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  1. Think he fits in better in a back 4 rather than back 3.
  2. I know Trevor really well.....he now delivers our parcels....:)
  3. We need to plough some money into the scouting system, every other team seems to find gems from the lower leagues apart from us, we always pay premium prices for players who are generally on large wages, when did we last pick up a player from the lower leagues and make good money on them?That team we dislike across the city do this type of thing season in/out, scouring the lower leagues getting players on average wages that put in 100% for club and manager.
  4. To be honest he's played ok for the last couple of months......what about all the other time he's been here....if we get an offer, offload another one..
  5. Newcastle at home......lets give Bruce a proper reception........
  6. I think we need a striker who is going to put away 20+ goals for us this season if we are going to make a proper push at going up or making the play off.Look at Norwich last season they had Pukki who shot them to the premier league, is there anyone out there who you think we could seriously go and get and do a proper jog for us, seeing as now we are putting the balls into the right place.
  7. Do you not think we maybe too bigger club for them?.......Nathan Jones=Stoke??
  8. I need just 1 x Reading ticket now as a member off here has sorted 1 out for me........PLEASE get in touch if you have 1 spare. Thanks.
  9. As title says....2 x tickets wanted for Saturday, please get in touch with what you have. Thanks in advance.
  10. Do you think Bruce will come back and try and sign any of our players for NUFC?
  11. I'd be lining Chris Hughton up straight away as replacement if he went.
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