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  1. The EFL STRIKES AGAIN. Do they have any idea what damage these Draconian sanctions course , and do they even care. Why don't they go after the perpetrators / rule breakers. ? Would you expect a family member to be penalised for your wrong doing ? Are they so devoid of ideas that they need to penalise the fan base and the players for something they have no control over. ? We have seen this happen time and time again, do they have any imagination ? Time they had a major re think.
  2. How about fast forward to 90 mins, save us all the heartache ?
  3. Great bloke and a great footballer. One of the old school, always immaculately turned out and a well mannered and modest man. Had the pleasure of meeting him when he came and handed out some awards one evening. "broke the mould" never truer.
  4. Sadly I think it's the nature of the beast. Can a leopard change it's spots. Never seen it.
  5. I think we can add Barnsley to that ever growing list too.
  6. So we have a manager who tells his players to intentionally injure the opponent. The player who commits the offense and a ref who sees it and fails in his job. We now have an injured player who is unable to contribute to our effort to stay in this division. No action is taken. How can this be right ?
  7. Exeter could do well out of this then , me and a couple more may switch
  8. I noticed Hutch gave a genuine arm around chat and well done to J.R. last night. Not just a half hearted fist bump and walk away . Man manager in the making. ?
  9. Thanks for that 31 Dec. Lovely tribute to a lovely man who had so much going for him. Legend does not cover it.
  10. Well said Nev. I well remember him saying to me how vindictive the FA were, not even letting him train youngsters for free in the local park.That really hurt him. My mate , well in to his 80's was an army PTI with him and he tells me a few wild stories of army life as it was. Used to stand on the kop and watch him in delight.
  11. I have a copy which was signed for me with a picture of him signing it . His last few years have been painful for all. I sat and talked to him in a friends house a few years back. A genuine ordinary guy with a wicked sense of humour who was badly treated IN MY VEIW by the F.A. A silly moment ruined his and a few others lives.He will always be a hero and legend to me. RIP Peter
  12. Tried joining SWSWSWSUPPORTERS but will not accept me if not on Face Book. - No chance with that - sorry.
  13. Add to it the phrase ""Starlet", what's wrong with great prospect or talented
  14. got to agree , great club who deserve a bit of a run at this competition
  15. Allardyce trying it on. 5 mill Sam you left a few 0 off.
  16. He loves us and it's mutual after we showed our class and clapped him off his last game. Still remember that day.
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