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  1. Twist As much as CC is a nice bloke We are a long way off and have been for 18 months
  2. Think I heard that at Notts County circa 1979 Some lad was stood on a crash barrier facing us and conducting proceedings
  3. Aston Villa vs Sheffield Wednesday

    Don't panic if you haven't enough points as it's being shown on overseas TV So plenty of streams available
  4. If it's true the Chairman

    Any idiot who calls for the head of DC Really needs a history lesson
  5. Ever seen a lorry on the SWFC West Stand?

    No But I've seen plenty of Cants in the Cantilever!
  6. Suspect shirt for sale...

    For £20 snap it up It will be a quarter of the price of the new ones!
  7. Half hour from Bolton

    I'll try again hoping for a better result, this time against the Dingles See you next time you're in the 'Owl'
  8. Half hour from Bolton

    Owl and Pussycat Inn Puerto Del Carmen Lanzarote See you there
  9. On this day 40 years ago !

    Lens Legions.
  10. Leeds autopsy

    Not too sure about how bad they were Wouldn't have liked to see what would have happened if that kid hadn't missed that sitter header after ten minutes, , when we were doing our usual dire start to a game
  11. Once we start kicking on our attendance's will rise to far out reach our little neighbours
  12. When do we write off the season?

    The pigs will definitely want us to keep him. Same as we would if they were struggling Nothing can revitalise a like season than a new manager coming in
  13. Exorbitant wage bill

    Certainly none of them would be on less than 20K
  14. Dignity Required

    No shoes off in the car park No Carlos out chants Just people venting on football forums and social media As dignified as you could expect in the current climate
  15. Arrive Friday night, have a few down town Same again Saturday 8am down town for a few liveners then on to The Railway to finish off Keep on it afterwards until around 9pm or until I can't stand Up 2am Monday morning to get flight back Sorted