gladly let it slide.
  6. On sale now. Got mine. Money going to good cause
  7. The logo is a representation of Jarvis Cocker.
  8. The website is none too easy to negotiate. Hope it's clearer come Friday.
  9. Raid the PL for a couple of young uns. They'll not be much worth touching outside of this
  10. I like the way DC has just let GM get on with the job. No obtrusive meddling or comments.
  11. We couldn't sell tickets for the North, only STs
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