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  1. They're too busy trying to convince us that two dozen people with placards equals a huge demonstration.
  2. Let's hope he kicks on and can break into the first team squad
  3. It would be longer if it wasn't for that bogey side just down the train track.
  4. Seems that you're not having many replies to your post. So if you go to the airport, catch a flight to Lanzarote . Pick up a taxi outside ask for Puerto Del Carmen. Then find your way to the Owl and Pussycat. We are showing it and will be busy with many holidaying Owls. Hope this helps.
  5. Had a bloke in the bar for the QPR game with one on . Mint.
  6. You need many coaches. Goalkeeping coaches. Fitness coaches. Bullen could fill in as a defensive coach or one of many other roles that don't impact on team selection and style of play.
  7. You missed SAG closing the ground down. Expensive tickets. Cashless inside the ground. Wouldn't miss it for the world.
  8. It has been the same since we went to all seater stadium. This new ruling just exacerbates it to the Nth degree
  9. I can just imagine the meltdown on here if DC after a week or so of old cabbage face leaving appointed Pulis/McLaren et al. There was nowt about then and there is still nowt about now domestically. Now if we appointed Pulis half the people on here would treat him as a messiah! No deal is better than a bad deal. Short term pain for long term gain. Patience people.
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