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  1. Looks like he is if his Instagram story is anything to go by.
  2. I was told exactly the same this morning. Smith definitely out for 6 weeks, Windass is touch and go for tomorrow
  3. Anybody asked the question why The Stir have waited until the day before the season starts to publish this?
  4. Stockdale was on Talksport yesterday and all but said he was starting Saturday. used the term never thought I’d ever play for a team the size of Sheffield Wednesday and now I’ll be playing for them the biggest team in the league and one of the biggest in the country against one of the other biggest teams in the league at the weekend
  5. If he’s best we can do, then we should all go home now.
  6. Is it Davison who came from Man City and who the coaching staff is the best youngster coming through? His development stalled a little last year and all the talk was about BC but apparently on his day this lad blinds him.
  7. Had a new tattoo earlier in week on leg and letting it heal (seriously)
  8. It’s not wages but we only offered 1 year where Derby have given minimum 2
  9. Can only see it being a loan. Man Utd gave him a £750,000 contract last year.
  10. Not a lot. I watch Wednesday and Wednesday only. If they’ve played against us I might have knowledge from that game(s) but that’s about it.
  11. I’ve no idea. I just heard that it was orange/yellow. don’t know if that means it’s a combination or either colour, or someone trying to describe it was orange that looked yellow (if you get my drift). My first thoughts were that it might be like Forests away kit from last season.
  12. Not sure where we are planned to stay however there is a new national sports centre in Lisbon which is a bit like St George’s Park. I know a few other teams are heading there.
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