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  1. Baggiehy

    Jordan F'N Rhodes

    Indeed which is why we're so good at 'em
  2. Why Couldn't you have recalled him like Leicester and Harvey? Oh and Happy Belated New Year lads
  3. Baggiehy

    WBA line up

    Dwight Gayle's out
  4. Baggiehy

    Bruce’s first signing...

    Personally I don't think Jay Rod will go but I know Wickham was targeted in the summer when it looked like he might
  5. Baggiehy

    Bruce’s first signing...

    Wickham's a target for for Moore, If Jay Rod goes
  6. To be fair I posted this awhile ago (15th) and bumped it. A lots happened since fpowl posted
  7. Baggiehy

    Jordan Rhodes

    The thing about Rhodes is that he signed that massive deal with Blackburn when that clueless guy Shebby Singh was in charge. I think that stunted his development in alot of ways. I don't begrudge him the money, take what you can get. But Most cases the deal he got was a Prem deal so no real incentive to try harder. He must have been scouted by lower premier teams and I've always wondered why he was never signed. I know when we looked he was too expensive.
  8. Baggiehy

    Is Steve Bruce the answer

    I think he'll sort you out like he did at the Blues. He's got to get walking before you can run. If it bruce give him 18 months to sort it and then a season to get you up
  9. It's up by the N.I.A and Digbeth so New Street and Snow Hill are okay mate. It's just a couple of the pubs in centre are are gone and Its a a problem for cars. Good win today for us both
  10. Baggiehy

    Pack of Hyenas

    Journo's don't pay to go the and often are looked after by the clubs. It got toxic with Pulis and Pardew was one of "The Boys" so our fans got slated. Yet they're the hyena's if 1 of the top 5 lose they are the first to question the future of managers
  11. Don't mind if I bump this just in case drivers have missed it
  12. Baggiehy

    Jos storms out

    Passion needs to be pointed at the team not the media. As it only gives more ammo to the fans who want him gone. Made Quest so looks bad for the club. As you say its somewhat of witchunt now,
  13. Well if you do come by car or know people who are tell them avoid Birmingham go to Sandwell and Christmas in The Vine