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  1. Could be worse. Might have to play Brighton and Hove Albion
  2. He was a leader off the pitch as well. Met him in Magaluf on the players promotion jolly in '84. Winding up the tourists and players alike. Top bloke
  3. Dirty Leeds fans can remember further back.
  4. I'm not one to condone such acts But if anyone has a load of those foil helium balloons lying around. It maybe a good to get rid of them when you hear a light aircraft flying about on Sunday afternoon.
  5. Although this is a far classier act. I still have respect for the Owls fan who painted a huge Owl in the center of the Sty's pitch prior to a televised game.
  6. I'm glad DC has the class and magnanimity to congratulate Sheffield United. Coz I hope they all catch swineflu and have to forfiet there Premier league place
  7. Had to go for Irish. Although watching Kingy bombing forward was always a great sight.
  8. First thing I'll check for next season will be my ifollow subscription.
  9. Bannan again runs everything Hector also gets a mention in dispatches. Nuhiu doesn't deserve the abuse I give him But Matias does Need to get Westwood locked down to a new contract
  10. Dem Blavdes Will be up by the end of the day. Sadly
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