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  1. His comments regarding wanting the job seem more resigned tonight, maybe that is a indication something else is in the works, or he's been given a target to achieve to make it his.
  2. Harris could miss the bus to the match and still make it on to the end of a Bannan through ball.
  3. With players like Harris, Murphy, and Reach we're always going to have a bit of threat to create a chance which could win us the game. But tactically, we don't seem to have enough ideas to suss teams out. Millwall and Luton largely nullified us. The more games we play, the more teams know about us too, so doing so could become easier. That's my biggest worry. But then on the other side, we have scraped a couple of wins against opponents setting up like this, maybe the more ambitious teams who come to play, may play into our hands more. For me, I think it's time to get in a permanent manager.
  4. Palmer and Fox making it difficult to decide who to play at LB, and for positive reasons. Who'd have thought that early last season! Well done to the both of them.
  5. Harris is the fastest man I've ever seen.
  6. Just watching us, you can tell the players want to play for Bullen. You can see we have dangerous, talented players. But when teams set up right, stay organised and contain us I don't think Bullen has the nous to suss teams out. We may go on to win this, but if Millwall and Luton can nullify us, I think the more games we play, the more teams will research and figure is out.
  7. Think we'll see a fair few changes today, can't see Hutchinson and Lee playing two games in a week this early into the season with Fitness levels still on the rise. Wouldn't be surprised to see Odubajo play at home as he offers more going forward that Iorfa in my opinion. Predicting something like:
  8. I think this is the sort of feisty game that suits Iorfa, Luongo and Forestieri. I'd like to see something like this:
  9. Sol Campbell comes sliding into 7/2 on Sky Bet
  10. Waiting for a Nixon update "Sol Campbell could be in line for the SWFC Job. No approach yet made which means he might not get the job, or if offered he could accept or reject. So to summarize, he could get the job, or someone else could, or he could get a job elsewhere. "
  11. So happy to have Lee back. But after so long out I'd be so gutted for him to get injured again. Millwall are a combative team, I wouldn't risk him. Odubajo has been improving but think Iorfa is a beast.
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