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  1. walkleyblue


    Geoff Thomas?
  2. 3 more renewed this morning.
  3. walkleyblue

    Wee Barry Bannan

    Stopped reading at blonde hair ffs
  4. If this is true, and by no means am I saying it is good riddance. No-one is bigger than the club
  5. Why did you marry her
  6. Used to watch it in the boozer whilst my old man was playing snooker before the match always loved Saturdays. Couple of pints with the lads and then a steady walk to Hillsborough it's what Saturdays were made for.
  7. walkleyblue

    #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Can't see anything but a comfortable home win today. Come on Wednesday!!
  8. walkleyblue

    Almain Abdi

    Wim Jonk end of thread
  9. I qued from midnight for the Brentford away tickets 2012. We had played Oldham that day I think at home I'd only got back from the boozer about 10:30, I'd been asleep about 10 minutes when the phone went and my mate rang me and told they were already queuing for tickets. Jumped out of bed wife wondered wtf was happening I told her and she said that I was mad. Off I toddled back to the ground I was about 20th in the queue ended up stood at the side of one of the lads off the Park coach who immediately gave me a bottle of ale, job was a good en we qued til about 9:30 for the tickets. The highlight of the night was when someone at the front lit a bbq about four in the morning in front of the gate to the ticket office and security shouted over the tannoy to put the fire out. Bet the neighbours were right impressed. It was a good laugh really and with Lleras goal goal at the end off the match then watching the pigs fack up on someone's phone on the Park coach on the way back it was well and truly worth it.
  10. walkleyblue

    Hughton and Jos.

    I've been thinking exactly the same for the last few months.
  11. walkleyblue

    RIP Steve Lee

    Yes mate, condolences to Ben and the rest of the family. RIP Steve.
  12. walkleyblue

    Owl Down!

    Get well soon Rich UTO.
  13. Whats the ale prices like, same as concourse?
  14. walkleyblue


    Getting poofaced