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  1. Kraschenbern

    Player movement

    I don't think we're far off a decent squad/side if everyone is fit.... Personally I'd go with this...... Wildsmith Hutch Lees Pudil Palmer/New RWB Reach/Penney Lee Bannan Joao Forestieri Hooper If we need to switch to 4-4-2 it would also be dead easy. Hutch just pushes into holding role and wing backs drop back. FF plays at top of a diamond, and Joao and Hooper make up the front two. Or 4-3-3 woud be an easier swich.
  2. Kraschenbern

    Player movement

    So...... Lees on the left of a back three? You lost me there..... But I carried on for a laugh anyways. Get rid of Palmer, despite him being solid the other night? Get a RWB, yeah, but Palmer is an excellent option as cover at this level. I don't get the hate. He may be a bit off form but he is a very capable footballer that pretty much every other team in this division would be happy to have him in their squad. Then let's get to midfield.... Hutch is our midfield beast. If you're gonna play him in midfield then you need two creative players around him. Not a slightly bigger version of him next to him doing the same thing. We need Lee fit. Three in midfield will be Hutch holding with Bannan and Lee, which will be the best midfield in the league. As for up top. Joao and FF would work in a three, but not in a two. If you play FF in a two it has to be with Fletcher or Nuhiu. Joao is not a target man. Other than that I agree.
  3. Kraschenbern

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Yeah, maybe he was better going forward than defending. But he had no end product whatsoever. Very few assists and never scored to the best of my knowledge. So if going forward is his "strength".... 1.6million is good business on our part.
  4. Kraschenbern

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    I'm pretty happy with this to be fair. I know this won't be popular but I'd rather have Palmer in the team. Hunt couldn't defend, and couldn't cross, so effectively was a useless wing back. At least Plamer can defend a bit. And lets not forget Plamer was outstanding a couple of seasons ago. Way better than Hunt has ever been. Not a huge fee, but decent for a pretty average second tier full back. We'll find better for a lot less money in Holland or Germany.
  5. Kraschenbern

    Reach At Left Wingback

    He may be a tiny bit suspect defensively, but most wingbacks are. And if you consider who's likely to be playing on the left of a back three, Pudil, a guy who is also a good left back, it's not gonna be that big an issue. Also, lets have other teams worry about the threat that Fernando and Adam bring down that side. Teams are not gonna be pushing on down their right hand side.
  6. Kraschenbern

    M.o.m & Ratings

    Dawson 7 - Looks solid. Looked so frustrated that we conceded. I like the fact it annoyed him so much, shows he's competitive. Baker 8 - Great debut. That early mistake could have shattered his confidence, but he looked a very good defender. Was communicating with those around him too. Fred 8 - He's a good CB. And he can play too. He's gotta be worth a couple of million. It wouldn't be a gamble at all. Loovens 8 - At times he showed why he's been such a good player for us. When we signed him he was far above the level we were playing at. I honestly think he'll have helped massively with the development of a lot of these good youngsters we have coming through at the back. Model pro. Glad he got such a great send off. Pudil 8 - He's perfectly suited to the left hand side of a back three. Was brilliant today. Reach 8 - Two assists, plenty of energy. Bannan 8 - Was excellent all round, and I think he's a bit over rated by some folk. But when he plays like that there are not many better at this level. Pelupessy 7 - Just gets on and does his job. Allowing Bannan some freedom to find space, and the full backs cover when they push on. He likes to wind up the opponents too. Joao 7 - Good game. A handful all the time. Nuhiu 10 - Can't remember the last time I saw a hat trick at Hillsborough. So for that he gets a ten and MoM. Forestieri 8 - Looks hungry. I hope we keep him in the summer, cos there aren't many players we could replace him with. Thorniley 8 - Looks composed and a decent player. Matias 6 - Basically not played enough games to make the right decisions when he needs too. If we keep him fit he'll be very useful if we stick with the front three. Palmer 6 - I really like Palmer, and rate him, but he was pretty average today. hard to come on guns blazing in a game thats already over tho I suppose.
  7. Kraschenbern

