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  1. I always felt he had a cheenk in his armour though... Ffs censor....
  2. If you dont f'g squeak then your a blade. OINK
  3. Ah. Winaway... Its a sign, i tell 'ee..
  4. Same here. With sound but on both ifollow5 and ifollow8. Someones dropped one...
  5. If only for the first line, and the lack of Taylor Swift of late
  6. I see Kastrati is on the bench. Maybe Atdhe had an accident?
  7. Borukov's goal, fwiw https://www.calciozz.it/video.php?id=931410
  8. Not a very secure system is it? Go tbere with a private tab in firefox, vote, refresh page and you can vote again apparently.... Not that i would, Not that i would
  9. Cant find the doggy lookalikes. But its time for new ones isn't it?
  10. good shout mate - what VPN do you use? Expressvpn fwiw. Good bandwidth...
  11. Just tried switzerland vpn. No joy. Switched to romania and it offered me a match pass for a fiver..must be blocking selected ip addresses from popular vpn providers. Clear cookies and history first!
  12. There was i thinking you were a member of the DNA, the National Dyslexic Association...
  13. Some of our lot can't even spell Nuhiu... Little Dave maybe?
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