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  1. Psyscologicaly starting the season on -12 points was a hurdle this bunch of players could never get over.
  2. When no one stands out then I always go for Bannan. The only one that looks like he cares. The one trying to make things happen The one putting in the hard work with tackles and tracking back.
  3. That's the one. Had a reputation of having a lax door policy, you could sneak in if you were 16.
  4. My first hero. I bought him a pint in that nightclub next to the Silver Blades. It was a football presentation do. I was 15
  5. If the powers that be could be arsed to track some random bloke from Sheffield, It would be a piece ofpiss for them to do it. App on your phone or not. But why thefuck would they bother?
  6. Put me down for any spares for Blackpool and Fleetwood. There's a pint in it for you
  7. Topic of conversation in the bar tonight if we go down. Who's travelling to the Blackpool weekender!?! WTID
  8. Was I exited and hopeful when he took us over with all his millions? You bet! Do I now wish it was someone who had an inkling of what he was doing? Damn right I do! Does this change my love, my allegiance my total support of SWFC? Does itFuck!!!
  9. Been there many times before. Still watched them in Europe and winning a trophy.
  10. Some give up so easily. Whilst there's breath in this division it's all still to play for.
  11. Until Tuesday. Then the great escape is still on Then if we get relegated that's me done! Until the start of next season when we'll rise like a Phoenix and storm the league. It's what we do.
  12. No need for waccy baccy We're going to do this!
  13. I can remember Glenn Hoddle doing loads of those 'hopeful long punts' in his career.
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