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  1. Delighted on his hat trick. Well deserved. I've consistently supported the guy. He didnt need to come with a load of goals to be worthy of the shirt imo. He always gives defenders plenty to think about but sadly we've not really had the forwards on the pitch to benefit from his tireless work. He aint Messi but he has got some fantastic skills and as others have said full credit to Jos for recognising what Big Dave had in his locker. But more than anything its confidence that has taken him to the next level. Its a confidence game Well done Big Dave
  2. Mr Soul


    Coulda woulda shoulda... try using reality as a gauge. It’s far more accurate. As for next season I doubt it was in the plan for him to be at S6 anyway.
  3. Mr Soul

    Made my mind up

    I think you’re being a bit harsh. A win is a win and as they say .. it’s a results based business. With that in mind I thought when he was announced his job was purely to keep us up, and it looks like he’s done that. Got to agree though , like you said, seems a nice bloke but surely he can’t be the best option for next season
  4. Mr Soul

    Reach - over not around

    The world has gone mad!
  5. Mr Soul

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    I Really hope he scores a hat trick and proves me wrong but FF looks far from match fit and seems totally out of touch with the other players
  6. Mr Soul

    Hughton and Jos.

    Im not sure what the value of comparing the two managers is? They are individuals with (I assume) their own perspective on how to achieve their goals
  7. I appreciate we were lucky against PNE but that luck returned a win That there is the reality. And surely this season we deserved some luck?
  8. Mr Soul

    Nuhiu: Hero or Villain

    I see your point, yes it could have cost us.. but it didn’t . Woulda coulda shoulda has no value in the real world. if FF had chosen the opposite corner for his pen against Hudds we may have been in the Prem this season. But he didn’t and we aren’t Big Dave took a chance and scored. End of!
  9. One of my first matches I went to was when Villa came to Hillsborough in 1975 and put 4 past us to get promoted...they quite literally took us apart (and took the stadium too)..or it seemed like it to a 12 year old. I can still recall the smell of Bovril, pies and Brut that wafted across the Kop
  10. I’ve rattled on about how poor the PR and communications at the club are for many months . Here is a perfect example of how the club have not stepped up and given an explanation. Clear communication kills conjecture! Ffs!
  11. And Id probably agree on some of the points. I guess my point is he's never going to Premiership quality but he gives his all when maybe others on the pitch are not. Equally we have been struggling going forward at times in the past and maybe more opportunities for him may have served us better. Giving him a new contract should really be dictated by how our forward players look for next season. Who is with us, who is fit or any replacements. Superstar striker he aint but he is definitely an asset
  12. Unfortunately those facts and figures don't touch on everything else he brings to the team. Essentially the parts of his game that many have refused to or couldn't see what a huge influence he is. Jos certainly has created an extra dimension to his game but then you could say that by playing on a regular basis has given him the chance to show what he can do and improve his confidence. We're all human after all. Always been a fan .
  13. Mr Soul

    Well done Wednesday.

    Just so you are aware, with a bit of luck, by next season the majority of our first choice players will be back from injury. You played your first choice team today (I believe). Just saying..
  14. Mr Soul

    Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    For the remainder of this season, yes thats all that matters. Win every game 1-0 in the 90th minute. Normally I aim for the stars and have huge expectations for our club but this season Ill make do with scraps as things stand!