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  1. walkleyblue

    All Wednesday

    Just watched absolutely brilliant, don't mind admitting that I shed a few years as well. Well worth a watch.
  2. walkleyblue

    Morgan Fox

    Much improved over the last half a dozen matches, hope he can keep it up
  3. walkleyblue

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Fancy us today 2-0 Come On Wednesday.
  4. walkleyblue

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Take a draw but looking forward to another good away day with the Wednesday lads and lasses Come On Wednesday!
  5. walkleyblue

    Owls in the Park

    Transfer window open 1st July?
  6. walkleyblue

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    2-0 to us.
  7. walkleyblue

    Steve Bruce Giant Flag

    Reminds me of the picture of Freddie Flintoff as a young un
  8. Fancy us today, that never normally goes well 2-1 win.
  9. walkleyblue

    1993: A few questions

    I think it was against Man City mate.
  10. walkleyblue


    No sh@t Sherlock, I think the pope's croaked it.
  11. walkleyblue

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Another 3 points I hope 1-0 Reach.
  12. walkleyblue

    Alexander Milosevic

    If he's half as good as the last Swedish defender we had he'll do for me.
  13. walkleyblue

    Bruce motivation and commitment

    There's no worse feeling than losing your mum mate, lost mine just over seven years ago, she was only 55. Anyone who says it's part of the job is IMO a full weight bell end.
  14. walkleyblue

    Festive home fixtures in the last 8-9 seasons

    I stand corrected sir just checked on YouTube
  15. walkleyblue

    Festive home fixtures in the last 8-9 seasons

    Like I said I was pissed, but I'm pretty sure someone posted a video of it on here
  16. walkleyblue

    Festive home fixtures in the last 8-9 seasons

    I was that pissed that day that I thought we had drawn 0-0, it was half time.I had slightly sobered up by the time Sibidie scored at our end.
  17. walkleyblue

    Bruce’s first signing...

    I've heard that wallace has potential.
  18. walkleyblue

    Bruce on his way

    Stopped in the White Hart a few years ago, normally stop in Belle though. Changed hands at the start of the year not as good as when Rob had it.
  19. walkleyblue

    Bruce on his way

    My old man lives in Burgh had some good sessions in the Belle, I'm going down Saturday for the week. Plenty of boozers to go at.
  20. IF he's been sacked there will be a statement or something shortly from the club. I would imagine this will happen at Hillsborough.
  21. Heading to Hillsborough for a press conference hopefully
  22. He's in town for a dinner event.
  23. walkleyblue

    safe journey home

    Got home bout 12, nightmare of a day winning 1-0 went for a wee wee come out losing 2-1 wtf. Jos out.