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Community Answers

  1. Rotherham? Watched that game and after the first 20 minutes we were all over them. Even their own commentators were creaming themselves over us. So I don't know where lucky comes in
  2. I don't care which 11 players DM picks for his best 11. Just stick with it (unless injuries etc) and let the opposition worry about us. Any of the above teams would do.
  3. We have no identity No idea how we will set up from one week to the next We worry about the opposition instead of letting them worry about us We need a mind change from DM or he needs to go.
  4. No one on show today deserves a shirt on Saturday
  5. Got rid of ifollow and only use iptv now.
  6. Yes. And Henderson scored one at Palace in the 70s
  7. Went for a perm to look like Brian Hornsby.
  8. Served by Buxom Bavarian serving wenches. I'm in
  9. My first two footballing heros on the left.
  10. Bloody awful and looked red and white on all my 50" TVs
  11. Shaw was never good enough. I never saw the hype. I'll go one further and say if he hadn't played for us last season we probably would have stayed up.
  12. Why not? Not risking too much And possibly a hell of a lot to gain
  13. There was a photo with a couple of the players with perms and flat caps playing golf circa 1978
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