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  1. walkleyblue

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    My favourite ever moment as a Wednesdayite. Went with my dad, grandad, brother and a whole load more of the family absolutely priceless moment.
  2. walkleyblue

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Reda v Derby 1st game back in championship, last minute absolutely mental when it went in. When we were bouncing it felt like the stand was going to come down.
  3. walkleyblue


    Yep didn't work
  4. walkleyblue


    I've felt better mate, just contemplating cracking a can to see if it smartens me up well worth it though.
  5. walkleyblue

    Bristol City Away.

    3 of us going down for this one. I've been to Rovers but never been to City.
  6. walkleyblue


    He's always near the South stand entrance on Penistone Road every Saturday where at home collecting for charity.
  7. walkleyblue


    Lovely bloke £2 well spent every home match.
  8. walkleyblue

    On This Day in 1992

    The only game I missed at home that season due to it being my cousins birthday. I was gutted when Stuart equalised even though I wasn't there.
  9. walkleyblue

    #SWFC have arrived..

    Nay Mr Wilkes
  10. I reckon we'll scrape a win, I hope
  11. walkleyblue

    York’s v Lancs

    It would have saved me a flipping fortune
  12. walkleyblue

    Roll on tomorrow

    Not be long now lads and lasses see you in Wigan via the Park and Chorley obviously
  13. A steady 2-1 to get HMS PTL underway
  14. walkleyblue

    Shocking start to the season

    I'm sure it was nothing compared to the bouncing we did at their place a few years ago when Reda scored. The floor was bouncing like fizz.
  15. walkleyblue

    Roll on tomorrow

    I don't doubt it for one minute