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  1. Gary Madine

    Seems to me the bloke needs to lay off the shandy if he drinks gets involved in a scrap. Grade A pillock.
  2. Blades not happy with U23 result

    Stick it piggy twats.
  3. You Broke John Terry

  4. It’s all gone quite

    I still think he should go BUT I’ll be happy to be proved wrong and eat humble pie at the end of the season.
  5. Well thats put me in my place.

    Looks at the table other day and saw Leeds in 5th place despite losing 5 out of last 6 games (I think) and thought WTF?
  6. Rhodes goal video

    What do you know? Give Rhodes the ball in the box and he a) creates a chance or b) scores a goal.
  7. Can John Terry handle our front two?

    Snotgrass is at it now. P u s s y.
  8. Can John Terry handle our front two?

    We’re that good we’ve managed to run him ragged for all of 20 odd minutes and he’s had enough and gone off injured. Shagging teammates wives he’s brilliant at it, up against us he can only handle 20 odd minutes. cat.
  9. I’ve said on here we’ve needed a change in manager since we lost to Leeds and Brentford last season, he definitely should have gone after the huddersfield debacle. Other than the win v Leeds (who are absolutely crap as well) when exactly have we performed well this season? Away at Preston, away at Bolton? Home to the pigs? All absolute flipping garbage performances. We’ve won on a few occasions but they were hardly excellent performances. We should be absolutely flipping hammering every team we come up against with the squad we have on paper and Something ain’t right, the players don’t like Something and I suspect they want Carlos gone. Now we find our city rivals sitting at the top of the league despite spending next to no money and having a manager that can gee them up and performing week in week out yet you accuse me of having no logic and you think that I think that this situation should be acceptable? I want my team to win week in week out and I’m not one of these that think it’s all good man, we’ll be ok. I want more than ok if you’re happy with mediocrity, bully for you doesn’t mean I have to accept it.
  10. So having a belief that we should be doing a hell of a lot better than we are at this moment in time is me hating the club? Reyt. Thats some weird old logic you got there Finlux.
  11. What do you know the win against Leeds was papering over the same old flipping cracks we’ve had for the last fourteen flipping months and done nothing about.
  12. Did Loovens push him over?

    Taking me Wednesday specs off I looked at that and thought ‘roger off that’s not a penalty’.
  13. SWFC vs Barnsley 12:30 kick off

    An unmissable appointment to finger a chicken you mean.
  14. Council have enough money to deploy traffic wardens mind you there’s cash in it for the Council I guess.
  15. Far too sensible an opinion is that for owlstalk.