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  1. Anyone else get annoyed at the use of the term , "starlet" or is it just me.? I think it is a rubbish and lazy description.
  2. Says for uk only ?? 'Boro game on, hope they don't do the same as Saturday,
  3. Yes but what about the Owl and Pussycat in Lanzagrotty ?
  4. Why do the little buggers always do that? There was one where I parked my caravan a few years back, always waited till I got down to winch it , then bit my ankles. Little sod
  5. If they are charging you , why cant they charge your phone as well ?
  6. If you both do all of that , that is all we ask. Thanks and good luck. How refreshing.
  7. Sammy on the commentary said the ref won't book him . he never books the captain. How right he was
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