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  1. You do it so you can lord it over your 1 year season ticket mates.
  2. Add in Pigs/Dirty Leeds, Newcastle etc. Better to have your seat than go through ticket app and get plonked anywhere.
  3. You get 3 years Premier League at Championship price. And you'll need your guaranteed seat then
  4. Massive groan in the bar when his number came up. Massive celebrations when he scored. Do the biz and get the plaudits. It's all we ask for
  5. Yes. Because going to Wembley and winning will feel like a cup win and promotion rolled in to one. Much better feeling than straight promotion.
  6. If he bangs in the goals towards the end of the season I can see a few candidates that should leave before him.
  7. No need for any graphs Just win the next nine games. Simple as.
  8. It's not about going 3 points ahead of the pack in one game It's about that one point advantage you get over over the pack per game you get steadily over the last ten games.
  9. Not if we conspire to lose to Dirty Leeds and Norwich.
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