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  1. That's how we have to look at it now. 2 games, and a 1 point gap on Derby, then prey Mini Pigs do us some favours. Just do better than Derby in these next two and last game of the season, it's down to us to beat them. It's in Rotherham's hands. But we have given ourselves a glimmer of hope.
  2. Sitting back on a 1-0 lead. Smart move, considering how well we've done this season with this exact tactic.
  3. With the formation of a new Super League, with teams selected based on size, not success surely there's a call for big teams to replace them. And as we all know, we are massive, so we should be first on the list to be promoted. 3 teams promoted, 3 teams picked. Welcome back to the Premier League Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest, Portsmouth
  4. --------------------- Wildsmith------------- --------------- Lees - Hutch - Borner ------ Harris - Pelupessey - Shaw - Hunt - Reach -------------- Kachunga - Green ----------- Get the relegation over and done with and prepare for next season.
  5. Yeah good point, completely forgot it was a loan.
  6. Hypothetically, should Uefa take action against the Super League teams and players banning them from playing in the tournament, who makes the cut? What is England's best 11 excluding all players from the "big 6"? For me : Pope Ayling Coady Mings Cresswell Sancho Ward Prowse Bellingham Grealish Lingard Vardy With Watkins, Madison, Rice, Phillips, Tarkowski, Barnes, Pickford making the bench
  7. Damn, we've been drilling it into our players it's "Bye wisdom and courage" Easy mistake
  8. With the rise in sporting docuseries in the last few years, which programme's would Wednesday make good entertainment on? I'd love to see us in an Undercover Boss episode. "Sheffield Wednesday sign veteran Thai forward with suspicious looking moustache and mullet to help bolster their struggling strikeforce" Or a fly on the wall series like the Amazon Prime Spurs documentary, detailing the "management" and "tactics" of Jos Luhkay"
  9. Obviously there isn't many that have shown the desire or talent to play in Championship (some haven't shown they should be professional footballers) For me, the only ones I'd like to see in our starting 11 next season are (if fit): Dunkley Iorfa Bannan In League One, I think Rhodes and Reach could be dangerous players, but I just feel the squad would could be improved and have better balance if their wages were spent improving the squad.
  10. I totally understand why Chansiri wasn't paying these guys.
  11. I think it depends how you look at it. 40 games a season seems good value for the purchase. But when you think you are also losing that player for free, seems a waste. Other than Jack Hunt, I don't think we've sold any first team player. Joao seemed like we got a decent fee for at the time, but if we'd given him a better chance, we'd be selling him for more than double. All of our important players leave on frees, either due to us signing them at latter stages of their career, or we give them inflated wages that we can't continue to pay.
  12. Abdi, Reach, Rhodes? Is that right? All bought for large fees, and it's looking likely that all of them will have finished their contracts to leave on frees. Almost £20m in transfer fees, and you'd expect all would have been among the top earners at the club. Is the transfer market where Chansiri has failed most?
  13. Last few games we've spread some nice cross field balls out to Palmer and his touch has been exceptional. Much improved part of his game.
  14. Fantastic performance from the lads today. Complete masterclass... But where has this quality, work rate and clinical finishing been all season? Are the lads showing they are willing to fight to keep us in the league? Or have they accepted we are down, and just don't want to play in League One, so playing for a move?
  15. Don't think he's anywhere near good enough. Any other player with a record like his would be playing non league. He's been stealing a wage wherever he's been just because Fergie said he was good 10 years ago. Time after time he's shown he's not got the attitude to work his way into a team and be consistent. Complete opposite of what we need if we have any chance of staying up. We need some fight, this lad doesn't have it.
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