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  1. Embarrassed is the word I will use . How far and how fast we have sunk. To hear Argyle fans singing to us " can we play you every week " Just too much. It will be a long season.
  2. It's a bit silly ain't it. Less than a week away, we are never going to sell the allocation. Just put em on open sale.
  3. Found it on the coach travel. We are in DEVON 30 miles away !!
  4. How do I find this please Bradowl. Not on the ticket site yet. ?
  5. As title, on general sale from yesterday. Nothing showing on our website or ticket office information.??
  6. When fans like Nigel are saying these things , it really does make you stop and think.
  7. Not seeing the game out - well there is another. How are we not shocked.
  8. Top away attendance in league 1 by 712
  9. Heard that licorice is good Chris
  10. Guardian, never let the facts spoil a good story , and if you hav'nt got one. make one up. Dross.
  11. We could play Pompey in a five a side match. Should both about manage that number.
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