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    A wise old OWL sat in an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he'd see.
    How I wish that OWL was me.

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  1. madfan

    We Aren't Happy Bunnies

    Yes and a load of old carp as well.
  2. madfan

    Radio commenttry

    Note from spelling police. You had 2 goes - try again.
  3. madfan

    Bazza Was Immense Tonight

    One man team at times - brill.
  4. madfan

    Bloody Well Done

    100% effort from EVERY player. Thank you men
  5. madfan

    What a wonderful sight..!!!!!!

    Boo where has all that negativity gone ? ----- your fault Neil ---- spoil sport
  6. Nail on Head Biggsy well said. Back the campaign for parachute payments ban.
  7. madfan

    Fernando watch

    Not another ifollow thread.
  8. madfan

    Anyone up for this one?

    Well done Neil, don't forget those of us who are miles away distance wise. Be nice to be included some way.
  9. Just checked - it's not showing up ?
  10. You should try the on line text help, I find them very good. Just click the button in bottom right of screen.
  11. madfan


    Give the bloke at Villa a ring ?
  12. what ever you are on . I will have some
  13. Sounds just like someone we used to know.