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  1. I reckon we'll scrape a win, I hope
  2. walkleyblue

    York’s v Lancs

    It would have saved me a flipping fortune
  3. walkleyblue

    Roll on tomorrow

    Not be long now lads and lasses see you in Wigan via the Park and Chorley obviously
  4. A steady 2-1 to get HMS PTL underway
  5. walkleyblue

    Shocking start to the season

    I'm sure it was nothing compared to the bouncing we did at their place a few years ago when Reda scored. The floor was bouncing like fizz.
  6. walkleyblue

    Roll on tomorrow

    I don't doubt it for one minute
  7. With all the negativity and criticism flying around on here at the moment some obviously called for and some not so much all I can say is roll on tomorrow. Up and out early doors with the lads, plenty of sherberts and hopefully a good result for Wednesday. It's time to put all the other poo aside and do what us Wednesdayites do best turn up in good numbers and support our team. Come on Wednesday!!!
  8. walkleyblue

    Where are the MODERATE #SWFC fans?

    It's not all over yet old boy
  9. walkleyblue

    Wigan Roll Call

    Me+2 goo on Wednesday!!!
  10. walkleyblue

    If we are Radio outraged

    I would imagine that it's down to principle rather than the shortfall.
  11. walkleyblue

    Hate To Mention This But...........

    2-1 win BTW.
  12. walkleyblue

    Hate To Mention This But...........

    Don't upset the bed wetters ffs
  13. walkleyblue

    How much will our wage bill be now?

    We've probably saved a good whack on agents fees by not signing anyone.
  14. walkleyblue

    Season ticket cards

    They were ready for pick up on Tuesday.