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  1. what station is it on? radio sheff has bloody spirites on...how do i tune to the other frequency? thanks
  2. look closer guys, its a hat...you can see the girls face....
  3. you didnt see what he was doing on the pitch at the end......
  4. political correctness gone mad.... if people fight, fair enough you gotta expect to pay the price.... but what ACTUAL harm does it cause without the fighting element? and dont you think the rules are just as ridiculous? also some of you lot getting all wound up and having a go about it could easy fit in with a certain german parties way of thinking...... telling people to grow up, but then saying you would grass them up? its playground stuff some people chose to go onto the pitch AFTER the game, and some people chose not to go on. so what? life goes on..... just my 2p on
  5. some fans sound like grass's on here too, at end of the day fighting = bad going on the pitch = harmless those fighting will get banned/jailed im sure, but people just on the pitch, never going to happen. if u dont like it, dont do it. dont come on here saying you are willing to grass people up or that it is disgusting. each to their own.
  6. im not moaning,a pig or interested in any conspiracy theories.... its just you just hear all these problems with investors in football, i didnt want people with bad intentions to get involved with us. especially when in current times and people attitudes towards people involved in the world of banking.... look at the poo poo the Liverpool/Man united could potentially be in in the not to distant future because of American owners, i would hate for years down the line, us to be in a similar boat. i think i just kinda scared myself by reading into that site to much. also just because we have a big game on sunday, dont mean we cant have threads about other subjects..... anyway, roll on sunday, a win for the owls and we can start working on (a much better) next season
  7. http://www.club9sports.com/Home_Page.html is it just me or does there website look dodgy as? that website has only been there since november 09, so if they are such a big company, why no website? let alone it looks like a web design student has made that site..... i recon they are dodgy, i cant find anyting else to do with them before they came out with all this to do with Wednesday they say they are involved in the denver nuggets....so why nothing about it on the internet?!? same could be said for most of these brands on this page... http://www.club9sports.com/Execution_Experience.html why is nobody at the club noticing this.
  8. http://iraqgoals.tv/ch2.html LIVE NOW! NO PROXY NEEDED!
  9. brilliant mate. im all for it Im always saying every week "why do we sing so many chants at the away fans?" BUT u cant beat a couple chants at em.... also my uncle n cousin are coming from donny so i wanted to know some to tell em to listen out for them.
  10. what we gunna be singing at donny 2morra? any1 got any good ones?
  11. i was expecting old harry... the other guy said "nil-two" as well
  12. where that SCOTTISH guy is from in YORKSHIRE?
  13. FAILi didnt say 2 teams are top. newcastle have points docked so they have dropped down the league.... read it properly.... ***'ed
  14. this is how its gunna go Newcastle docked 99 points for playing the most boring football ever but still being top of the league and ther fans whine still.... and they talk about being a huge club(one team city), but still can't fill ther over-sized ground. wba 2nd. forest play-offs Sheffield United bottom of the league... in 200m debt after a failed "roger THE WORLD CUP" campaign... and cry's of "But we have a hotel...." SWFC TOP OF THE LEAGUE AFTER A MIRACLE TURNAROUND.... ALAN IRVINE'S BARMY ARMY.... Prem here we come..... ah we can all dream...
  15. i could kiss you... this has put me perfectly in the mood for barnsley. im just about to set off now. UTO! gunna be 2-0 today...
  16. anybody just see Brian's epic jump over that little canal on Soccer AM? AMAZING!
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