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  1. domSWFC

    Two full backs needed

    I agree. I also think this is why Pelupessey looks lost. No matter how much he tries to close down, any team can bypass him by playing it past him down the wing. Both full backs offer nothing going forward, but yet are never to be seen in defence.
  2. domSWFC

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    A positive I can take from the game is the loyalty of our players. With how things are going, you'd expect people to step up their performance to try and impress, so they can earn themselves a move away. No one has shown that.
  3. domSWFC

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Palmer and Pudil on for Joao and Reach at half time. Both shocking and not sticking to the game plan. On 3 or 4 occasions they kicked the ball forwards in that half.
  4. domSWFC

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Really surprised Jos contained his excitement. Fully expected him to do a Klopp a run on the pitch.
  5. domSWFC

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    It's good to see we are playing to our strengths. Our defence has been immense this season so you can't blame us for playing defensive football, against a very very strong team.
  6. domSWFC

    The 'Technical Area'

    "Linesman!! If a potato became a cherry in the sea he'd be offside" Carlos never really understood analogies.
  7. With our current financial predicament, and our disused technical area could we cash in on a unique match day experience? For a premium, a small party of fans get to stand in the technical area shouting support and encouragement to the team. A better view, and being aloud to stand. Win win in my eyes. I've noticed the away team technical area is often occupied by the opposing manager, so this would only be available to home fans. Chansiri, you're welcome for this money spinning idea.
  8. domSWFC

    Birmingham Tickets

    They need to knock another £30 off those ticket prices to make it value for money. Just charge the away fans more with the promises of lots of goals.
  9. Should Jos go, would Rhodes be in the plans of a future manager, or is he the key to us holding off FFP? With Norwich top of the league and Rhodes never successfully holding a starter spot in the Premier League maybe we are hoping for a demise in their form to try and make a sale on Rhodes. Should Rhodes be sold, for a decent Fee, (I'd imagine we'd recuperate most of our outlay on him) and high earners contracts set to expire in the summer could we have another go at chasing promotion? Maybe we won't be able splash out on transfer fees, but could we be in a position to attract a higher quality of loanees and free agents?
  10. domSWFC

    Ian Holloway

    I'd like him. Very passionate and likes to play attacking football. As Wilder shows at the lane, getting at teams from the off in this league can catch a lot of teams off guard. Holloway would have the likes of Forestieri, Joao and Matias thriving with more freedom. I remember him being a pundit for the Brighton Playoff semi at home. At half time on the way back up to the box, he came and was bouncing with us on the end of the North Stand.
  11. Not sure how we'd set up with that line up. Reach on the left possibly? It would make sense in Jos's eyes to put an effective attacking player further away from the opponents area.
  12. After winning, and keeping a clean sheet we are bound to make changes. So what do you think will be the line-up/what would you like the line up to be? Predicted: What I'd like to see:
  13. Wouldn't it be good if football clubs that got millions upon millions of pounds decided to not make people who only get hundreds of pounds, have to pay hundreds of pounds to take their working class family to watch millionaires play football.
  14. Fox to score an own goal, then to become a crowd favourite and player of the season like Lewis Buxton.
  15. domSWFC


    Hate to say it, but with how things are going of late, I think both Forestieri and Matias will play and it will be too early for them, and push their recovery back further/worsen the injury. Its only one game. We shouldn't rush them back and sacrifice them for a prolonged period.