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  1. If the section 75 charge back fails there is always FOS (Financial Ombudsman)
  2. What ever Wednesdays do it's likely to be a PR disaster? Seems to be the Wednesday way more or less over the last 25 years or so
  3. They haven't migrated any of the payment details to the new ticket system for a start. Credit Cards may have been cancelled etc. Just easier to phone people I guess.
  4. The East Dene it will be open at 11am may be earlier as it's an early KO?
  5. If the normal rules apply they can sell out in the 4th phase.
  6. A few returns ticket office have put a tweet out for Stoke.
  7. Can't say for sure , but it does have a chance. The club can have more tickets if required. SWFC have received an initial allocation of 2,452 tickets.
  8. If it gets to All season ticket holders that's only Thursday morning. I don't think Middlesbrough sold out last Boxing day? Which is a similar distance travel wise, but there are other factors as well.
  9. Highly likely to get to all season ticket holders and beyond this one. It being boxing day , no trains etc
  10. If you don't want to pay it , don't pay it! It's worse than Praise or Brexit on here sometimes
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