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  1. In all my wisdom I planned a trip to Austria with my last night here being the first leg of the playoffs. Any Owls fans in the city or know anywhere that will be showing the match on TV?
  2. That Forest game was the first match I ever went to. I was 6. Set me up nicely for a lifetime of disappointment,
  3. Got this done about 2 weeks ago. Might put a better picture once it's fully healed. Not a traditional football tattoo but Wednesday inspired nonetheless.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMTktrNz_LI&feature=player_embedded Still made more noise than most grounds in England these days..
  5. I'm sure I remember seeing the purple on as well. Surely just a one match thing...
  6. Vancouver over here, though not sure for how much longer...
  7. Surely there's pubs in Kits that will be showing it?
  8. We should try and get all of us together somewhere and watch it. Three Lions on Broadway has Setanta I believe....
  9. SWFC 0 - 3 Nttm Forest May 5, 1990 I was 7 years old and went with my uncle, my dad and his uncle. I vividly remember the scores of the Luton - Derby match being announced and the roar going through the stadium when Derby scored. I think if Luton lost they got relegated instead of us? They won 3-2 and we went down. What a great start to being a Wednesday supporter...
  10. These are all just awful. Geohay's is the only one that doesn't look like it was done in prison. And who books an appointment without knowing what the want to get done? I don't have high hopes for how this is going to turn out...
  11. Some youngsters released in the summer which deserve a trial at the very least: Thomas Cruise - Arsenal Harry Forrester - Aston Villa Arsenio Halfhuid - Aston Villa Robin Shroot - Birmingham Sam Hutchinson - Chelsea Michael Woods - Chelsea Nikola Saric - Liverpool Holmar Eyjolfsson - West Ham All youth internationals who would cost us nothing, can't see how they wouldn't be worth a pop.
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