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  1. This sits on my bedside draw. The Mrs thinks it's strange, but she won't allow it to to be situated anywhere else in house. I was also gutted at the time that Panini only gave him a 3 * rating!
  2. I’m currently eyeing up the Brittians Chocolate and chilli vodka that my Mrs gave me for Xmas.
  3. So far I haven’t seen his name mentioned as our next manager, a left field appointment who has done a cracking job at Östersunds FK. I’ll probably get torn to shreds by the hounds on here for not posting much and being an Owkstalk voyeur. Quite frankly I don’t care as I’ve had a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape this evening. UTO
  4. A Norwich support mate at work emailed this regarding Turner - He's never been blessed with pace but not much gets past him in the air so he definitely has his uses. He scores the odd goal but in the Premier league he was always at risk of being turned by pacey players with a bit of skill - you know, the type of player that the Premiership is full of. I can imagine opposing managers saying to the likes of Raheem Sterling and Eden Hazard, 'Keep the ball on the floor and run at Turner, you'll tie him in knots' and that, sadly, is what happened all too often at that level. In the Championsh
  5. I live and work in York and the rumour going around the York fans is that Nigel could be approached.
  6. He's a div 3 player at best. I watched him many a time when he was on York's books and was awesome in the Conference. He has pace but not as much as he did have before his leg break a few seasons back. He's not that strong either and I don't fancy another a arm waver in the blue and white when the right ball it not played.
  7. Number 39 arrived this morning and I'm chuffed to bits Top work by everyone involved to make this happen! UTO WTID
  8. Top work Trev......mine is paid up. Just have the argument with the Mrs about which wall it will be hung from to look forward to!
  9. York away would be good as it is on my doorstep. It won't be at the new ground though as planning permission was only granted last month, with it hopefully being completed in 3 years. Unfortunately though, the "tourist" businesses want the planning process referred to Eric (The Pork Pie) Pickles because they believe the new stadium will take trade away from the city centre and hate any form of progress in the City. So it'll be Bootham Crescent if we do draw them
  10. http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/9309477.Mills__Goal_ace_Jason_Walker_is_staying_put_at_York_City/
  11. My was 1988/89 season. Coming from York I was taken to my first (proper) football game for my best mates birthday, who was a Wednesday support. I'd watched York a number of times with my dad but had never been to a big stadium. We were 12 at the time and we lost to Tottenham 4-2, with i think old jug ears (Lineker) scoring a couple for Spurs. I fell in love with the atmosphere and deafening noise from the old standing Kop and I have been suffering (apart the promotion season) ever since!
  12. GK - Grant LB - Jones RB - Ostembor DC - Beevers DC - Purse © LM - Teale* RM - Sedgewick* CM - Coke CM - Miller CF - Tudgay CF - Mellor Subs O'Donnell Spurr Potter Johnson Heffernan Buxton O'Connor * Potential to switch wings during the game. My main concern is cover at CB. I'm not convinced by Hinds in that position. Ball watches to often , easily turned and lacks that turn of pace he had before his ankle injury.
  13. http://www.thestar.co.uk/owls/Owls-Spurr-staying-at-Sheffield.6358193.jp
  14. I believe he signed a one year extension at the end of this season
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