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  1. As already stated I think it's idiotic. But not comparible to what you said. I remember a time when you were the voice of reason on here.
  2. I think it's less harsh than telling someone there mum died cos they didn't love them enough. To use your "analogy".
  3. It really wasn't Neil. You're comparing the trauma of the loss of a loved one, to the trauma of losing a football match. They're a million miles apart. And I already stated what I thought of the guy on twitter.
  4. It was your ridiculous "analogy" that sent this off topic. Clearly the guy on twitter was being an idiot. But your comments on this thread have been.... how do I put this...... misguided at best. A frankly ridiculous and insensitive comparison.
  5. Some on here.... those who "know about football", will tell those of us that "don't know anything about football", that he is the "best player in the league". Sick of hearing it. He needed to leave 3 years ago. The single most overrated player in our history. I'd seriously rather have Kieren Lee back in a heartbeat over him.
  6. I am enjoying it. I was just sharing my opinions. We're a much better side when Bannan plays further up the pitch.
  7. I'll judge him, as I said before, at the end of the season. Not the last 5 mins.
  8. I've given him plenty of time to show how good he is. And no one better has come in and bought him. He flatters to deceive. And his all round game isnt that strong. He has strengths, but just as many weaknesses. But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now, and see where we end up. If he's half as good as many make out, we should get promoted, and he should get around 15 assists, especially with him on set piece duties. We'll see.
  9. We are, but everyone keeps saying he's a top end championship player, and is the best player in this league. He isn't either of those things.
  10. While ever Bannan is being picked and playing so ridiculously deep, nothing will change. I'm not saying he's a bad player. But we keep trying the same thing and expecting different results.
  11. Personally I hope he sees his career out at Hillsborough. Has his critics, but versatile, always fit, and will like make a great coach or ambassador for the club one day.
  12. I know the Blind Monkey is in Walkley. Was in there last night and the barman informed me.
  13. It's not boll0x at all. He played out on the left. Lee, Hutch and Wallace were all better than him that year in midfield. And he's totally the wrong type of person to lead a struggling team.
  14. It's time for a change. Yes he's good on the ball, but tje modern midfielder needs to be more than just "tidy" in possession. Let's be honest. He doesnt score, cant tackle, not very good at tracking runners, plays too deep, can't head, has a go at his team mates. I'd rather sell him and replace him with a player who has a couple of the above attributes. People go on about how he had quality around him before, but he was arguably one of the worst players in the playoff final team. Those around him made him look better than he is. He's now in his 30s and if he plays next year, he'll be targeted by every single team we play. Time for a change.
  15. I've signed up and paid my fiver. Expecting a slow night at work, and supporting a lower league club seems like a good way to spend five quid. Hopefully see some of the new lads play too.
  16. Pretty ridiculous to compare the Bulgarian league to the Championship, I'm sure Rhodes would have score a few in that league. To be honest you'd probably get double figures in that league fella.
  17. Its not bizarre. What's bizarre is only giving your money to our opponents. So yeah, he may have contributed to some of our players massive wages. But you've been contributing to paying only our opponents. Without home fans, we'd be in an even bigger mess financially. And for the record the atmosphere at Hillsborough is great when the team show a bit of fight or are doing well. But I'm assuming you wouldnt know that having not been in years
  18. Wasn't expecting the rebuild to involve signing someone from Slipknot.
  19. Someone who knows him told me that he'd already decided he wanted to return to Holland. So I don't think the club had a choice in the matter. I suspect it's the same with a few names on that list. Not defending performances by these players, but the abuse the likes of Joey, Rhodes and Reach have had, probably plays a part in their decision making. I liked Joey, couldnt fault his effort, unlike the majority of them. I'd be off if I was him too.
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