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  1. Plus old Merrick has a ton of experience as a manager and unlike some Baseball cap wearing douchebags understand fan's ties to Derbies
  2. We shall see One game at a time Blunts then Leeds we get results at both it automatic and with the following could open a gap
  3. Well it should be a full team for us as hopefully Phillips will be back and they're talking about resting players for the Derby I just hope Wilder has that arrogance as well I like being underestimated
  4. I've Been looking at a couple of blunt forums. Their fans seem to be looking past us to the Derby I hope this is the case with the club as some big players are due back and i'm not just talking Gayle. This could bite on the bum promotion wise
  5. It''s not busy now son p.s. I miss the guy who used to bring his ferretts on
  6. Christ does anyone listen to this guff anymore?
  7. Fresh cod peas and Mash Been awhile since I've listened grade what they think about Saturday
  8. Indeed which is why we're so good at 'em
  9. Why Couldn't you have recalled him like Leicester and Harvey? Oh and Happy Belated New Year lads
  10. Personally I don't think Jay Rod will go but I know Wickham was targeted in the summer when it looked like he might
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