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  1. Makes Jay Bothroyd look like a work horse. All the talent, 0 application. But a true maverick.
  2. Could we just use the Carlos song song? "Monk had a dream, to build a football team, he had no players so he signed Osaze Urhoghide, We play 3 at the back, Dele Bashiru likes to have a crack We're Sheffield Wednesday, without Adthe Nuhiu in attack" Slides off the tongue.
  3. Huge huge improvement on the midfield department. Never seen him play, but if he's from City academy I'd be surprised if he couldn't improve us. If he doesn't look like he should be stacking shelves in LIDL, and looks like a professional footballer I'll be very happy. Best signing since Rhodes. Welcome Dele and good luck.
  4. If Bannan was half as good as commentators make him out to be we'd be in the playoffs.
  5. 3rd place before New year to 8th points off relegation and potentially taking us down. Monk simply has to go.
  6. I'd be strangely impressed if we managed to be much worse than that in the second half.
  7. Should we, (and let's hope we don't) go down would there be any positives? Lighten to wage load, higher earners leaving. Talented youngsters such as Hunt, Penney, Urgohide, Shaw, Brennan given more chance to develop. Da Cruz if he signed too maybe. Rebuild for a more sustainable future. Obviously this is all hypothetical, there's no guarantee that those players develop, no guarantee we don't get injuries, and certainly no guarantee we simply bounce back up without a hiccup. If we went down, would you be confident of a brighter future? If we stay up will we be aiming to consolidate at this level for a while?
  8. Turn on your sarcasm detector Alan.
  9. 7-0 at half time, I'd be calling up to get my cardboard cut out folded down for the 2nd half.
  10. Seen the 7th goal, not a fan in sight. Don't blame them to be fair.
  11. Before the break he looked lost and out of his depth. Maybe that was the pressure of playing infront of the fans. But since the restart he's looked sharp, quick, has a bit of skill and has that rare corner technique we haven't seen in a while where it goes past the first man but not out for a throw in.
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