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  1. Why sign Burke? in the best part of 4 years he's played 24 times for what Pulis paid for him that's £625,000 per game Big Dave played 5 times then loaned him to celtic then loaned out to Alaves. He only had I more apperance at Forest. it was a case of Tone's shiny new toy that he got bored with after 3 games
  2. Burke is a swap for Callum Robinson. Just discussing the plus cash part. If they pay us it's highway robbery as we need Burke off the Books. I don't know what's going on because Lai gave Pulis a kings ransom. He bought Burke and Chadli then never played them. On promotion We were given a smallish war chest of £25m Dowling must have sat both th owner and chairman down and explained that in order to stay up both He and Bilic needed more
  3. Great signing for us though, with Krav coming back looking likely the swap deal Burke for Robinson with the Blades. Karlan Grant maybe announced before next Sunday. and the slim chance of a loan of Michy Batshuyai can't say I'm disappointed
  4. I thought He was off to Stoke. Its a shame Wednesday didn't talk to him, He's a Bosman, I can only see him playing for a year. He can provide Experience
  5. More of a winger than an out and out striker. His not prolific at putting it in the net, but, he gets a ton of assists
  6. Actually gutted about this. Decent player at this level, one of our own. Too cheap as well
  7. It's help out Appleton any chance we get it seems he's naffed off enough times though
  8. Palmer off to Lincoln as soon as we get another goalie Michael Appleton's club connections, loan deal
  9. Vulva knows more than I. kidding aside I don't know and claiming otherwise would be unfair on you and make me look a t*t
  10. Not Yet Its Mr ITK nailed on signing. Just hush
  11. I'd say end of the week mate medical's are done at Birmingham University Then talk the offers through with agent and family. Thursday maybe
  12. If Leko signs let Jordan Rhodes goal sit and he'll get assists he did it with Rondon
  13. Expect him to show up if you sign him
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