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  1. My all time favorite Probably because it was one of only a few high points in a dark time.
  2. How about merging this season and next together. Start with the points you have already accrued this season and play next next season in full
  3. Wimbledon cancelled totally this year. Stating the government probably won't allow mass gatherings all summer. Don't hold your breath lads
  4. You've missed one. Boggle?? Or something similar. It was the best one. Tag line 'sending Wednesday into insanity'
  5. Great player Soured by his petulance about the final. Refused to play in defence and had to be persuaded by his team mates to partake. Everyone of us who had paid a fortune to go 4 times to Wembley to watch the games, would have crawled over broken glass just to sit on the bench.
  6. Newcastle. First game back in the 2nd for us 1980? Masses of them everywhere.
  7. Yes sad news. Heard it was Covid 19. RIP fellow Owl
  8. Scored after 12 seconds. I still think it is Wednesday's fastest goal.
  9. Was that the game where the Scroats outside launched rocks into us on the forecourt at halftime? Everyone scattered and took shelter. I was too Ratarsed and stood fixed to the spot
  10. On the Shoreham after the BDM. It had everything.
  11. Ipswich, first game of the season after we'd gone down. So many Wednesday fans we had to sit at the side of the pitch.
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