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  1. Sammy on the commentary said the ref won't book him . he never books the captain. How right he was
  2. Just been listening to Greg Dyke, who basically said tough. Obviously could'nt give a sh!t. Just like cynicle Sky. Says it all really. Protect his Premier mates and keep himself in clover. Plainly obvious what the answer is but while ever they are rolling in sky cash is it going to change ?
  3. That freezing cold February saturday in Exeter a few years back when we lost to my local team Exeter. The worst bit was having to ride back home on the same bus with the jubilant Exeter fans.
  4. I've said it before . Change the Name BACK TO OWLERTON
  5. We still need some confirmation though.Tell us Steve are you staying or going.?
  6. He would be better off working in the Sports Direct warehouse on the minimum wage which is what he has been offered. Lowest in the league - typical Ashley.
  7. Lovely to see three young cops doing such a worthwhile thing. No child should ever suffer with this dreadful disease. Good luck fellas don't forget to hold your breath when you get t'lane.
  8. Just a bit of fun dude.To lighten the disappointment of our near miss. U.T.O.
  9. Another 6-0 like 2014 under Gray will do. What a game that was,
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