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  1. We could move Ajayi to midfield and start Barry and Hegazi
  2. I ain't so sure, things have been good but you expect the worse it's the West Brom way
  3. Actually playing you next worries me, Livermore and Sawyers both have a 1 match ban because of yellow limit. somewhat gutting our midfield and we need to pull away from the pack a bit.
  4. I think you do yourselves a major disservice sometimes. I rate Monk he did wonders at the blues. You're much more stable. you'd be a concern if we met in in the playoffs. I don't think we've hit full stride yet we lack a killer edge and concede too easily. Hopefully Sllav will work on that in the next couple of weeks. You are the challenge on paper in our next 6 games
  5. Drew with us and knocked us out of the league cup I'm sick of the sight of them
  6. I've had to give up going away anyway. Long boring medical story. Mates went though £40 plus their dirty shianigans which they don't have to do. Puts a bad taste in the mouth though
  7. we've capped ours I do believe at £30 £40 for a Tuesday is taking the pee
  8. Millwall are bettter than people credit
  9. When you do, can you tell me if the cheating lobbers rinse you on ticket prices and pull the fire alarm stunt on the team hotel? (although you be close enough to avoid an overnight stay on that hole)
  10. Nah you've played well Monk is a great manager and the blues were crushed to lose him. I hope we get auto's this year as the owner seems to want out, I think what he wants we need to be in the prem. I can see you being up there though
  11. As Liam said being phased out. He played as leftback when Tone was losing his s**t and was awful. He's an attacker not a defensive player
  12. Nope 2021 I think though not super sure
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