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  1. Next season maybe my last due to ill health. Depending on social distancing this may have been. I'm grateful I made virtual friends in the Owlman, Asteener, Tinkerabell and Of course Trev. To Ellis Rimmer and and scialist you have my apology that my team annoys you One thing you're wrong about we are aren't a yo-yo club Pulis crashed the club and we didn't straight back. After a run of 9 seasons up. Any I hope the EFl don't destroy you Stay safe Much love HY xxxx PS see you christmas for my yearly seasons greetings
  2. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/chris-brunt-answers-questions-future-18647551 Legend, Top professional. Hope Stoke goes well for you. See you when you decide to do your Badges
  3. Is he a Croatian? Serious question as I don't know the playler. Anyway I thought you played really well for 38 minutes. and ok until half time. Pereira hit form in the 2nd half. Glad we bought him. hopefully this will kickstart us again. As we played well against Blues but just couldn't score. Could do with a Brentford draw, but, it's in our own hands.
  4. Its rubbish that they won't stay the month. Even Brunt and Barry have done that. I wonder if Fox is coming to the midlands 🤔
  5. Good Luck I hope you get the best possible outcome. Also look at it like this, At least it won't be hanging over you for much longer
  6. I see where you're coming from. But it's hard to compare to compare Barry whose a CDM to Brunt whose mainly a winger. Barry is also second choice behind Romaine Sawyers and is subbed on to close a game.His stats when both he and and Brunt have played head to head, which I admit have been few and far between Barry's been far better . Yeah that could be down to lack of game time, but, when you're behind Diangana, Pereia, Phillips and even sometimes HRK. It's understandable. Sometimes time just catches up to players, Brunt has leadership, but, become a coach. I don't want him to another bust that we send to Stoke. I hold him in a higher regard than ;that
  7. With The ONeil connection it looks like it's certain. He hasn't pllayed this season. As much as I'll respected him it's maybe time, as I said he almost went at Christmas but the deal collasped. Ask yourself if he wasn't an old Wednesday player Would you still want him. It like Berahino wanted to come back to kickstart his career. Flop at Stoke, Flop in Belguim, I don't want him back
  8. True 😉 I'm surprised he didn't sign a PCA at Christmas. Stoke fans aren't happy 🐵
  9. Looks like talks are happening today. he wants to play for one more year
  10. Hello boss, Hope you're well? Indeed I hope everybody here is well? I'll miss Brunt, he was Awesome, but he's just too old now. A move to Stoke collapsed at Christmas. He doesn't want move his family it seems. Its either Stoke if he wants play still or if doing badges He may stay at ours. He did want to go to stoke though Stay safe lads.
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