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  1. Just a saying pal......and to be honest on looking at that he made himself look 6' 6" tall compared to our frail little (defender) ....who looked like 5' 5"
  2. For me if we have any chance at all of stopping up........a game like this is a MUST win to say we haven't won a game at home for 8 months also.
  3. This game to me is an absolute must win game if we are to stay up in the championship.We have shown some good football in other games so hopefully can bring some players back and give it everything to bring 3 points home. Whats everyone else's thoughts on this game?
  4. R.I.P........Great stuff SWFC......
  5. Because Toney is their main threat in the box nothing to do with height............dumb thread??....why reply....goodnight.
  6. End of the day Dawson is not a number 1 at all......
  7. Can someone please explain to me why Odubajo was marking Toney for the corner and not Flint.......always thought big for big??............would have thought would maybe have handled it a little better than MO, also sorry to pick on MO why does he insist on giving the ball away so much in easy situations?
  8. Keifer Moore was a steal at 1.5m..............thats the type of player needed strong and athletic, there must be this type in the lower leagues that we could take a punt on, every other team gets one and makes money on them...............we are always the club that other clubs make money from, needs to change.
  9. Think he fits in better in a back 4 rather than back 3.
  10. I know Trevor really well.....he now delivers our parcels....:)
  11. We need to plough some money into the scouting system, every other team seems to find gems from the lower leagues apart from us, we always pay premium prices for players who are generally on large wages, when did we last pick up a player from the lower leagues and make good money on them?That team we dislike across the city do this type of thing season in/out, scouring the lower leagues getting players on average wages that put in 100% for club and manager.
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