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  1. They showed a different angle in the replays. But like I said we were due one.
  2. Looked a good yard offside from the Bein Sports coverage. About time we got one.
  3. Just download Mobdro and get it on Bein sports 12 or Sportklub 2 for nowt.
  4. Gayle was injured for the start of the window. Got to save as much as we can on his £65K a week wages. So we can pay the £20 million we are required to pay when we get promoted. Chill.
  5. It's on Bein Sports 12 for anyone with the system or Mobdro.
  6. First time ever I've left more than ten minutes from the end. And I flew a 4000 mile round trip to watch it! Shocking from the first minute. Everything was wrong.
  7. Go fetch the Punks out of the Blue Bell
  8. If it's on a BT channel. Then Bein sports will also probably show it.
  9. If he fires us into the Premier League then the £20M would be a bargain to buy the player If he doesn't, then we gave the ball a kick and it hasn't cost us owt. Win win. Contracts to this affect to be signed before the beginning of the loan move
  10. Newcastle to pay his wages during the loan. But recieve £20 million for the player IF we get promoted. I'd go for that.
  11. Bannan. He was all over the park again. Some great balls and some great defensive tackles.
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