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  1. Who pays the bill for 500 rozzers? The taxpayer or them lot? I know Leeds and Ipswich have won cases against the rozzers before.
  2. Don’t moan about the decision made by shocking officials, this comes part and parcel of the game. 53 minutes for the first shot on target is THE problem.
  3. Total overreaction to that by sky tailface commentators. Momentum caused that and it was unfortunate mcgoldrick got a kick in the goolies. Mcgoldrick should be thankful for the swelling.
  4. Just shows how much utter throw this division is when you get them utter cuntballs in second place. Makes the decision to keep Carlos even more baffling.
  5. Been posting on here about Carlos should be gone all season long, papering over cracks, predictable and basically not being good enough. Stopped posting about this subject several weeks ago as cannot be bothered with posting the same old stuff time and time again. Im bored with it. I’m bored and fed up with Wednesday, bored with the same old bobbar and have been all season. Pains me to say it but it’s true.
  6. Seems to me the bloke needs to lay off the shandy if he drinks gets involved in a scrap. Grade A pillock.
  7. I still think he should go BUT I’ll be happy to be proved wrong and eat humble pie at the end of the season.
  8. Looks at the table other day and saw Leeds in 5th place despite losing 5 out of last 6 games (I think) and thought WTF?
  9. What do you know? Give Rhodes the ball in the box and he a) creates a chance or b) scores a goal.
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