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  1. As Liam said being phased out. He played as leftback when Tone was losing his s**t and was awful. He's an attacker not a defensive player
  2. Nope 2021 I think though not super sure
  3. But Bullen didn't take your club apart from the inside-out. Pulis did. For the year of the sale he was decent. Kept us up but he should of gone that summer. A LOT of good people left because of him. he destroyed an infrastructure that took us to 8th the best he did was using that structure was 10th. He then just avoided relegation. Then walked before we went down. He sold our prospects for peanuts and spent £75m on guff one of whom looks like we are going an £11m loss on £15m if he forfills his contract. It's not his results. It's the damage his footballing outlook he can't scout his maybe fit but never attack Kemar Roofe Leeds top scorer last season was sold to Oxford for £1 because he saw nothing in him Romaine £50k to Walsall Cost us £6m from brentford Tyler Roberts striker at leeds £500k. People just look at his results which is the Smoke and Mirrors part. Now in time Bullen may have turned into that but it's moot now
  4. He seemed to get flak his points return didn't deserve
  5. Maybe but give him a couple of months and he'll be back at Kilmarnock
  6. I doubt it got that far, like you protect a striker lincoln put a massive price on them just to talk like reading did with steve clarke a few years ago. Ironically nothing came of the Talks, Reading then sacked clarke
  7. I have to say I'm happy with Bilic just because he's brought some class players and may not be finished yet
  8. Could be? But aren't they doing it from a league lower? I'll check
  9. My theory about the Cowley's Is they want be the first managers to take a non league side to the prem preferably back to back That the big project. Look who they turned down Norwichh,Us, Nottingham forest Huddersfield, you and others
  10. No love lost there personally I think he'll join you and Bullen will be out the door
  11. Came across as stronger as a collective mard, what with 9pts from 6 games that actually a reallly strong start
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