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  1. There was a Béres on the right just out of camera shot
  2. Yes but he’s a club legend apparently, he’s on the painting and everything
  3. rs99

    His name is Atdhe...

    I agree, I’ve always called him ‘lump’
  4. rs99

    Stadium location?

    I'm referring to your original post that Beres are completely reliant on match day trade and are only just surviving in the summer. Matchday trade accounts for less than 1% of added revenue.
  5. Someone give them a cuddle
  6. rs99

    Colin Murray

    He always comes in for one when he's in Sheffield, loves them.
  7. He'd better be holding a tray of oranges!
  8. rs99

    DC v CC

    What's the weather got to do with it?
  9. rs99

    Urby Emanuelson

    He had a head on collision on Dore rd the other week. Pulled out and hit my mates builder, wrote his van off and the clubs Merc. I think he may have a bit of whiplash.
  10. Andy we only do quality at Beres. Whats your business plan when you start selling thousands a week, still make them all by hand. Good luck.