    Hutchinson. Keep or release

    Keep him and put him in a back three, then should we need to adapt our tactics during the game to four at the back, just push him into midfield and pull the wing backs back. Would allow us to change shape as we need to during games without the need to make a sub.
  8. Loovens is the new Warhurst.
  9. Kraschenbern

    Player Ratings

    Wildsmith 8 - Couple of very good saves. Place is his now for me. Hunt 8 - Worked his socks off, kept getting in good advanced positions. Venâncio 7 - Couple of Misplaced passes, but otherwise solid. Loovens 7 - Was strong, his lack of pace is worrying, but he reads the game better than any of our defenders. Pudil 8 - Got stuck in and covered a lot of ground. Boyd 7 - Couple of misplaced passes, and poor touches but plyed wing back well. Pelupessy 8 - Broke up play well, was all over, dealt with an experienced Derby Midfield well. Reach 9 - So much energy, used the ball well, pressed well, kept finding space. Very good performance. Clare 9 - Brilliant performance for a young lad thrown in at the deepend. Drove us forward and competed for every ball. Rhodes 7 - Worked hard and created space for others. He doesn't have to score if his partner is. Joao 9 - Two great goals, and held the ball up well. Looks a great player when he has confidence.
  10. I think played out wide and told to enjoy himself, and with a bit of confidence he will be decent. I currently think they have him playing about three roles simultaneously, can't be good for him. I do agree he could have definitely done a bit better this season tho. His decision making has been poor at times, but again that's because I think he has too much to think about at once.
  11. While I see what you're getting at, Do you not think that we'd be extremely exposed from out wide when defending?
  12. So, this isn't in anyway a negative thread... it's more about how we now need to really push on after two near misses. What system would you play, and who would you let go/sell? And who realistically would you like to see come in? For me the i view the squad like this... Keepers - Fine... send Dawson out on loan. Keep Westwood at all costs, Play Wildsmith in the cups. Right Back - I actually don't think this is a priority. Most teams would be happy with Palmer or Hunt at this level. So I'd keep both. Left Back - I like Pudil, but I think he's at a dangerous age for a fullback... too many injurys...and only gonna lose more pace, so as much as it pains me to say it...time to go I'm afraid. Fox seems like decent cover. But we need a new left back. Center Backs - Loovens now purely relies on his positional sense, so worth keeping as a 3rd of 4th choice. Lees we need to keep hold of. Sasso decent 3rd or 4th choice. We desperately need a new center half. Preferably with experience, without being old. That would be a strong 4. Central Midfield - Need to keep Lee. More so than any other player we have. Bannan on his day can run games. Hutch adds bite. Thats a good three if you play the right system. We need to add a big commanding box to box player. We basically need a lee/hutch hybrid. Then the rest of the central midfielders can go, Abdi, LM and Jones etc. Maybe keep Semedo in some kinda coaching role if he's ready to hang up his boots. Wide Players - Where to start.... We need a player with Wallace's Brain/Technique and Reach's pace/endeavour... combined. I'd keep them both and add two more. For me Forestieri can leave (and not because of the miss, or his antics earlier in the season)... I just think he is a bit of a luxury. If he's not on it.. he's a waste of a shirt. When he is on it, he can win a game. These days he just seems to spend a lot of his time disappearing from games tho. Also when played out wide, he offers little support to his fullback. Forwards. We have way too many. We need someone like Fletcher but younger, so he can go. Nuhui can now go for me. Love the guy but isn't gonna push us on realistically. Winnall looks decent and seems a natural finisher, Rhodes has to be given a season with a system that suits him. He's been outstanding at this level before and can be again. Hooper has proved he has his worth recently, but honestly I'd sell him while we can. As for Young Hirst, he either needs to go out on loan or see a few games next season, cos other clubs will start to move for him sooner or later. I don't think we need to sign anyone up top. Now for the system. Firstly, whoever is in charge, they need to play players in their natural positions. Wit the current squad i'd do this Westwood Hunt Lees New Player New Player Hutch or New Player Bannan Lee New Player Reach Rhodes In possession the fullbacks push on and Hutch drops in to make a back three. Bannan dictates tempo, Lee supports Rhodes. Wide men are given the task of getting past their men and getting ball into box, and encouraged to attack the far post when crosses come in from other side. Rhodes will thrive, and Lee will be there for cutbacks. When not in possession, front three press and the rest can hold there shape, with Lee doing his usual energetic antics. I know this all sounds a bit "Football manager"...but most of the pieces are there, and rather than focussing on a loss, I just thought I'd look forward a bit. What are everyone else's thoughts? Sorry this turned into a bit of an essay.
  13. Kraschenbern


