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  1. Spot the ball

    Reminds me of that episode of Bottom. Spot the ball competition...page three ahahahaha. His balls have to be under his shorts they can’t be near the goalmouth...not unless it’s a ladies match....no it’s just a perm....
  2. Remember this against Sheffield United?

    Puntit...you do realise body shaming is illegal in some parts of the world right? There was a thread on here ages ago taking the Mick out of Charlie Webster which was shut down after people realised. How exactly is taking the Mick out of how some of our fans look in a picture any different exactly?
  3. Remember this against Sheffield United?

    Thought this site was supposed to be WAWAW? Shameful some are taking the wee wee out of how some people look.
  4. Remember this against Sheffield United?

    More important question...will Granny Dickfingers make an appearance?
  5. When Gary Hooper Smiles.......

    I'll end up having a crisis....
  6. A year ago today

    Not guilty. When I say I'm a bit of a weather nerd it's more extreme weather that fascinates me. Pure power of Mother Nature at her worst.
  7. A year ago today

    Weirdly I recorded that storm coming in on my phone from by the ale bar in North Stand. I'm an utter weather nerd.
  8. A year ago today

  9. David Garrido

    Pedicure/manicure never had either so couldn't tell the intricate differences between the two.
  10. Rhodes and Bannon celebration

    Reminds me of the Ross Barclay days when we had him on loan.
  11. David Garrido

    What a lovely set of...... Pedicured nails Natalie has.
  12. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Nope but the self flagellation is imminent.
  13. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    That owl has the same look I have when a dog comes bounding towards me..... P I S S OFF
  14. Looking to the pigs game in a few week.

    Well put that lot in their place when we play em. Fear ye not.
  15. FAO Sitting in the South Stand

    Why is some Wayne Rooney GILF type action on??