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  1. stevie snerklebox

    Chansiri - In or Out?

    I voted "In" but the guy needs help on the footballing side asap.
  2. stevie snerklebox

    Joost Van Aken

    I'll get me coat
  3. stevie snerklebox

    Joost Van Aken

    The performances of Pelupessy have got me into thinking that we should maybe try to move JVA into this CM position. Good on the ball, can pick a pass, a bit more of a physical presence in the middle?
  4. stevie snerklebox


    The sound system at Hillsborough is disastrous. I sit 2/3rds up the kop, and the music was badly distorted and inaudible. Couldn't make out Shaun Leigh on the mic at all so I was reliant on the scoreboard for the teams.
  5. stevie snerklebox

    Sheffield Wednesday Fans Forum - Overview

    What now? We support the lads mate, through thick and thin, that’s what. #wawaw
  6. stevie snerklebox

    No wonder Radio Sheffield don't like us

    Yeah noted mate, apologies. Flippant post, there is no humour in text. I honestly feel for those who rely on it. I don't go to many away myself but I absolutely hate their commentaries so I haven't listened anyway the last 18 months.
  7. stevie snerklebox

    No wonder Radio Sheffield don't like us

    Who the hell wants to listen to Giddings, Staton, and "Mr Cheerful" Newsome anyway?
  8. stevie snerklebox

    Jos says no incoming players to #SWFC

    I wouldn’t re-sign Lee I wouldn’t re-sign Hooper I wouldn’t re-sign Westwood I wouldn’t re-sign Hutchinson I would offer Bannan a years extension now I would hold off with Pudil until Christmas I would offer Joao a years extension now Abdi please leave ASAP Jones please leave ASAP
  9. stevie snerklebox

    Jos says no incoming players to #SWFC

    For a student in his early twenties, you speak a heck of a lot of common sense fella. Kudos to ya!
  10. What exactly do you want the guy to say? It’s quite clear (even to a dumbo like me) that we are at a delicate stage regarding Westwood (he needs to be sold - £1.5m could make a huge difference to our season), so clearly he can’t come out and say Westy is No.1 and then he gets sold before the 9th August window closes! As for Joe & Cam.... IF Westwood is sold then they fight it out between themselves. IF Westwood stays then he has to be first choice for goodness sakes as he’s costing us a fortune to keep and he’s more accomplished than Joe or Cam. Not everything is simply black or white here mate.
  11. stevie snerklebox

    West Stand Lower

    Me neither I had no idea that this offer existed and my lad was a student for the past two years, although he has a ST.
  12. stevie snerklebox

    West Stand Lower

    Was thinking more so just to get some humanity into that section of the ground mate. And also some much needed revenue. I’m a ST holder so I’d not be one of them. Many of my friends used to have ST’s but other priorities/ issues mean that they no longer have them. This could be a way for people like this to come back from time to time? 2,000 seats in that section that for 95% of the time are not utilised. Maybe even do the £25 flat rate with a £5 discount for Students?
  13. stevie snerklebox

    West Stand Lower

    Go on DC, make it a home area at say £25 flat rate. Who knows? The ground may even look reasonably full then.
  14. stevie snerklebox

    Where do you think we'll finish

    I’ll bet that’s what the Cardiff & Hudds fans said too.
  15. stevie snerklebox

    Quick win Clare

    Serious injury I believe. The lad is only just “back on the grass” so to speak. He’s only been able to do upper body work all summer apparently. Hence no other clubs in for him.... yet. With Clare I’m led to believe that he simply wants a move nearer to his family in London.