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  1. Happy birthday to the brick shithouse - Emerson Thome
  2. Ryan Giggs has gone and got himself a bit confused in his autobiography – he seems to think that Stuart Pearce played for Wednesday in the 90’s!! How he got Andy Pearce and Stuart Pearce mixed up I have no idea! Andy was clearly a far more gifted footballer than his namesake!
  3. Another class SWFC related design from Bands FC
  4. You've taken this to another level! Surely even the bravest pig wouldn't eat from that disgusting bag!?
  5. Limited edition Hula Hoops to celebrate his U23 comeback!
  6. Sometimes I stay awake at night thinking about very important matters Like……what on earth were Walkers crisps thinking back in 1999 when they failed to include Rudi Salted, along with the Owen and Lineker novelty bags. It’s a disgrace, something I’ll probably never get over FFS
  7. I know the one you mean, had a quick search but couldn't find it. Your best bet is to have a look through some old programmes. I did find the adverts below - those were the days..........when we were class
  8. An onlooker said “Bruce looked dapper in his Honolulu gear, he seems to be a natural when it comes to fashion modelling”!
  9. Coming soon ~ Club Honolulu Pay £500 now, and receive a free Hawaiian shirt when we reach the Premier League!! Or did I get confused!?
  10. So many football songs are generic these days, supporters copying each other’s chants – but in Honolulu Wednesday I feel like we have a truly original and unique football song. I hope nobody is going to tell me we actually stole this chant from another club!!? I believe it was originally a Laurel & Hardy song back in the 1930's. It's been around a while, but can anyone remember when we started singing it, does anybody recall when they first heard it? Anyway, a recent trip to the shops inspired me to design a Honolulu Hoodie. Would anyone be interested in one of these?
  11. This is purely hypothetical; I know that SWFC won’t be changing the club badge anytime soon, and I would personally prefer we went back to the simple classic Owl we ditched a few years back. But I was thinking, if in the future we were to use something different what might it look like. Say SWFC ran a competition to design a new club badge/logo what would you want it to look like? The current logo (although historical) is in no way imposing. It doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of our opponents. So with this in mind I’ve designed something that is a little more menacing! What are your thoughts? How would you feel about seeing this lit up on the back of the Kop? Does anyone else fancy having a go at designing a new SWFC logo? UTO
  12. Not true - yesterday I was planning to photoshop Brian Laws head onto Elle Macpherson's body, but I just couldn't fit it in!
  13. Is this more to your liking? Although he seems to be morphing into the Terminator!
  14. You are entirely correct with this observation. He may not be Scottish, but he is ready for battle. I'm also told he likes to paint his face occasionally.......perhaps.
  15. For me the Ipswich game really showed real fight and steel – under many previous managers we would have crumbled after missing all those chances. Instead, under Bruce we fought on and got the winner. It seems like Steve Bruce has already begun instilling a stronger mentality in the squad, hopefully a winning mentality. I really feel like we are ready for the battle of the championship – all thanks to Bruceheart! #believeinsteve
  16. @asteener1867 my dear chap – you cannot underestimate the power of the Cult of Megson. We will never be defeated – the respect myself and my fellow Cult members have for Megson cannot be switched off – we are Lifetime Members. As player, manager and Wednesdayite Gary Megson has always proven himself a legend. The Cult is 100% behind Steve Bruce, we truly hope he brings us success – the early signs are very good – like Megson we only want the best for Sheffield Wednesday.
  17. #believeinsteve we really are on our way.
  18. Inspired by our resident rapper @Aran Is this how Steve Bruce and the boys will be getting to Ipswich!? The Championship better watch out – Bruce will soon be on the loose! #believeinsteve
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