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  1. 40,000 made it to Wembley. If our average is around 27,000 this season then there a minimum of 13,000 not attending for what ever reason. If 20% of that 13,000 are given the financial incentive to go just once a month its 2,600 bums on seats, maybe 1000 more shirts (til season end), 1500 (profitable) hot pies etc etc...and above all else it gives the less wealthy fans at our club the chance to enjoy the match day experience..why should they be priced out of their club?
  2. Actually I think it is that simple and I agree..fill the seats. Apart from anything else, some Owls on low incomes now, may have in the past been able to go week in, week out! Their loyalty could (and maybe should) be rewarded.
  3. Exclusive packages must take second place to the cost of watching our club for the average man/family. I would love DC to consider lowering the prices all over the stadium. I am absolutely certain that a 25% reduction in ticket prices across the whole stadium would see a larger percentage of the (potential) fan base coming more often to Hillsborough. Therefore delivering an increase in overall matchday turnover. Not just in ticket sales but the add ons too ..food & mechandise. He must be aware of how many Owls are not being embraced by the club..or more to the point pushed out, based on ticket cost alone. Now I understand this will p*ss some season ticket holders off but surely the bigger picture (revenue, FFP, atmosphere, real club values) is more important?

    We would he be? We have a manager!
  5. On the contrary I'd say it was just another week in the bizarre league we call The Championship. It's way beyond predictable
  6. Well done Wednesday..Adam Reach youve earned that goal lad. Jordan Rhodes well done to you too. Delighted!
  7. It’s sad to push Hillsborough into the background but yes I have thought this for a while.
  8. Jordan Rhodes thoughts

    Totally agree .. he sniffs goals out by working out the attributes and failings of a defence over a period of time and then picks his runs according to delivery. Not easy to do in the last 10 mins though. I think he was a baffled as me why no balls were played down the channels for him initially. Our delivery to the box has improved imo hence Hooper bagging a few and now JR. hell take confidence from the one goal and the almost against Millwall
  9. But no one could prepare for terrible individual errors! Not even Pep Guardiola is that perceptive
  10. Daft question as they are completely different types of players. So how do you compare?
  11. In todays ludicrous financial climate, hes looking like hes worth ever penny!
  12. Van Aken

    If you are looking for an example of shocking defending you only need to look to the Leeds defence on Sunday. Give him a break, ffs!
  13. Did We Bounce?

    The Poznan looks daft.. the Bounce looks outstanding in full flow