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  1. Lotto Futura, the one's Gullit used to wear :)
  2. I spent the day building some raised beds for veg. Might be needing them soon going on the Supermarkets :)
  3. Iorfa closely followed by Wildsmith. Both full backs did well too. Lee and Hunt showed some energy in midfield. Fernando worked hard. Murphy was decent in first half. Pelepussy filled a lot of gaps and did a lot of tracking, but zero in possession. Borner got away with some risky play. Lees has zero confidence. The less said about Da Cruz and Bannan the better.
  4. Two insane substitutions so far. Really do wonder what goes through Monks head sometimes.
  5. We're asking for trouble here. Got to press them. Just a matter of time at the moment before City score.
  6. For the record I am not saying Joey is the better player. But I think he shields the defence better than Bannan. Also I've not just not renewed cos of Bannan, there are other issues, but I'm sick of watching the football we're playing at the mo. And I do think him playing in central midfield will always result in us playing deeper, and inviting pressure on to ourselves. All opponents are doing now is just getting the midfield to press him. Maybe it's not his fault and I've been a tad harsh in hindsight. If I was Monk, I'd play him at the top of a three. He can compete with Windass for the position, or Reach. Ideally I'd have Luongo and Lee in there with him.
  7. I was lucky enough to go in that era. Probably why I'm so frustrated now.
  8. I actually said "No less effective" IIRC. No one is saying Joey is better. What I'm saying is that Bannan is HUGELY overrated.
  9. That's the best way of summing it up. He's boring. I'm bored of him. I'm bored of a team that insists on going through him all the time.
  10. I really wish he was one of the players who's contracts were up in the summer. I know a lot won't agree with me, but I genuinely believe him playing how/where he currently plays is our biggest issue from an on field viewpoint. A player in that ball playing, making it tick, quarterback, whatever you wanna call it roll, should have the ability to control the game. He does that, in our own third. Great. I'm just gonna come out with it, the main reason I've not renewed my season ticket is that I'm sick of seeing Barry Bannan being ineffective pretty much every week. He's a central midfielder who has maybe one central midfield quality. Thats it. Until he's replaced we ain't going anywhere. We failed when he was more effective on the left and K Lee was a far better CM then than Bannan ever has/will be. there is no reality where Bannan is CM where we get out of this division.
  11. Yeah...problem with that is we're not a Prem or international team are we. Different levels of sports require different abilities. For example, you put a big kid in a team of U11's an they'll suceed cos they are stronger, it doesn't mean they are better footballers. This division we find ourselfs in is a combative league. We need players who can compete, not do 500 kick ups.
  12. I don't care, just take Bannan with you :)
  13. He's supposed to play twenty yards further up the pitch so if we are whacking it up top he can be involved. It's his choice to go deep. No manager is telling the team to go long and simultaneously telling his CM to go looking for the ball deep. That would be insane. He just likes to be in possession. Ineffective possession, so he has good stats for pass completion, backwards, to whoever is closest. I find it nuts people can't see this. The odd good ball, the rare good corner or free kick. I really don't get what some people think they're watching. He needs to be out wide or at another club. Anyone who thinks differently either hasn't been watching us for the last three years or literally should start following another sport.
  14. Bannan has been stood on the Cb's toes for two seasons. Way before Monk got involved.
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