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  1. This.....! Fancy getting done offside as well. If this had gone to Nuhiu it would have been stuck in the corner until the final whistle
  2. Through to final of qualifier 4-2 on penalties. Playing Liberec of Czech Republic next Thursday....
  3. Big Dave seen lurking outside barn with a banjo. Ian watching closely...
  4. I went to Brentford. I would like compensation as well as a refund.
  5. I went to watch Scarborough get thrashed by Chelsea in 2004 expecting cricket figures. We lost 1-0 to a team containing Terry, lampard, hasselbank and others, and were denied a penalty for the clearest handball I have ever seen in the last ten minutes. You know the secret - a sheet pitch. All we need are a few of Snoot's peasants (cough, 'artisans') and some gardening kit, and we could blame it on an infestation of moles. Who says hoofball never pays? And look at what an effect that had on the rest of Scarborough's future path to glory. Oh wait......
  6. Bit harsh on Nuhiu. Generous for wickham, bannan, iorfa and boerner
  7. Really looking forward to Man City. What's our worst defeat ever?
  8. And wouldn't you just guess it.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51358322 Shared with Billy Sharp and one or two others...
  9. Coonte followed by Robbingson. Got to be Deadman next... EFL making a point?
  10. Officials loads better than the bankers on Saturday
  11. https://www.swfc.co.uk/matches/fixtures/ Says its Tuesday?
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