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  1. Championship Form Tables - Home and Away

    It has all the hallmarks of Wolves when Dean Saunders managed them. I always remember his first press conference..... “I’m confident of getting us into the playoffs”.... 5 months later they were in League 1.
  2. 50 points

    Me too matey. Luckily that bottom four are also a shambles but we will get dragged into that mix very quickly if we lose to the dingles next week.
  3. Championship Form Tables - Home and Away

    Probably season 2000/1 under Jewell, until Shreeves saved us.
  4. Championship Form Tables - Home and Away

    Oh my days. Even worse then matey. Tough times.
  5. Championship Form Tables - Home and Away

    It’s one win in fourteen. It’s extremely worrying.
  6. Giddings.....

    I went to the game and I’ve just seen the highlights reel this morning. Giddings & Staton did sound somewhat disappointed every time we scored. I don’t listen to the live commentaries any more if I can’t get to the game. BBC RS sport has never been the same since Paul Walker (and he’s a pig), and Seth Bennett left. And I’d rather boil my head in a VAT of hot tar than listen to the idiots that call Football Heaven.
  7. Big Ian

    Sad news, RIP fellow Owl x
  8. I also neglected to add that core strength and stamina massively help the prevention of injuries too. Stronger athletes are able to withstand minor niggles much easier. We have a whole 1st XI injured, it isn’t rocket science.
  9. Absolutely, but fitness is not just cardiovascular (recovering from a quick run/sprint), it’s also about core fitness, strength, and stamina built up over a proper pre-season, and this is the sort of thing that really worries me about us. We are (Hutch aside) weak in the tackle and we run out of steam after 15 minutes allegedly because we’ve played twice in 4 days.
  10. It is to a point, and when Bully says we were leggy after 15mins cos we had 2 games in 4 days I read that as us not recovering quickly enough. Why? Because we aren’t fit enough.
  11. Were we better off under Mandaric?

    Before you become “confident we’ll be promoted within the next 2 seasons” take a look at the league table and then google Wolves under Dean Saunders.
  12. Were we better off under Mandaric?

    I’m hurting, what’s your excuse?
  13. Were we better off under Mandaric?

    Strongly disagree pal. I’m a long suffering fan of 40 odd years and all of a sudden we have money. I am one of the pre-Chansiri 23k and I want success right now. To make a mess of this opportunity would be absolutely criminal. But we are!
  14. CEO, DoF Required Now

    Sheet advice pal, nowt to do with accounts