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  1. Nite Daz, been a while since I saw you buddy fishing matches with us and lads at Park and Arches. So many laughs we had. RIP mate x
  2. This seems to be working for the moment. Commentary in English too. The ads will disappear after a few seconds. http://www.gimplo.ga/p/glimpos-4.html
  3. bobbyt64

    Argentinian Left Back.

    Was in talks with Newcastle at the start of the year. Is available after returning back from loan spell. Also plays Centre back.
  4. I thought Studio Canovi were the agents and not 7ORO Sports Ltd run by Lucas Cominelli. Am I wrong?
  5. bobbyt64

    Abdi from Watford?

    Dom Howson saying the deal is done...sorry if the Pope is rigid! (on twitter)
  6. bobbyt64


    Yep mate...the very same. Bob Taylor here!
  7. bobbyt64


    Andy Hirst former Wisewood pupil, who sadly passed away a few years ago. I know he'll be looking down as Hooper gets his third tomorrow! Miss ya mate!
  8. bobbyt64

    Online shop

    Phew...thought it was just me struggling.
  9. bobbyt64

    Deiphon Chansiri

    Ditto...thank you Mr C
  10. BELIEVE!!!! C'mon The Wednesday!!!!
  11. bobbyt64

    Brighton following

    Haha...that made me chuckle!
  12. If you're struggling for a stream http://firstsrowsports.eu/soccer/first-sheffield-wednesday-vs-brighton-hove-row6a0228 c'mon The Wednesday!!