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  1. You'll never beat Glen Loovens .........
  2. Chris Woods was by far the best goalkeeper Sheff Wed have ever had. Technically brilliant !! His career doesn't lie. People remember the mistake in the final on a terrible wet night. They forget the saves he made getting us there.
  3. I was there that day. Can remember me old pa' putting me on his shoulders and passing me to the front. Great times. Seem to remember it was Grimsby next match. Couldn't make it as I had rickets. Sorry I mean I hadn't got tickets.
  4. He's got a name we can't sing He's got a name we can't sing Yussuf Adedeji Adeniyi Oshilaja... He's got a name we can't sing.
  5. Oooooooooiohhhhhhh Thats a foul ref !! Hes causing mayhem Crap Heffernan. Glad we got rid !! Ha ha Bit of fun that. Cheers guys.
  6. Ok. Hes nor scored but hes got to be man of match just for that touch alone. Score in a minute !!
  7. No pen !! No hes still on. Dont worry Clintons on in a minute.
  8. Theyll go mental in a minute. Feed the Heff !!!
  9. Heffernan. Get in !! Ha ha. Oh it's wide. Ooohhhh. 1-1. The Heffs gonna be the hero !!
  10. Always a good derby this one. Even better when heff scores in a minute.
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