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  1. Why would anyone choose Miami over Sheffield?
  2. I don't know a great deal about him so I'm not expecting him to be a star. But he's still young, has experience at this level and adds more depth to a position we are seriously lacking. Could be a very shrewd signing, even just as a different option on the bench.
  3. Sol Campbell now rapidly dropped to odds on favourite at 1/4 on most sites Worrying signs if true. Thankfully I'm lying.
  4. It's always annoyed me, and I've never understood why players don't get booked for simulation when they are fouled. It's a yellow card for a dive, but why don't they book players for simulation when there is a foul, but they haven't been shot. If you're slightly clipped and given a freekick, but you are rolling round screaming to get a player booked, that's also simulation surely, so card them. Card Neymar before he even gets on the bus.
  5. Still no Penney. Was hoping Dele and Penney would get a start and try to force their way into the first team. Hopefully we aren't punished for risking our first teamers.
  6. Sign him up. That's the sort of manager I want. Win 7-4 one week, lose 6-3 the next.
  7. This season we've had gaps for a bus at the back, whilst having 11 men behind the ball (Under Monk and Pulis). At least attacking might be a bit entertaining
  8. Good first half all things considered. We can't be harsh on them for not getting a result today, they are working their socks off and battling for the shirt. That's all I can ask. First choice keeper out 5/6 centre backs out First choice midfielder out First choice striker off injured. I doubt any club in the division would handle an injury crisis like ours. (although we have many years experience of this) If we go on to lose, let's not berate them and drag them down. Get behind them, support them.
  9. Hopefully something is announced soon so we can crack on. Even if that means giving it Thompson, we don't have time to hang around.
  10. His FM21 stats. Looks like he could do a job.
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The last time we brought back the frozen out Westwood and Hutchinson, we got to 3rd. This time we won't have the time to let it slip. WE ARE GOING UP! SOMEONE GET THIS NURSE OFF ME! I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK TO THAT ROOM!
  12. I'd love to see him alongside Iorfa at the back with Lees or Borner.
  13. Hard work, togetherness, and some ambition to get forward. That first half, it gave us something to hold. The second half we did sit back, as usual, but we had something to sit back on. There's absolutely no point sitting back for 90 mins to defend a 0-0 and praying to the gods for a gift of a goal. That's all we want, nothing more. Work hard, and try to win the match. Nothing more.
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