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    A wise old OWL sat in an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he'd see.
    How I wish that OWL was me.

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  1. #RIP Bill

    Thoughts are with you Dunsby,( Our paths may have crossed as I was at BISRA. ) Your Dad did a good job bringing up his family. How the values have changed now eh ? R.I.P. BILL.
  2. Speak in to the flowers please. the tape is running
  3. May as well because the season is realistically over as far as promotion is concerned.
  4. If we put all these "sack him" posts together it would speed up and half the content
  5. 25/1 (Twenty Five To One)

    Why not just donate it to Childrens Hospice/ Hospital
  6. Trevor Francis

    You don't need to go there son. And we certainly don't.
  7. Great shame but you are correct I feel. A sad way to end it for George and David.
  8. Mike Green

    P.M. Brown lad
  9. IFollow

    not working on opera They tell me to go Mozilla or chrome ? how do I do that ??
  10. If I were Carlos

    This - Plus effective corner kick practice
  11. TEAM TALK FOR READING. Right lads - forget all this tippy tappy at the back. Go out there and enjoy yourselves - get at em. No need to thank me Carlos, Yours , yet another know it all.
  12. That is a safe bet then Mat. There is bound to be a result old son.
  13. iFollow

    I am getting nothing either second week on the trot
  14. Top of The SWFC Leaderboard

    Looks like a blue bottle trying to get out of the window

    Don't - Just Don't.