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  1. good post can’t wait for the cup final. Both teams Attempt to play this way. Should be a thriller. Just like in the 70s.
  2. oh dear. I’m distraught about that not sure what the golf reference is about. ? It’s only a goal kick
  3. I’ll leave it there. While watching footie this weekend. Keep an eye out for short goal kicks. See how exciting it is have a nice day.
  4. instead of today’s over priced never have been and never will be’s I thank Trevor for the greatest time we saw at Hillsborough. Teams change. Yes Ron was brilliant. But walked out on us. And still idolised above Trevor. it’s the manly thing to do .. I get it.
  5. And my minuses have gone down a little bit in the last 24 hours . Is that good. watch em go back up now.
  6. Im not here to please you my chum. Or anyone else. Many will agree. what’s a golf handicap got to do with it ... I’m interested ? A golf handicap is for amateur players. How does that relate to professional footballers ? im interested in your reply ? and yes any rule change that allows better players an “advantage” should be looked at. And this does. Play the game with rules already in place. Look further back. At least one (ok 1) did agree with it. And how football seems to be helping managers like Pep play his brand of football. He’s a genius
  7. And to keep on topic .... he wore the right badge.
  8. The man that brought us Chris Waddle and many others. There’s no argument.
  9. Bit better. how can they still do it if the rule is changed. ? Happy with a team passing short of it goes out of the area. But two players stood in the area keeper taps it to one of em passing it along the goal line is to me just not the way football should look. .. and I do blame the ££££ s introduced into the game for its demise 100%. Cap the salaries. Players could choose where to play. 50 grand a week. Maybe 25 grand Allow all clubs to compete. If superstars don’t like such a paltry sum ... who are we to care. ?? The bubble will b
  10. Ive upset most people with my badge goal kicks discussions. Better not start the Francis debate
  11. to put Francis in such illustrious company was no mistake. Complete disgrace the way Francis is remembered. Of course that’s another discussion ..(we won’t have)
  12. and we will remain there forever .. with new rule changes helping the better players / clubs. there’s no substance to your replies by the way. FA cup ties they’ll be no more giant killings. Lesser teams won’t get a kick. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is the way it’s going. No tackling will be next. Social distancing football cos someone might take it off Jesus that’s the Man City player not the messiah
  13. whys that ? Thought this was for discussion. Why take time to get involved ? I don’t get it. And obviously .... neither do you. For me .. the rule makes football a poorer place Why can’t it be mentioned ??
  14. completely correct. Plays right into the hands of teams already taking others apart.
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