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  1. lanzaroteowl

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    I get membership just for the off chance we end up in the play offs No financial benefit for me
  2. lanzaroteowl

    Lincoln away

    This is real football! Not that Snowflake Neymar rubbish!!
  3. lanzaroteowl

    Lessons from our neighbours

    I was about to post similar But I thought the Kyles went for a combined £6m
  4. lanzaroteowl

    When the f###

    We are level on points with the league leaders at the moment. What's your worry?
  5. lanzaroteowl

    What! No photos?

    If I'd spent fifty notes on a shirt I'd parade around all the friends and relatives houses Like my mum used to make me do every Whitsuntide!
  6. lanzaroteowl

    What! No photos?

    30 mins in and no selfies yet
  7. Of people wearing the new kit yet?
  8. Tango's doing a naked photo shoot for a muck mag
  9. lanzaroteowl

    Wrong day!

    Coach driver once took us to the wrong Cambridge ground (or it might have been oxford) long time ago now.
  10. I think we've all seen it now! Job done
  11. lanzaroteowl

    Pitchside beer

    I'd rather drink rats p!ss
  12. Will they pay for my travelling expenses? I'm travelling to Sheffield for the Stoke game Seems only fair
  13. I got an e-mail saying it will automatically renew unless you cancel it before 11th July
  14. Good for people who haven't got time to get to night matches from where they are
  15. lanzaroteowl

    Carlos is missing us !

    Always onwards and upwards!