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Community Answers

  1. What?? Regardless of wether you like DCFC or not, the demise of a football club shouldn’t be something to relish if you are a fan of football and English football. Sad times and ones we have been all too close to.
  2. I thought it was going to be a ‘tight shorts’ photo...
  3. My mate used to play In the net for them..nice set up.
  4. Would that be Olamide Oluwatimilehin Babatunde Oluwaka Shodipo[?
  5. He’s 20... so would get in their under 21 side
  6. Comes across well and didn’t have the easiest start in life! Hat off to him and welcome!
  7. It’s a bit of a joke really..A competition that no one wants to be in yet we have to put a side out to accommodate an under 21 Newcastle side and risk injury.
  8. Every fan base has its fair share of scruffy tramps..it’s just in Rotherham’s case, they have a very high percentage of the ‘scrubber‘ variant. Awful place
  9. He’s not played In the rough and tumble of league one yet..If his pace is anything to go by, he should win us lots of set play situations as he’ll get hacked down plenty.
  10. Let’s go out an beat the scruffy tramps. Town full of scrubbers.
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