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  1. I live quite close to the ground. Went for a walk earlier and nearly pooped in to complain as a "customer" that the business I've given my money to is failing to deliver. Then I decided I was being a bit dramatic. And didn't want to ruin an otherwise nice walk. Then I watched it tonight, and really wished I'd gone in and said something this morning. Its a complete shambles. And it's starting to make me angry the complete lack of direction, leadership and total disrespect for the fans by not communicating anything.
  2. That's not true tho is it. Beckham could deliver a set piece, and Gazza could beat a man. Two things Bannan cannot do.
  3. Bannan has never been a captain. We concede. Head in his hands then starts having a go. Not captain material by a long stretch. I understand he's frustrated. But that's no way to lead a team in a scrap.
  4. That should be a red. Rule needs changing. Totally ruins the game when people do that.
  5. Players starting to look very frustrated with each other. Never a good sign.
  6. Our midfield is far too deep again. The distance between Rhodes and everyone else is massive.
  7. I honestly think that sometimes, when managers have such a distinct style of play, it doesn't work. You have to have the players to play to that style. Pullis failed because our squad wasn't anything like a Pullis squad. It all fell apart for Monk once he started to use his ideas rather than his predecessors. Sometimes simplicity is best. Look what you have available and play in a way that suits the group you have. Obviously Thompson knows a lot of these players very well. Knows the youngsters very well too. Football is a simple game. Move the ball quickly, get t
  8. There is a complete lack of movement when we have the ball. It's so frustrating to watch. Also not a single shot on target. Clueless.
  9. All comes down to movement. Something we lack whether the ball is in play or not.
  10. If it wasnt clear already it is now. Chansiri/Paxo are impossible to work with. Starting to wonder what the land value of the stadium is. This is gonna end badly.
  11. I actually do. I genuinely think he plays too deep and it's holding us back in games we need to win. I'd like to see him play at the top of midfield if he's gonna play anywhere. I know it's not gonna be a popular opinion, and people will say I know nothing about football. Just an opinion tho at the end of the day. I have no doubt he'll look good in league one next year. But as our best player, and club captain, he is currently letting his team mates and the fans down in my opinion.
  12. They were probably after him as a squad player. And that he's a cheap option considering his contract is nearly up. You'd be top ten in the division for assists if every single time we got the ball it went through you. And if you took the vast majority of set pieces. The statistic should be what percentage of the time does he affect the game for the number of touches he has. Massively overrated. Not saying he's bad. But the way people go on about him, you'd think he was Iniesta.
  13. Fair points. But my main argument is that he's not the major issue. If he does win the ball, he looks up and who does he have to pass to? Bannan, who's stood five yards behind him. We massively miss someone like K.Lee. Someone who moved beyond the opponents midfield rather than hiding between the centre half's like Bannan does.
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