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    A wise old OWL sat in an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he'd see.
    How I wish that OWL was me.

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  1. madfan

    EFL ifollow

    ifollow are stealing our money
  2. madfan

    EFL ifollow

    If you manage to get on - I hope you don;t get it cutting out every 2/3 mins like me . Totally disapeared now
  3. Now look what you've done.Six pages of cheesy jokes
  4. Would agree 100% . Just not sure about the frock.
  5. Cheeky sods asking for £10 what's that about ?
  6. madfan


    no pictures today AGAIN
  7. The Milk on my corn flakes just went off. You should publish a warning before showing scary pics.
  8. madfan

    Luhukay's last game today

    Please send me a bottle of what ever you are on.
  9. Bigger crowd than the FA cup match
  10. madfan

    New owners new boss?

    corrected it for you
  11. madfan

    Quote by Pep.

    Did he say how much ?
  12. madfan

    Jimmy Seed - BBC article

    Brilliant that. We have no idea what hell those lads went through.