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  1. Noticed it during the U18 game v Preston. Particluarly bad at the Leppings Lane end around the penalty aea. Looked to me like two of the lighting units fixed to the West Stand 'Presto' roof wern't working, Could be an access problem. Presumably this is made by using the walkway to the top of the South Stand then onto the West Stand roof. Electrician walks up changes the bulb, job done. Strange that it hasn't been corrected.
  2. I got a ticket on Lowther Road 4 years ago. Successfully appealed it on the grounds that the Traffic Officer had put the wrong address on the ticket. Worth checking.
  3. I'm going on my own and have a seat behind the goal (front row Andrew Connolly/East Stand) if this is any good. It's a full price adult ticket would swop for a like ticket on the 'away side' (South). Let me know.
  4. He was always a cheeky chappie. I took this during the League Cup tie against Utd in 1980. Pity I couldn't get the ref's (Neil Midgley I think) expression but they were the days before good quality zoom lenses.
  5. Another one in the home end here, if I can do it at Bellend Road whilst watching Wednesday score 2 in the last 10 mins (Murphy and Nuihu) then I'm sure I can do it down there.
  6. Yes the lad between Sedgwick and Buxton, I think it's the same fellah that's shown below, still can't name him though.
  7. Thought we needed a bit of light relief after all the gloom and doom. Can you name the players, easy apart from the lad third from left with his head down. Love how JJ looks like he is getting his todger ready for action with the other players 'taking the knee'
  8. Fully agree 31st. By the way off topic I know… but…. I’m guessing that 31/12/1966 was your first match ? The result for those not of a certain vintage was 6-1 to Wednesday. It was my first match, was it yours ? If only I’d known a lifetime of ups and downs was to follow
  9. Anyone know what the law is for encroachment if the taking player misses the target. To me it looks like the pen’ should have been retaken. Both Ref and Lino are in good positions to see, are there any Ref’s on Owlstalk who would care to comment? I know these things are supposed to even themselves out during a season but at the time they are frustrating. The miss certainly changed the game.
  10. Would think the guy with the shades is the landlord. I think the badge on his jumper is the same as below. What was the occasion?
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