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  1. With the current situation regarding Coronavirus, I've decided to take extra precautions. I will be going to the match, but I'll arrive for the second half when we are already 4-0 down and everyone has left. Get to miss the pasting and avoid the crowds, but still get a break from the misses.
  2. So basically it's Monk's decision on whether to make the decision to include Bates, and his decision was to decide he isn't good enough. And that's his decision.
  3. I bet Hutchinson has made more tackles this season Pelupessey.
  4. In my opinion, I don't care what Hutchinson is like off the pitch. He could be an absolute weapon, or he could be a delightful man. What I care about is how he is on the pitch. And I've never not seen him give his all. He'll pick up bookings and he might get injuries, but he's always in the battle, and that's what we've missed. Monk should put personal issues with any player aside if it brings better results on the pitch.
  5. Why? Managers out of jobs are usually sacked for being too good, so they are released to find a better club.
  6. Chris Waddle, great player but awful grammar.
  7. Chansiri, give him what he wants. We all saw the line up and saw this coming, so Monk must have to. Any positives from the City game were thrown out of the window. Goodbye Gary Monk.
  8. My god, how Da Cruz keeps his place but Wildsmith doesn't baffles me.
  9. Would love to see Iorfa sitting just infront of the defence to let the midfield get a bit higher up field. This would be my line up.
  10. Our form has been dire. Our play has been a dreadful, unorganised, desperate mess with no sort of plan or structure. Hitting it forward and hoping a lone striker with no support can work a miracle . But last night, is that a glimpse of what's to come? A solid, organised back 4, all of whom looked for the short ball. A team that looks to build, and to play. Yes, we didn't look to pose a threat, but we were playing one of the best teams in the world, who pick quality teams apart. I was very pleased to finally see something to go forward with. Play like that every week, and throw in a bit more adventure going forward and we'll be fine. Fletcher in that team, against Championship sides will bring Forestieri and Murphy into the game more to be dangerous. And on a final note, a sentence I never thought I'd say. Pelupessey was almost, if not equally as effective last night as De Bruyne was for City.
  11. Honestly, watched Will Ferrell at Soccer Aid and he had a better touch. How he wasn't subbed instead of Forestieri I'll never know.
  12. I think that was a very positive performance. We defended well and stayed solid as a unit. We found a replacement for Westwood as #1. We played out from the back and looked to build. Murphy megged Otamendi, Borner skilled Silva and Bannan did a filthy skill past Mahrez. All nice to see. Iorfa is an absolute unit. Should be our holding midfielder. Pace, power and looks to pass forward.
  13. Cruz reminds me of JJ without the pace or skills.
  14. No Bruyne or Ederson. They are there for the taking with that shambolic line up. 3-0 Wednesday
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