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  1. I also suggested the club make some of these for away days and special occasions (weddings!?), but they weren't interested.
  2. FYI – 2 of my t-shirt designs are now available in the Owl’s Megastore and online shop. These designs were first seen on Owlstalk! I know @HOOTIE AND THE poo TU likes a t-shirt! Anyway, I just thought I’d let people know. UTO
  3. Happy birthday to the brick shithouse - Emerson Thome
  4. Ryan Giggs has gone and got himself a bit confused in his autobiography – he seems to think that Stuart Pearce played for Wednesday in the 90’s!! How he got Andy Pearce and Stuart Pearce mixed up I have no idea! Andy was clearly a far more gifted footballer than his namesake!
  5. Another class SWFC related design from Bands FC
  6. You've taken this to another level! Surely even the bravest pig wouldn't eat from that disgusting bag!?
  7. Limited edition Hula Hoops to celebrate his U23 comeback!
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