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  1. Bit suspect on the timeframe. They tend to rule at the end of an investigation, which is towards the end of the season usually.
  2. He's knackered though, he went back to Swansea and couldn't hold down a place. Ishmael Miller once pllayed for Man City doesn't mean his good now or he'd be at Man City
  3. The Bony rumour linking you has been around awhile. Probably because of Monk. I hope you don't sign him, because of injuries. It could be like when we signed Sturridge on loan years back, The fees were high It worked at about £800k a minute he played or something silly like it. It's like Gayle now Newcastle want £8M now £12m at the end of the season. Then his wages could put it closer to £30m it would be a bad investment as he hasn't ever done much in the prem. He also has a long term hamstring injury and is unfit now
  4. Wasn't being johnny bigballs Thats what they quoted hence us not signing him in the summer
  5. I actually think he's too expensive for us. There's better players who'll will fit Bilic's style more. It just attracting them The kid from genk being one
  6. we''ve been quoted £15m for him and his wages are somewhere around £65k
  7. Can I take part? .com are doing something similar in Highs & Lows but its not for just managers. Anyway feel free to delete if its not welcome: Best: Roy Hodgson 18 months of safety I remember sitting in the ratty pub we drink in saying "This is weird, we have nothing to complain about" Steve Clarke highest finish in the prem Odemwingie and Lukaku awesome RDM the team were a joy to watch honorable mention Slaven Bilic for our best start since the 1930's Worse: Pulis and Megson team up and take us down Megson's first run came after we were by a man who built flatpack sheds. What he did for us the first time was a miracle as we didn't have a pot to pee in. Always a hero there. 13 years later and a budget of £75m not have the to stick around So tone can protect his "No Relegation" record Pah Pardew a t1t who got wrecked and nicked a taxi leaving his wallet in the front seat while we were on the verge of said relegation, if it had been Villa I might of laughed sadly it wasn't
  8. Leeds and We are looking to to loan Adams from Southampton depending on what happens with Gayle. I don't think you need an out and out Striker with the likes of Rhodes and Fletcher you need Diangana/Barnes type player to get them banging
  9. Not unless the charge is settled, and there's no date for a hearing yet is there? Its good news
  10. Merry Christmas to you all I hope you have a good un
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