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  1. lanzaroteowl

    Non Matchday Events at Hillsborough

    I used to like the Strippers in Shiregreen Club of a Sunday dinner Maybe something like this?
  2. lanzaroteowl

    Any Live Streams Saturday

    Top man. Hope we get the result
  3. lanzaroteowl

    Any Live Streams Saturday

    If there's a penny to be made...
  4. lanzaroteowl

    Any Live Streams Saturday

    Hop on the ferry to Lanzarote Catch the 161 bus to Puerto Del Carmen Watch the game in the Owl and Pussycat on ifollow Sorted
  5. lanzaroteowl

    Remember this?

    Or someone would nick one on the way to school.
  6. lanzaroteowl

    #OnThisDay in 1980

    I was there that day It was a bit tastie, not helped by the piles of rubble left a the back of the terrace from building work Don't think that would be allowed to happen these days Our coach went back a few light that day
  7. lanzaroteowl

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    Quite heavily enforced back then with £400(a lot of money in 30 years ago) fine for the coach organiser.
  8. lanzaroteowl

    Friendly solution

    Always had an exiting time on the Shoreham When we played the Blunts pre season
  9. lanzaroteowl

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    Football Away days began to become a lot more mundane After the 1985 ban on alcohol on coaches Gone were the days of turning up in the Smoke at 10am already six sheets to the wind It made for long boring journeys or expensive train trips And you lost the camaraderie of 40/50 mates who would drink, laugh and always have your back in a pinch So the stories of events also became mundane
  10. lanzaroteowl

    Chelsea Away

    Yeah your right, Gate used Dragon coaches (I say coach very loosely!)
  11. lanzaroteowl

    Chelsea Away

    Definitely Sam Not Paddy as he went with the Wino in those days and those are Dragon lads
  12. lanzaroteowl

    Nuhiu or Fletcher

    It's no contest really Fletcher all day long in general This season is a no brainer
  13. lanzaroteowl

    The $64,000 Question

    We will get stronger and stronger as the season goes on I can see us squeeze into the top six
  14. lanzaroteowl

    Just got back.

    All about opinions Thought we looked like we were playing with ten men The rest of the team put in great shifts
  15. lanzaroteowl

    Just got back.

    Thought he was poor again today To go with the rest of his performances this season Don't know what happened to his end of last season form