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  1. I still think we should play 3 at the back. Flint in the centre being no nonsense, with Iorfa and Van Aken being more mobile and ball playing defenders either side of him.
  2. Paterson is a horrible footballer. Roughs up defenders then falls over when they give it back. Wins headers, and when he doesn't pressures the defender into giving away possession. Chases everything, just an absolute nightmare of a striker to play against. I love him already.
  3. Good half but nothing to show for our dominance. Harris has seen a lot of the ball but ran into blind alleys more often than not. Reach looks sharp, Van Aken looks a new signing. Kachunga has been quiet so far.
  4. Windass in the Brown role then, with Kachunga up top with Paterson.
  5. Feeling a debut goal to win it today. Flint from a set piece or Marriot on as a sub.
  6. We've got to stay 3 at the back now. We have 1 right back, and no left backs. Penney, Harris, Reach, Odubajo all can do a job as wing backs, but Palmer is our only solid defender.
  7. What's the issue with the pitch? Do you think it's down to players using the wrong studs? Are the ground staff watering it with baby oil? Is it a tactical move to make it difficult for opponents in the hope we can adapt to it over time? Is the pitch the reason we are picking up injuries? Why so many questions? Why can't I sleep at night? Is this why my wife left?
  8. I hope to god Paterson is up front. Reach on the wing please! But it wouldn't surprise me if he's RWB and Harris LWB. Reach up top.
  9. I'd like to see Paterson start along side Rhodes today. I think he's the sort of grafter, who causes problems to make things happen Rhodes to finish.
  10. Must say I'm really excited by this. End of November I expect to see the most glorious mustache Hillsborough has ever seen.
  11. Never rated him to be honest, but that could be down to never seeing him play or that I've never heard of him. Hopefully having Bannan in the side could help him settle, and provide translation to help with the language barrier.
  12. A strong Watford side kept us pretty quiet today, but you can see Rhodes looks much fitter and sharper than ever during his time here. He chased everything and has bought into the high press, defending from the front style we are implementing. Typical of the old Rhodes, even on a quiet game he popped up in the box and very nearly got a goal, from Brown's freekick. When he was subbed off, he didn't look disheartened like he has in the past. All the coaching staff high fived him and acknowledged his contribution and work ethic. A run of games i
  13. Wish my wife blew so much. ... Or at all.
  14. Aubamayang, Lacazette and Nketiah... I'd happily take Martinelli on loan
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