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  1. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Villa one foul - says it all
  2. Today's Times

  3. BBC biased highlights.

    Well I was pleased to be mentioned in passing, on the Carlos show.
  4. Thanks Sam. Hoping to make this one again.
  5. Well done agent Carson,once an Owl always an Owl.
  6. Massive well done Wednesday

    Rams would'nt have scored if they stayed till midnight . We made em look ordinary.
  7. Bloody idiots

    Do the bowls have seven holes in em ?
  8. Tyler Walker from NFFC

    That;s a good crisp statement
  9. From an anonymous player...

    And it dunt rime
  10. So......

    No good putting Tango out - he would be red carded for no shirt.
  11. Put em out against the Dingles on Saturday
  12. George Hirst

    We should just put them out on Saturday. The Dingles would be run ragged.