    Was nice to see him get some game time. He's clearly still got a role to play here. Even if it's off the pitch rather than on it. Keep giving him one year contracts til he decides to retire as far as I'm concerned. Intelligent guy (published author after all), knows the game, knows the club, his Portugese link is probably useful to have around with regards to helping getting Carlos' ideas across. He is a limited player, but 2-1 up with five minutes to go he's a still a useful sub to have to help defend a lead. And as daft as it sounds, he's had one promotion with the club, and that little bit of extra knowledge about the way we work, and the fans, will also be very useful.
  14. Kraschenbern

    Are you satisfied

    With the season overall I'm nearly satisfied. But we should be aiming to be moving forward, not sitting in 6th place. With the squad improvements I'd have expected us to be in 3rd/4th. As for tonight I'm a little bit fuming. Carlos has done an excellent job. But, tactically, tonight he was all over the place. Why Bannan is playing wide left is beyond me. I understand he's trying to push the full backs on so naturally Bannan and Wallace are told to tuck in. However, as soon as anyone presses us, it just pushes us into a back 5, with exposed fullbacks. We are crying out for width, as soon as we went 4-4-2, things got a bit better. I'm afraid he lost the plot in the end. I know we were chasing the game, but not having a central midfielder (Hutch had dropped in to make a three most of the time) and having everyone playing free roles in front of him just meant we were open to getting ripped apart on the counter. We were unlucky at times, but I'd argue they should have easily killed us off, cos for ten mins we had no system at all. I'm starting to worry that he's become obsessed with a system that can easily change between a back four, and a back three. Hutch seems to spend nearly as much time at center half as he does in the holding role. Way too much space between him and his midfield partner most of the time. We've become very predictable too. Few passes at the back, short ball into midfield, then out to the fullback...by which point the opponents are pressing us. Without Keiran Lee we don't have those short little triangles happening anymore. That's how we bypassed opponents midfields last season, we draw them in and then quickly moved the ball past them. Way too slow in the build up now. For the record I'd play 4-3-3. When Fit, Westwood, Then Palmer/Hunt, Lees Loovens and probably Fox at the mo across the back. Then Hutch holding in midfield, but ten yards further forward in posession. Then Kieren Lee, or Bannan, Abdi in front. Forestieri on one wing, Macca/Reach/Wallace on the other (With one actually playing like a winger to nullify opponents fullback pressing. Fernando can do what he wants. Then Rhodes up top. Gotta play further up the pitch at home.
  15. Westwood 9 - Had an excellent game. Palmer 8 - Way better defensively than Hunt. For me should be our starting right back every game. Lees 7 - Solid. Loovens 6 - Sometimes he can be a bit "casual". Pudil 6 - Did okay. Looked like he'd lost a yard of pace in the second half tho. Hutch 9 - I think his recent short spell at center half has made him an even better holding midfielder. Gave him MoM. Lee 7 - Wasn't as involved on the ball as he usually is, but his defensive work and effort were excellent as always. Bannan 4 - No where near his standards of last year. I'd argue that he needs dropping and Jones given a decent run of games. Reach 8 - His best game so far. Covered a lot of ground too today. Joao 6 - Put himself about, he needs to get stronger tho, and quickly. He's at an age where he really needs to start showing some ability, otherwise we may as well give the game time to a younger prospect (No Surprises for guessing who). Fletcher 7 - Had a good game. Tough job against those two center backs. Ran himself into the ground. Wallace 7 - Had a decent game. Jones 6 - Did his job when on the pitch, but wasn't on long enough to have any serious effect. Nuhiu 6 - You could argue his presence at that corner lead to our second. Still think he has a part to play in shutting down games, and making things difficult for defenders.