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  1. Understand Rowett and Houghton share same agent. Could he be playing both ends against the middle?? Better contract for one or the other???
  2. Only goes up to Bein10 on Mobdro...are you sure 13 akbuk?
  3. I am 72. Left Sheffield in 1971. Have lived all over the country since. Currently in Cheshire. Had 2 season tickets all that time for me and my wife. Will I renew next year...of course I will God willing. Seen worse times than this. WAWAW.
  4. Never want to see Lucas Joao in a Wednesday shirt again..total waste of space..not interested.
  5. Anyone know where I can watch the game in New York???
  6. Cheers all I can now sleep at night!! Confused of Barcelona.
  7. Sorry to be a pain but is this match Tuesday 15 or Wednesday 16.. my 2 fixture lists show different dates!!
  8. Sorry if I missed it but official site says first friendly in Albufeira not Portimao. Can anyone confirm this? Don't want to turn up at wrong venue!!
  9. Sorry if Pope is dead but when is new kit released..in need of birthday present!!
  10. Pigs Head Burgau Algarve. Owner staunch Unitedite. All football club shirts on wall bar one...ours!! Hope he doesn't have a smile on his face at full time!!
  11. How about words to songs on giant screen ..excluding expletives I guess..works at pantomime!!
  12. Thought this might be useful for Owlstalkers and CC Estamos todas quarta-feira que nao estamos...WAWAW
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