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  1. player ratings

    Think thats hard on the big man. Only one who seemed to know where the goal was....
  2. 6ft 5 according to Forest Fans forum. Presumably still growing....
  3. Elev8

    Not sure I like the third shirt design... Still its novel. Strikes fear into the opposition I suppose... http://elev8-apparel.com/leter91shirtcollab
  4. Semedo on sunday?

    You never got past Semedo...

    I think you must be of a certain age... Billy Bunter, the infamous glutton. In the early stories, Bunter was associated with his stammering stock phrase: "I'm s-sincerely sorry". As his character developed, the stammering would disappear; and the stock phrase would be replaced by the greeting "I say, you fellows!”, the reproachful “Oh really, Wharton!” (or whichever character he is addressing), the anguished exclamation “Yaroooh!” and the distinctive giggle “He, he, he!” Is it a Steve Evans thread?
  6. Come on lads, get voting. Currently 3rd behind Darlow and Green!
  7. Well, what happens if....

    I'm sure Owlstalk will never be short of people to blame. Starting with Big Dave of course...
  8. The Mind Bogle's

    Far be it for me to argue. I shall simply add it to one of the many memoranda that I have on the content of these fora.
  9. Brighton roll call

    Yes, a few times. Works well getting there, but horrendous queues at Falmer station at end of match. Joined in the chants of "we can see you sneaking out" a couple of years ago, only to find out why they did it.... Station car park is expensive, and nearby on road parking in Lewes very crammed. Best bet I think is car park near Harveys brewery to east of Lewes. I took bus back to Lewes last time, and was quicker than waiting for train.
  10. Brighton roll call

    Me plus 5... Not far away so no excuse.