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  1. Trev mate, I wouldn't wish Pulis on the vile
  2. As the title, thanks lads my mate's coming up for the game
  3. It still it moot as to be fair you can't mix and match if fulham are in. Stoke and boro can't be because that's the year the three of us came down it still skuses the data
  4. The Financial ends March 31st this is 19//20. At the time these figures are meant to be for Fulham weren't in the league. We're not included for some reason and we posted a £5m loss for the first time in years. I follow what you are saying, but, whoever posted these tweets got so much basic stuff wrong it can't be trusted. especiallly if you throw in clubs that weren't playing in the divison at the time and miss others out
  5. He got a lot of data mixed up there Stoke and Boro came down with us. Yet we aren't included. Statistics are a wonderful things 68.9% of them can prove whatever you want. Yet a least get the base figures right Fulham came down last summer why aren't Luton and Hudderfield included. why are the blunts, Vile and Norwich included
  6. I don't usually look at your home prices. But it seems there some issue between clubs about this, as West Brom pulled the Tickets before they went on sale last monday https://www.wba.co.uk/news/2020/february/sheffield-wednesday-tickets-delay/ i didn't realise your most Expensive Matchday is The South for £39 our is the East Stand Lower for £23 As I've said we have The Blues, Wo1vve5, and the Vile all clubs either the same size or much larger than us in a 10 mile Radius. While you were in the prem in the 90's and we didn't have a pot to pee in We had to be smarter than outprice the fanbase. At this moment in time The Blunts are playing in the so called "Greed League" yet can't charge more than £30 for any matchday price, because of the price cap. It was an observation on my part as although I like a lot of you I'm not a supporter. I feel indignation when I see you ripped off. I am annoyed that your club isn't doing stuff too protect it's own fanbase for the future. It unusual that tickets haven't gone on sale yet. The Board and the owner are the club's custodians. Even "Trev the Shed" an old owner of ours who also owned a lumberyard, and was our worst owner of all time. Evan he realised this
  7. We've always been reasonable son. Blues, The 5h1te and Vile in a 10 mile radius go to protect the Fanbase. You can carp about parachute payments alll you want but I'm all ears to how we coped without them
  8. Bleeding hell your prices are steep £39 for an adult? I surprised anyone can afford to go. Surely It would be better to drop prices and fill the stadium up a bit more? It's not like you place is small
  9. I haven't had chance to read the rest of the thread, but, aren't City in the trouble they are in now because the owner put in £70m of his own. But Claimed it was from the £20m Etihad sponsorship deal? It a nice idea, that somewhat more complex in reality
  10. Unfair mate they were at the time
  11. He became No. 2 when Gerry Francis retired. Sacked with Pulis then it was that smug flap Pardew. had he gone earlier, Moore may have kept us up. Megson was never caretaker
  12. Just stop he only works with Pulis now and he won't come because if you do get a points deduction that could possibly relegate you. The only thing Tony's got is his never been relegated record
  13. Firstly Thank you for the best wishes. It means lot. As Manwithastick said "owing to matters out of the club's control" it just seems strange and I wondered if anybody else had, had this problem buying tickets from SWFC last week This is one that can't be blamed on Parachute Payments in a 10 mile radius they're are two clubs of 25k + size. one of 32k size and villa who are 40k or more. we have always been affordable. to keep the fanbase going
  14. I sadly cant make it now due to health reasons but I was going to get a couple for a Non ST mate so I'd get the points
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