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  1. stevie snerklebox

    Now the dust has settled...

    14th-16th. Wish I could be more optimistic but it will be hard to climb the table if we have to sell Reach, which in sure we will this month. FFP and all that.
  2. stevie snerklebox

    Who was the other bloke in technical area ?

    Megson I believe. Chris Evans was No.2 and Thompson was 1st team coach.
  3. stevie snerklebox

    Who was the other bloke in technical area ?

    Neil Thompson has been at Hillsborough in various coaching roles since 2011 and yet some people still don’t recognise him? WTF!!!
  4. stevie snerklebox

    Credit to the opposition

    Was he the lad who they sang about being 'one of their own'? I thought that he was excellent.
  5. stevie snerklebox

    Are We Going S*** Or Bust

    So that takes us potentially to -£56m. Therefore we'll have to demonstrate to the EFL by the time of the FFP review in March 2019, that we have or can demonstrate that we have the means to recoup £17m of that.
  6. stevie snerklebox

    1993: A few questions

    They did. Adams, Bould, Dixon, Winterburn. Paul Davies was the holding (Hutch like) midfielder. Incredibly disciplined back line pal.
  7. stevie snerklebox

    1993: A few questions

    Just going from memory pal. We certainly were nowhere near as dominant as we had been at Wembley.
  8. stevie snerklebox

    1993: A few questions

    Good questions pal. These are my thoughts...... The club at that time was very used to being in big game surroundings and we had some world class players... We'd won the league cup 2 seasons previously and then finished third in the top division the season after, plus had a little trip to Europe earlier in 92/93. We then went on a crazy run from early December, winning 7 straight Premier League games, interspersed with the two cup runs, just battering teams so whilst we were extremely excited by Wembley, we were now getting used to success. Bearing this in mind I would say that Cardiff 2005 & Wembley 2016 (for me) was more exciting because of the poor fayre that we'd had to endure post 1996, although the prizes on offer in 05 & 16 weren't as high a profile as what was there in 93. For me the 91 League Cup final was the rival to 2005 & 2016. For me, the pinnacle of that whole 1991-93 period was beating the blunts at Wembley - but we were never the same team or club after that game. If I'm being totally honest, the day after April 3rd 1993 was when we started to fall. We just never hit those standards again sadly. Arsenal played slightly fewer games than us that season as they weren't involved in Europe (4 games less I think). Post Wembley Semi, the Sheffield derby in the Premier League at Hillsborough (for me) just became a game that we simply didn't want to lose. They were well fired up for it but luckily we avoided defeat with a Paul Warhurst equalizer after they'd looked the slightly better side that game. Hillsborough crackled that night! For me the Derby game build ups then were just as horrible as they are now! The last league game at Hillsborough in 1992/3 was, as you say, against Arsenal. Both sides were pretty depleted post Coca-Cola final and the atmosphere was very relaxed, almost party like as the big one was still to come, and we couldn't lose both finals could we? For what it's worth I will never ever forgive Woods for that horrendous attempt at saving the Linighan header in the FA Cup Final replay. We had played so well to drag ourselves back into both the original staging and then the replay. It was heartbreaking to lose it like that. My pals and I travelled back from that in total silence, in fact the walk down Wembley Way after the game was like a scene from the holocaust - thousands of devastated people just shuffling along in silence in tears and disbelief at what they had seen. It was an amazing period in our 151 year history mate. #wawaw
  9. stevie snerklebox

    Red button tomorrow

    You may well be right then pal. Only going off what I've heard from Twitter.
  10. stevie snerklebox

    Red button tomorrow

    No it's not, there were six games on the red button on Boxing Day which was also a Bank Holiday. However, if people can make it tomorrow then £20 is a great price, but as per normal so many want stuff for nowt so I doubt very much that the gate will get past 28,000 & that's with 4,500 that Brum have sold.
  11. stevie snerklebox

    Are We Going S*** Or Bust

    This thread, what a joke. If we don't trade any players (in or out) before March 2019, we are running at -£54m against FFP/P&S for the three year window. Therefore we will already be £15m over the permissible 3 year loss which will inevitably bring embargo, fines, and quite possibly a points deduction. Unless Chansiri has some incredibly ingenious plan, I'd say we are already well and truly bust (and a little bit poo too). Let's not forget either that 12 days ago he put the club up for sale!
  12. stevie snerklebox

    Chris Turner

    Nope.... Danny Wilson by an absolute country mile mate.
  13. stevie snerklebox

    Festive home fixtures in the last 8-9 seasons

    Mamady Sidibe, it was at Reebok. Chucked it down all game. Typical Bolton weather :
  14. Is it just me or do we seem to consistently get away fixtures over Christmas? For the life of me, since the big freeze farce of 2010 when the stadium had more burst pipes than good, I can only recall two home Boxing Day fixtures since then - against Blackpool in 2014 and Birmingham in 2015. Also why do the EFL give teams back to back home fixtures on 26th and 29th? Surely it would be fairer to give the away fans from Boxing Day a home fixture 3 days later?
  15. stevie snerklebox

    First ten league fixtures of 2019

    Not a bad run of fixtures that. Hopefully we can go on decent little run to kick off 2019.