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  1. Which opposition player ...

    Honestly the abuse Ched would receive would be like 1-0 to us.. however I think their forwards will miraculously appear for their cup final... go get a room Ched..oooops!
  2. Honest opinion on the derby

    If they are still struggling for forwards I think we can assume there game plan will to park the bus and leave one up front.. but you never know they all may make a miraculous recovery ! It is their Wembley final after all !
  3. iFollow

    Sadly i cant make it back to the UK for the game and will be working at kick off too..but will be watching via cricfree
  4. Colin's Comments

    Agreed. They have 2 completely different styles as managers. Comparing is pointless. For the record, I think CC is and will be more suited to managing us in the Premiership than he is in the Championship.
  5. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    In any walk of life, if the authority (in this case our club) decide not to be open and transparent, people come to conclusions. Which becomes gossip, its human nature. However I can see why on this occasion may have wished to keep it quiet and some things are best left within the club, not least the FF/Winall situation
  6. and that right there is the issue...so many people view the world (and in particular football) in black & white...im not totally enthused by some of his tatics but for starters he is 100% better than any replacement options out there and his record at S6 is remarkable (given he had no experience of the championship)....Im sure in a few years you/we will recognise exactly what he has brought to our club, some wont. Sadly so many live and react in the moment straight after a game (win, lose or draw). This is when people react at their strongest, both positive and negative. It brings out the passion in people ..doesnt stop you loving the club does it?
  7. Send me over whatever you are smoking mate! While you are at it write down the 3 sides that you think have 'real promotion asperations' AND are currently showing better form than us

    I expect us to be in The Premiership by 2019
  9. David Garrido

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzaqJIpE4voSoccer AM
  10. I'm optimistic it won't be relevant for us when the deal commences
  11. Bedwetters of the world unite....

    You do have a point there. Its a bit like the missus bickering ...until shes had enough and then tells you to stop going on about it. However I do recognise that Owlstalk is a more relaxed and happier place suddenly so maybe step away from futher confrontation?
  12. Sorry to hijack the post but it inspired me to have a dabble on photoshop before work