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  1. But they would cost. I'm guessing this would be waived as part of the compo.
  2. Yeah. DC should publish a list of the top ten managers we want. Then appoint the 11th.
  3. I should keep up with the posts. But our lass says I spend more time on here than with her
  4. Just had Brizzie mate interrogating me about him. Seemed sure they were getting him. Sorry if Popes dead.
  5. Could be worse Could have lost 2-1 at Burton.
  6. We just sue Bruce for breach of contract.
  7. £4million more than most thought we'ed get for him.
  8. Nice to have a chairman with some financial clout and is not afraid to flex it.
  9. Barry? Get us our FFP with his scratch cards.
  10. If it was Man Utd coming in for their old player instead of Newcastle. Would we be so outraged that he would mull over this new offer? Would he be accused of loving them more than us? He has been sounded out by his boyhood club who also happen to be in the Premier League. Our chairman has let him speak to them and asked rightly for a large compensation package should he take it up. If Bruce decides that he would prefer to stay with us or Fat Ashley won't pay the compo. Then we move on with the best manager we've had in decades. We can again look forward to the great season ahead as we were doing last week.
  11. Get £5million for him and it'll be our best ever transfer deal. Here less than 6 months and cost nowt.
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