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  1. Looks like me when I can't get all my clothes in a 10kg Ryanair carry on.
  2. If anyone would be daft enough to buy the Club without the ground, more fool them.
  3. We need a dozen players. That is a good thing inasmuch as it gives the manager a free hand to get in the players he wants for the style of play he wants to play. Pity it's not Bruce or another successful manager doing it.
  4. I hope we do spend some money. It's going to be pretty dire if we dont.
  5. We will come out of this next season ss one of the most financially stable clubs.
  6. So selling the ground only a made a £2M profit on one years trading? We must have lost a helluva lot of money in that calender year for this to be the case. Not so sure you are correct.
  7. That's a good idea. Probably not allowed for some reason due to rights etc. But if pubs can open, why not?
  8. Why wouldn't we spend? If we are cleared of any wrongdoing by the efl then as of last year's figures we are £2M in the black. If we are found guilty and only have a points deduction. See above. The only way we wouldn't spend is if we get a transfer embargo or DC is fed up with thisShit.
  9. Line everyone up and Bullen and Monk take turns to pick who they want. Pelopussy will be the last to be picked.
  10. It's refreshing to hear that the players have as much passion as most fans. Most comments on here come from a good place whether you agree with them or not.
  11. It's just muck Hub checking on why you're watching something different.
  12. We'll just use the wages we gave to Fletcher, Winnall, Nuhui and FF to get in some young hungry strikers hopefully. £90,000+ a week in wages. What's Messi doing?
  13. Both came from non league. One was a bin man the other a turner.
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