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  1. That's the definition of 'support'. Waving your flag at another League championship win coz you watch Man Utd or Barcelona is easy but boring. Battling adversity to gain the odd promotion or seasons in the sun is what a proper football supporter is all about.
  2. We played some kids, we got beat, we expected to get beat. We've got a far more important game on Wednesday. Let's keep focused. Staying up this season is all that matters. How many points are we off top six?
  3. Wasn't £5M quoted once for differing TV money?
  4. If my auntie had balls she'd be my uncle
  5. Nothing to believe in!?! We're on promotion winning form! Believe.
  6. My first 'big game' was the 3-1 loss to Everton in the late '70s. Suffered years of div3 then Trevor Cherry et al coming to grace S6. Magical times when we equalised.
  7. Great day that mate. Yes we're still holding our own out here thanks. Looking forward to seeing everybody again when this is all over.
  8. What about Lanzarote Owls!?! Famous on ifollow
  9. Megson, Pearson partnership Scare the Bejeesuz out of em.
  10. I was there in the away end. A lot of The Gate lads were on their end battling from the top corner. I was tutting and rolling my eyes.
  11. Can't believe Roy Keane's odds are drifting, after that blatant play for the job during half time of the Pig's game
  12. Yeah,yeah! Your not good enuff for us. Get thissen to that there Miami Ha!
  13. So you bankrupt the club making it even less desirable to outside investment. Great idea.
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