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  1. I'm disappointed with Sedgewick as a signing - he was useless last night and didn't pose any threat to Chezzy, the only attacking intent we had from the right was when Buxton was looking for the overlap.
  2. Owls_that

    Wednesday vs Chesterfield

    If they've not won in years, then hillsborough's the place where records are broken! Wed 1-2 chezzy...
  3. Owls_that

    Most Random Wednesday player

    Ndumbu-Nsungo - came from nowhere, got ten goals! Barry Corr - youth prodigy Jaun Cobain Stuart Ripley - past his sell by date when he joined us
  4. Sounds like their talking about loans to me if their not buying shares. This would mean Lee & Nick would still have control of the club.