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  1. Not working on my iptv either, every other match is fine
  2. That is sort of reminding me of the 91 shirt with the lettering through the blue stripes, wonder if it'll have the flash on the sleeve. Could be possible as it seems like Macron are going down down the retro shirt look this season
  3. The Waddle game, beating West ham 5-0, couldn't have asked for a better birthday present
  4. I've seen everything they have in the shop, and let me tell you, besides the kit, that's exactly where it's staying
  5. Looks like Pulis is going for a different style, either that or the shop is out of baseball caps
  6. RIP Jack. A true legend in every sense. Thanks for the memories with Wednesday and Ireland. You will be sorely missed
  7. Players reacted alot quicker in the box and anticipated 2nd balls/rebounds better than what we do for last few years, and it showed with with the amount of goals we got from it, all be it the defending wasn't great
  8. I hope its true, would love to see the Wednesday here
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