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  1. Murphy kept plugging away so he gets my vote. Though Windass was excellent too, also Iorfa. The rest were utter pap
  2. He had us 3rd on 22/12/19 mate. We weren't brilliant then but we were methodical and pragmatic. Now it appears to me that this same core group of players (who have thrown 3 previous managers under the bus), have simply downed tools. You cannot legislate for the wicked deflection for the first yesterday but the other two goals are absolutely avoidable.
  3. The reason, as we already know mate.... SYP, SCC, SAG.... They want us out of Hillsborough. There is an agenda here... stinks.
  4. Well if that's the case then let's get rid of them in the January window. I don't want anyone in my club who feels sorry for themselves, least of all the overpaid ones!
  5. Joey was excellent. We didn't miss Hutchinson and Joey is far more mobile than Sam.
  6. No amount of stat shufflin' is going to get this group into the top 6 I'm afraid.
  7. This isn't about us winning the league or getting ahead of ourselves, it's about singing the praises of a player who has been outstanding for us for the last 18 months.
  8. Kieren Lee v Brizzle. August 2016 #scenes 3-2 after being 0-2 down.
  9. Ditch the Donkey term mate, its immature, its wrong, and its extremely disrespectful. The rest of your post is bang on the money though.
  10. Him, Bannan, and Lee for that matter. Surely Luongo must get a run now?
  11. Since that knee was fixed in the Summer of 2018, Fletch has been top class.
  12. I'm absolutely certain that GM will have pointed that out to him.
  13. I was merely responding to Hootie's rather depressing post regarding the several "dickings" that we received at the hands of the Toffees in the 80's.... By the way I'd welcome being barred by any pub that sells John Smiths Smooth mi lord. It's rat wee wee.
  14. For the first time in his entire Wednesday career, I actually think that he made a difference to us when he came on (goal or no). Long may it continue!
  15. Reach will never EVER be as bad as Murphy was today. If I were Reach I would take your post as a massive insult.
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