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  1. Would have liked to have seen Aarons start ahead of Boyd. But other than that, solid line up. Hope we get to see half an hour of Iorfa today too.
  2. I live in Cornwall, so booked a hotel in Manhattan for the night. Google maps seems to think it's 3k miles from the stadium so I'm assuming there is a few road diversions in place at the minute.
  3. domSWFC

    Starting 11 v Reading

    Why sign players if you don't play them Mr Carlos
  4. It's crazy that he's been here a couple of days, he's discovered if you play your better, more experienced players you play better. You can win matches, and keep clean sheets. It's almost as if, a top player who only manages 30 games a season and getting wins, is better than having weaker players, playing 50 games and losing every week. Bruce must be a wizard.
  5. domSWFC

    Bruce Bulletpoints

    Then why did we?
  6. domSWFC

    Bruce's 11?

    I think the pace will allow us to play higher up the field too. Our lack of pace has seen us have to sit in deep. Having players that have the pace to get back should let us play 10 yards higher, allowing us to play more aggressive and get in teams faces.
  7. domSWFC

    Team for Saturday

    I think Bruce will play 5 at the back. Fox has done enough to keep his place of late, but if Lazaar shows form when given the chance I think he'd be a more effective wing back. Hector, Iorfa and Lazaar would give our defence plenty of mobility, backed up by assertive, no nonsense defending of Thorniley and Lee's.
  8. domSWFC

    Why aren't we selling?

    I'm surprised we got loans at this stage. I understand the Iorfa signing, but not the loans. Bringing in players like Iorfa who are young, pacey and strengthen our weakest position is perfect. Get players like this in whilst we can, before the inevitable embargo. The loans could see us forced into a hard embargo and then leave offering us nothing. Maybe Chansiri hasn't given up on the playoffs yet, and this is one last push.
  9. domSWFC

    Bruce's 11?

    Scratch that. It was meant to be Westwood!
  10. Not the team for Saturday, but in general, what do we think will be the favoured 11 for Steve Bruce? I'd go:
  11. Allan Hutton and Ahmed Elmohammedy double swoop.
  12. domSWFC

    Bruce Bulletpoints

    Was interesting regarding Villa too. They are in the same situation but still splashing out high wages on impressive loan signings? Can they just go it, and if they don't gain promotion sell Grealish? Or have they gotten around it another way?
  13. domSWFC

    Bruce Bulletpoints

    I think Bruce didn't understand the no budget thing. He made it sound like he doesn't have a set budget, only a blank cheque book. But in actual fact, it means he's got nothing at all.