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Community Answers

  1. Opening the bar early today even though it looks like it's no televised. Everyone just getting the buzz WAWAW
  2. Checked the 21 Bein channels and they're all showing the Olympics, whatever that is.
  3. Is this game televised? I've checked all the usual sources and haven't found anything. No ifollow mentioned on the main site.
  4. I would be disappointed in anything less than automatic
  5. Seem to remember it finishing 3-3 Had my Wednesday shirt on under my jumper. Police were checking the queue so I pretended to be a Blunt. Only to be nearly filled in by other Wednesday fans in the queue good job I had the shirt on.
  6. A good keeper can get you 10 points a season. How many points did Peter Scmiecal(sic) contribute to Manure?
  7. Stan Bowles Turned up down as he thought we were still in the 3rd division even though we'd just been promoted.
  8. Went to Alan Woodward's 'Walking on the Shoreham'
  9. Remember back in the '70s Top boy Thommo and a few of his mates being escorted off their Kop. Vale fans running down to the front giving it the big un. Only for Thommo to jump back into them scattering them back up the terrace. Happy days.
  10. It's the travelling to the venues for away fans that makes it a problem.
  11. We buy them wholesale from them and then sell them retail. They pay a premium for the right to produce them.
  12. Ross Barkley was on loan at Sheffield Wednesday FFS!
  13. Crystal Palace around '77/78 Had every window down both sides of the coach smashed. Traveling back up the M1 at 60mph with no windows and the snow blowing in. Good times
  14. Around the time of the 'Harry the Dog' , 'F Troop' documentary
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