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  1. Sean Raggett

    Pearson was shuffle for two years for us before he hit his straps, but you are right in that some just handle the step up in their stride. However, without being disrespectful to Lincoln, they were non-league until this season and that is worlds away from where we need to be this season. Surely we need to be looking at top end League 1 as a minimum for anyone to be ready to come straight in and do a good job?
  2. the transfer window

    Why even have a window in the first place? It's stupid, just drives prices up. Just re-open the loan windows and set a transfer deadline of say March 15 and jobs a good un. Why on earth do the powers that be over complicate stuff?!!
  3. Morgan Fox

    Morgan Fox would be superb in a 3-5-2. He's still young and relatively inexperienced and as a wing-back he wouldn't be left so exposed.
  4. Fans Forum

    Jesus, it'll be reyt bun fight
  5. Rhodes to Wolves???

    No no nooooo!!!! Keep Rhodes, offload Nuhiu, Joao, and get some decent ££££s for Forestieri. Then change the flipping walking football tactics - job done.
  6. Adam Reach

    We have very little 'go forward' in CM, I think we all agree on this. No mobility, no henergy, and very little 'bite' once Hutch picks up his obligatory yellow. In light of this and CC not addressing this issue despite it being a pretty standard requirement for success in this league, what are people's opinions on Reach playing CM? He's quick, mobile, and pretty decent at nicking a ball away from an opponent with his rangy style. OK his first touch ain't the best but neither was Carlton Palmers. He clearly has a sweet left foot on him and could offer far more of a goal threat than Bannan. Apologies in advance if this has been discussed before on here, but as someone once famously said... if you do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got!
  7. Imagine you were Mr Chansiri for a moment

    We need to hit the ground running this season. The objective has to be top two. I've seen Derby, Villa, and Hull "huff and puff" to one point, Boro lost thanks to Ayala, so yesterday, as bad as it was at PNE, is not the end of the world. However, we must now start picking up points. For me we need to be on 10 points minimum after 6 games, so therefore things have to change on field. If they don't then things need to change off field. It's that simple for me.
  8. johan djourou

    Using up Melo's stash of tram day rider tickets
  9. Lincoln game - today

    Hallam have just tweeted that Lundstram is playing against them this evening at Sandygate....... SUFC's newest Galactico!
  10. Who would you sell?

    Apparently Hamburg ditched him from their first team squad for having a poor attitude when they were in the relegation zone. Once free of him they cobbled sufficient points together to survive. I'm tellin thee it's another Urby this one.
  11. Lincoln game - today

    Neither matey, Hallam are playing the grunters at Sandygate tonight. Our fixtures were incorrect.... quelled surprise!
  12. Who would you sell?

    Agreed, and the talk of Djourou has all the hallmarks of Urby MK 2.
  13. Who would you sell?

    Whatever happens from now until the end of the window, it appears that CC has to wheel and deal for the first time ever during his time at S6. No longer can it be the "Kid in a sweet shop" approach to recruitment. In fairness many of us feared that this would happen after we messed up against Huddersfield!
  14. Supporters put to shame.

    And what did Rangers do after? Yep they started attacking John Burkill and his green pram. They attacked an 80 year old man who has raised half a million quid for MacMillan. Absolute vermin! roger off Rangers.
  15. Next season kit

    That shirt is superb and it should come with matching accessories of obligatory TC Tash & Afro.... Winner!