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  1. You'll soon discover a nucleaus of posters always see the worse in folk. They get a tad paranoid in that respect.
  2. That sort of outlook is probably the reason why our attendances at present are poo and are on the decline.. Football should be entertaining, IUnfortunately, we are are not going to score 5 every match therefore the entertainment side can take a back seat I suppose. Can you tell me one successful team that wasn't entertaining.
  3. I am just wondering where I fit into your type. I am not a moaner, I am sober, I don't particulary like sheep,possible because I'm not one and I don't hate Megson. I just don't think he his the man for our team. I dislike his tactics, I think he his negative especially in away matches, and he does't do entertaining football. But thats my opinion. Get over it.
  4. I echo your comments. the guys an entertainer and a grafter. No he does't get the goals one would expect from a forward, but still believe he was a good squad player. Lets hope COG and RL make full recoveries and just as important settle into the side quite quickly. If not, then we are relying young madine as a main threat.
  5. All I'm saying is that Morrison wasn't getting any more stick than any other player. Look at the stick Buxton use to get, but in my opinion is probably the first name on the team sheet now. All pro footballers get hammered at some point in their career. Rightly so if they are not towing the line and not putting a shift in. Like Jones, who at present is getting fair amount of stick, not my faviourite player but gives 100%. I think Madine brought alot of critsiism on his self. It did look earlier in the season that he wasn't bothered, his whole demeanor and body language demonstrated that. Look at him now, totally different lad, a pleasure to watch.
  6. 1. I said Hypothetically. 2.What difference does it make whether we are still playing while we post. Is that some sort of forum offence I have commtted? 3.Thats the point we didn't lose. Where did I write or mention anywhere I want my club to lose. 4, I don't have a case against . My opinion is such that I don't rate him and I don't think he is the man for the job. Opinion, or have you not heard of that word and finally where have I demonstrated hatredness. I think you and your 'friend' need to read posts a bit better before you reply with a right load of gonads.
  7. I don't think any player was remotely brilliant against MK Dons in the first half. I honestly cannot associate 'superb' and 'Jones' in the same breath.
  8. gain, show me some threads where folk are actually revelling Thank you, a very informative and level headed response. Wonder what you would have said if we had lost, hyperthetical maybe, but just a thought. I don't see many on here being personally offensive towards you. Pent up anger is not healthy.
  9. Why get personal towards those folk who believe Megson isn't the man for the job. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. A fair bit of aggression coming out there and towards your fellow supporters. Shameful really. By the way, what is a bellsniffer, you tend to use that saying on this site. I can't stand the Megson and will still stand up and say he ain't the man for the job, but I've only got one log in. Does that make me ok? Do you honestly believe we want wednesday to lose so I can cement my point towards the Megson followers. Your one sad tw*t if thats the case.
  10. I think it is another way of saying to the world' Wednesday players soon forget about a humiliating experience' or something along those lines. pathetic isn't it. Megson should ban all types of personal entertainment whilst he lays into them for the complete journey home.giggling like schoolchildren typifies what problems lay deep at Hillsboro. No respect, and keep it in house. All this public speaking is doing no good whatsoever. Talk about Megson fuming, what about the supporters.
  11. What did Lines say was his preferred position?
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