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  1. I think Penney (as long as he comes back ok from this shoulder issue) will be more than good enough for a first team squad place. Really felt for the lad when Luhukay pushed him into midfield. The man ruined more players than he made.
  2. Why do folks let themselves down by slagging players off on here? Pelupessy did a good job in place of Hutch today. Brainless post.
  3. Probably need to stick with Nuhiu up top with Fletcher. Winnall barely managed 25 minutes before he started blowing out of his rrrrse so he certainly can't start. Joao done for the season apparently and no Fessi. Lets just hope that Hoops isn't too far away. Come back Jordan!
  4. I said the same about Norwich & Blunts this season pal
  5. Any wind over 20mph will usually make it very difficult to fly a commercial UAV mate. The technology is good but wind (and rain) ain’t good for drones. Probably another scare tactic from plod.
  6. He had a reyt run in with Hirst at Hillsborough when he played for Cov. Hacked Hirst down so Hirst squared up to him. Pearce then stuck the nut on him, Hirst ran off and ref did nowt! Ahh the 90's, when football WAS football!!!
  7. Since he had his knee fixed up last year Fletch has been absolutely outstanding. Playing arguably the best football of his career.
  8. I think I'll miss 6 games. Not really done the maths yet but I could do without spunking £455 in one hit for a ST next month anyway mate. £50 on a membership then match tickets twice a month just feels a bit more do-able.
  9. Other than the ones right at the start and 2-3 at the tail end of the season I'll be going to them all mate so a membership is the best way I reckon.
  10. Due to other commitments in August, September, and April I'm only going for a membership next season. Hopefully the memberships are pegged at £50 with a nice discount on match tickets attached. It'll be nice not having to cough up nearly £500 up front for the ST.
  11. Lets be honest. Before his great performance against the u23 blunts was anyone on here pushing for his inclusion into the first team? No. So there is your answer. Luhukay nearly destroyed our kids by chucking them in way too soon so lets engage brain this time please.
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