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  1. Awful half, absolutely dominated. How it's 2-2 I'll never know. Hopefully that means we can take something from that and push on in the second half with some positive changes.
  2. Huge huge game today. If he plays Forestieri on his own up top and plays it long he needs sacking. As simple as that. We can't play long ball with Wickham and Nuhiu, so if that's his plan today he's completely lost the plot.
  3. 442 Iorfa Borner Lees Palmer Harris Lee Bannan Murphy Pelupessey Forestieri Changed my mind, 4-0 Wednesday Joey hatrick.
  4. Would be very happy to see a goal today. Be nice if we attacked at some point. Might be asking too much, but hope to see some tactics and a game plan instead of the usual hit and hope we've been seeing. 4-0 Brum
  5. Someone has been drinking too much Elev8
  6. I'm all in for positivity! It will be men against boys! Borner, Iorfa, Fletcher, warriors of men. Hatrick for their 16 year old kid.
  7. Westwood and Hutchinson need to get out of the club, no doubt. But we are paying them until the end of the season. They might be disruptive and not get on with Monk, but like a Savage, Barton, Nolan etc they are characters you need in the trenches. Monk says he knows what a winning dressing room needs. Drops players from it, and we continue to lose against the worst sides in the league. Out of respect for the fans, all should put their egos to the side and keep us up.
  8. We get to play against one of the best teams in Europe, with one of the best finishers around, and the best creative midfielder in the world soon. Live on BBC, for the entire nation to watch.
  9. We have built a Fortress, around the opposition net.
  10. Thing is, he doesn't know how to play long ball. He tries, but it's not working. It's hit and hope, aimless, toothless and a complete disgrace. Rather see us lose playing attacking open football. It's painful to watch us lose in this manner.
  11. Needs a new contract and payrise, maybe it will lift his spirits and up his game.
  12. He's managing a taxi firm and a energy drink business. Don't think he's got the time.
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