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  1. My optimism only lasted until the Rangers friendly this season!
  2. lanzaroteowl

    #SWFC Fans living in other countries

    That's them! I always wondered if they still followed us or just went all Man U.
  3. lanzaroteowl

    #SWFC Fans living in other countries

    If memory serves, wasn't there a group or school from Ireland that followed Wednesday back in the 70s? Wonder what happened to them
  4. Parachute payments allow teams to keep Premier League squads Making it a very uneven playing field for all the other teams in the Championship Pure protectionism. There is no such support for teams dropping out of the other divisions.
  5. lanzaroteowl

    Post-Season Tour To Holland

    "Off to Holland, where they will play Dutch teams" Got to be Sheffield Star.
  6. There was obviously no rush to bring him back Could have been fit for a couple of weeks Even Wildsmith was rested for the last four games Move along, nothing to see here.
  7. lanzaroteowl

    #SWFC Fans living in other countries

    Not a supporters group but four of us watch every game in the bar. Swells up to thirty with holiday Maker's wanting to watch the big games
  8. Definitely lose I'll just fly 2,000 miles to see us run out losers
  9. lanzaroteowl

    James Maddison of Norwich City

    This^^^^^^ Would constitute a decent finish to what was an awful season
  10. lanzaroteowl


    It's usually the wage structure rather than transfer fees that dictate the level of spend in the lower leagues
  11. lanzaroteowl

    Anyone ITK about pre season tour yet?

    This, plus the whole pre season mentality engendered by Carlos. It was like an extension of the players holiday
  12. lanzaroteowl

    Anyone ITK about pre season tour yet?

    Do you remember how we started the previous years.? If we had started owt like last season we could have troubled automatics We were so far off the pace it was embarrassing!
  13. Has anyone heard any whispers? Hoping to make this one
  14. lanzaroteowl

    Player rating from today

    Good solid sevens all round Dave and Joao sixs through lack of sevice Dawson shaded MOM from Bannan with eights
  15. lanzaroteowl

    Just got back

    Good competitive game from both sides Easily held our own but with little threat going forward