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  1. I need just 1 x Reading ticket now as a member off here has sorted 1 out for me........PLEASE get in touch if you have 1 spare. Thanks.
  2. As title says....2 x tickets wanted for Saturday, please get in touch with what you have. Thanks in advance.
  3. Do you think Bruce will come back and try and sign any of our players for NUFC?
  4. I'd be lining Chris Hughton up straight away as replacement if he went.
  5. Why wasn't this posted out earlier....would have loved to go over and gone to this game same place as before when we played fc Braga.....????
  6. R.I.P........Lets hope the lads have 1/2 as much courage as you had over the years......god bless. XX
  7. Tough ball holding midfielder.........would love Bradley Johnson from Derby, everyone hates him when he plays against you......but have him in your side different matter completely.
  8. Nothing against the lad....but not in any way good enough for us....we need to look higher in quality...also Liam Palmer needs replacing with better quality.
  9. Theres a young lad at Coventry Tom Bayliss, watched him a few times very promising young central midfield player, might be worth a punt??
  10. Think its a good move rather than giving him silly money on a long deal......see what he becomes then negotiate later on down the line,SWFC using their heads for once.
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