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  1. For me there is very little point in selling him to Norwich if he is happy to come back to S6. The money horse has already bolted with Rhodes. Any sale to Norwich would be for a pittance compared to what we've already lost on him so we may as well keep him and see if SB can get him back firing.
  2. So sorry to hear about your loss mate. I hope that the club can help.
  3. We will lose money on Winnall. He's on 18k a week and scored four or five goals for us in nearly three years. Add that to the fact that he was palmed off to Derby in exchange for the hapless Butterfield so in my book that makes his signing nothing short of disastrous. I reckon that we wil be lucky to get £750k for him. If you include the £2m he's cost us in wages we will lose money on Winnall even if someone actually takes him of our hands.
  4. Fulham didn't already have six forwards though.
  5. Andy Robertson & Jarrod Bowen are two that spring to mind.
  6. That's the Blunts small club mentality for you mate. Put simply, SWFC are older, bigger, and better.
  7. So sorry for your loss.... fly with highest of angels fellow owl x
  8. If there is one striker that we absolutely must keep this summer it's Steven Fletcher. He's been excellent all season in my opinion. If he stays fit during the early part of 2019/2020 I'd look to extend by another year provided that suitable adjustments could be made to his salary.
  9. No. We should never EVER play a local team in pre season again after what happened at Mansfield. It's just not worth it. Local clubs and their fans hate us and I'm fine with that but nothing good ever comes out of playing these clubs on a "friendly" basis.
  10. I don't rate Nuhiu but I'd get rid of Rhodes and Winnall before him!
  11. Not really bothered where pre season takes us as long as it's well away from South Yorkshire & North Nottinghamshire. The small minded hatred that these clubs and their fans have for us means that nothing good ever comes out of such games.
  12. I got your joke mate..... and I've got kids! Some people on here just love a flounce tho!
  13. I would suggest that the deals we did for Winnall & Rhodes were BOTH shocking. Ridiculous signings that simply weren't needed. We needed pace, width, and physical presence and we got nothing for the best part of £10.5m in transfer fees and sixty grand a week wages between those two chumps.
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