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  1. May go back to Italy. Who knows, the Italian FA is not the English FA so he may not even have to serve a ban there anyway?
  2. Who do you suggest then that is currently a free agent? Please give your reasons for your suggestion, but also bear in mind that really we aren't supposed to be challenging this season anyway, the squad is still in transition and will only be fully upgraded next summer when we are more aligned on FFP/P&S. Let's not kid ourselves here, whoever gets the job, be it Bully or your choice, please don't think that we should be top 6 come May because we don't have the quality or the balance to sustain a promotion bid in my humble opinion.
  3. Since DC bought SWFC, his agenda for the stadium has not really been made clear. Either way, this latest situation (especially if the appeal is upheld), will force his hand with regard to the Lepp and North access. The quickest fix I feel is to remove the former gym/ now club shop and get some decent access to the rear of the North from that side, and utilise a plot of land across from the ground to build a superstore that actually belongs in the 21st century.
  4. Incredible to think that our manager walked out on us with 2 thirds of our coaching staff, all whilst we were under a soft transfer embargo. Then we get news on FF having to appeal against a 6 game ban. Then we have the ridiculous situation with Leppings Lane. And despite all of this our magnificent Chairman has steered us through the other side of the embargo, delivered quality signings, and after two positive results we sit on 6 points. 3 weeks is a long time in football innit?!!!
  5. "We fully expect to be stretched in ways that we haven't been before"...... OK Bully but how do you think the game v Espanyol will go?!!
  6. Not really sure what folk were expecting this season. Even if Bruce & his cronies were still here, we are a club in transition, we certainly aren't going up nor down. All Bruce did was carry on picking the same team that Bully sorted last December from the wreckage that tash left behind. Sure the embargo is frustrating but the business done with releasing players and signing the three new lads means that the squad has a fresher and more youthful look about it. Without the ground sale (which I believe is still to be ratified by the EFL), we have lost £66m over the last 3 season's. I'm no rocket scientist but we've massively overspent and mismanaged our own finances. People coming on here slagging the EFL are way wide of the mark. It's DC & his "advisors" fault that we find ourselves in this situation, not the EFL. We are in for another mediocre season in my humble opinion.
  7. Agree regarding the depth of the coaching set up at present, that clearly needs addressing post haste
  8. Fully agree with you mate. When we signed Hector I think most were underwhelmed because of the many errors he showed at Hull. We all know how that one turned out. Also Kieren Lee.... Dave Jones signed him then didn't pick him for 3 months stating "he's not ready". No wonder why Jones got the boot is it?!
  9. Yep, it's a bot account where the "author" uses a random number generator to link random clubs to random players..... A bit like Carlos' transfer strategy.
  10. I may be wrong but I reckon this was the 5-0 win over Rotherham in 1980/81. Andy Mac got a hat trick. I was 14 and we finished up having to go in the uncovered seats on the south as it was chaos on penistone road trying to get into the kop that night. I can remember queueing for the kop turnstiles and then the roar went up from inside the ground as the teams came out. The Plod were on horseback & driving us off the road and towards the turnstiles, really scary stuff and crushing did occur, nothing abnormal that in those days though. Thankfully I thought on my feet and made a dart for uncovered south that night. Great memories.
  11. I'm lucky I guess. I started watching Wednesday during the dark years of the mid 70's (thanks to my late Grandad). I witnessed first hand the struggles under Burtenshaw & Ashurst, the resurgence under Jack & Wilko, and the glory years under Big Ron & Tricky Trev. Nowadays, it's the kids I feel for..... My lad is 19, goes home & away every week. Bless him, all he's ever known is failure. It's the young uns that I feel for, no DECENT top flight football at S6 for over 20 years now. Come on Wednesday sort this poo out!!!
  12. For me there is very little point in selling him to Norwich if he is happy to come back to S6. The money horse has already bolted with Rhodes. Any sale to Norwich would be for a pittance compared to what we've already lost on him so we may as well keep him and see if SB can get him back firing.
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