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  1. To be fair, the current badge has grown on me. it does look quite nice. The old badge was however, perfect!......Instantly recognizable, minimalistic, simple, memorable, unique. Did I read at some point that it was actually based on the letters S.W.?, because it certainly looks like it. An inspired stroke of genius, perhaps THE most iconic design in the world, it really is THAT good. Similar in what it conveys to Forest's badge, Simple, does the job, unique to the club it represents. It WILL return at some point, and it wouldn't hurt to have it on a few items for supporters to purchase if they wish. Mind you, looking at the player names you can have printed on the new shirts from the "personalise it" drop down menu on the official website I doubt there is anyone in the marketing and merchandise department who knows what day it is! Joao?, Abdi,???? Pudil????? Really?...….and no option for Rhodes, who, like him or not ,IS our record signing and possibly a better option to have on your shirt than Abdi...…….it's just slack in my opinion.
  2. Agreed, but to be fair to the player in question, he isn't crap, his attitude and record speak for themselves, it was down to us to get the best out of him and we just didn't. He looked good in pre season, the new players will all suit the way he plays, there's huge potential there...…..I say give him six months and lets see...…..but I'm not the manager or in charge, it's just what I think after 48 years of watching my team, a feeling......We all want the same thing, we all have different ideas and opinions on how that can be achieved. I think we need to hang on to our record signing and give him a proper chance with the new players.
  3. I'm not sure who is pulling the strings at the moment with the transfers and rumoured transfers, but we certainly seem to have specific, well researched targets, and ALL are the type of players that would benefit Rhodes and his style of play. I don't really know what Bullen feels about him, but he's a fellow countryman and that's got to count for something, Scots do tend to stick together, and that's not a bad thing. Give him half a season with these speed merchant wingers and see how he goes......that's what I'd like to see......always thought it was in him to be really special again, just a feeling.
  4. We need to keep him with Joao gone...…..The fact that a Premier league team obviously want him says something.
  5. I'm sorry, but IF Hughton turned us down then his odds should have slipped more than they have done...…..Is all this because of ONE alleged report?.....and if it IS fact then the odds should reflect it...………………..and they don't!
  6. Don't forget Aqua Marina...…...bit of a stunner, and couldn't talk!...………………...Bonus!!!!!!!
  7. Hughton has been the popular choice right from the start, Seems like a genuine guy, certainly knows his stuff. Was a bit put out when the Mirror reported he'd snubbed us.....but did he?, and if he genuinely wasn't interested why hasn't he said anything to that effect?...…..come to think of it, nobody has come out and said anything!, some kind of confidentiality clause maybe? We're in a bit of a situation here, Bruce left us in a right old mess, as did Big Ron, I've never forgotten.....Our greatest moment in my living memory soured by someone we thought actually had an affinity with the club we love. No manager loves the club like supporters do, it's just a job to them and, as in life, there's always bigger and better going to come calling at some point. Of all the potential candidates Hughton is the only one that fits our current situation, get him in and we are just a fortnight behind where we were before Bruce dropped us in it, a name that is respected, obviously well connected, popular with the fans, we ALL know who he is, what he has done and he would, in the main (you can't please everyone!) step out onto our pitch already a hero and backed by the majority...…...unlike Bruce up North who has really got his work cut out trying to win those unhappy Geordies over. D.C. knows all this, I suspect Hughton will come if we throw enough cash at him (everyone has a price), get him in and it will be as if Bruce never happened. Anything else just isn't good enough in my opinion.
  8. The "refusal" from Hughton………...It seems to all stem from The Mirror, or one of their reporters, and everyone is taking it as gospel, fair enough, it may or may not be right. But look at this tripe, not directly from the mirror, but stated as being from them...……...surely not true? Nothing surprises me any more but.... https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/sheffield-wednesday-eye-swoop-for-prolific-forward/
  9. Hughton may get the Newcastle job tomorrow!
  10. Both batsh@t crazy...…………………...could work!
  11. Stay mate, you've been like the band on the Titanic as it went down!
  12. Hughton it is then!...……………….No doubt there will be a teaser video on Twitter tomorrow!
  13. I'd like to think the club have already started a dialogue with Hughton, or Monk if needs be....
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