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  1. I know him as Chels as well. In fact that’s all I’ve ever known him as.
  2. I bet I know you then. Guessing you know Damo and a few others?
  3. I don’t know Tom that well but I have met him. Don’t think I’ve met Mark? i don’t know Rebecca, do they live up lowedges way?
  4. Yes pal I know him well!! hes got a Chelsea tattoo on his leg!
  5. What’s the C stand for? I do know a Wednesdayite called Rob C but might be a different one. Lives near me.
  6. Still is pal, I popped in Battys yesterday morning for some sausages and saw him again last night in Spoons
  7. I was drinking with him last night!! Top man is Glyn...he is a blade though
  8. Plenty of Wednesday up here! None bigger than the legend that is Ace!
  9. I’m Wednesday and live in Woodseats
  10. On a positive note, we should have a decent league one side to compete for promotion...every cloud
  11. Just watched his Rangers goals and there’s quite a few where he doesn’t think and goes for goal which buys into the Beattie coaching of shoot in site and take less touches.
  12. Both to be honest and regardless of extortionate salary, Lineker is quite a genuine bloke. He’s just a scapegoat for some of his honesty and humanitarian opinions.
  13. 11 changes and played with the athleticism that’s been missing for years. Confidence flying.
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