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  1. Bannan is massively over rated in my humble opinion. Slows us down way too much. If opppsition stop him playing we dont play, and he goes too deep looking for the ball. Not saying he isn't a decent player. But for me it's time to see Hutch, Lee and Luongo in the middle of the park in a three.
  2. So good to have him back. Genuinely believe without the injuries he'd be playing in the premier league. Hope we can keep him fit.
  3. My routine last few years has been to dive out of work at about 2.30, get taxi to ground, then taxi straight back to work after. Missed about half of games last season as work was busy and didn't wanna leave my co-workers up poo creak. Got a new member of staff now tho, so it looks like I'm gonna be able to take Saturdays off when we're at home. Really looking forward to tomorrow. Tram into town for a couple of drinks then gonna head to the Hillsborough tap for one. Then gonna get into ground at about 2.15 to soak up pre match atmosphere. Something I've not been able to do on last 3 years.
  4. Bullen isn't the worst choice out there. I wouldn't be too upset if it was him. Whoever gets it their team talk is sorted for the whole season.... "Go make Steve Bruce regret his decision".
  5. Diets going fine. Metabolism has ground to a halt :)
  6. Cheers for letting me know. I got a large last year and it was a squeeze. Went for XL this time so hoping it will fit okay.
  7. Ordered mine online. Hoping the sizes are sensible. Otherwise gonna be some moob action on show.
  8. 1. Roland Nilsson 2. Roland Nilsson 3. Roland Nilsson ... etc
  9. There has been plenty to say. This isn't an attack on the DC or anything. I agree with the stance he's taken. But a simple..... "Steve Bruce has spoken to Newcastle, and the situation is ongoing"..... or alternatively "Steve Bruce has not spoken to Newcastle and will continue to do his job".... would suffice. So far all these rumours etc have done is basically make everyone angry. Our communications/media/marketing department really do seem clueless at times.
  10. I really wish the club would start communicating with us, the fans, about what the flip is actually going on. There's been a lot of contradiction so far regarding all this, and it would be nice to know officially whats been happening, and what the clubs position is. There's no point in everyone getting angry etc, until we know exactly what has gone off. If Bruce ends up at Newcastle United he'll get more than his fair share of Karma.
  11. Let's go for a Sheffield classic..... Don't you want us Brucey Don't you want us.... .... noooooooooooo!
  12. Pretty sure any compensation is related to what his contract is worth. So it should be more than a million assuming his contract with us is worth more than a million.
  13. I really don't get the obsession with Hirst Jnr. He's no longer our player. He didn't want to be our player. He's not as good as everyone makes out.... as the last twelve months have clearly shown. We released a player this summer who was supposedly one of the top fifty youngsters in the world and no one bats an eyelid. Can we move on now please. It's so chuffing boring.
  14. Wouldn't surprise me to see him go back to Holland as part of an exchange for that Becker lad.
  15. I find it baffling people would let him leave. He's been out a while obviously, but there is no reason he can't be fit and ready to go by August if he's not far off the match day squad now. If he gets back to 90% of the player he was he'd still be the best player at the club. We have missed him massively. And to replace him would cost millions. For me he's worth a year extension even if it's on 25k (allegedly) a week. To replace him would cost at least that in wages then probably 6 million in a fee. No brainer if he's approaching any kind of decent level of fitness.
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