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  1. fatzooma

    Attention Canadians

    I thought this was another Geese thread....Anyway, here’s a nice picture of a Canada Goose....(not the overpriced animal cruelty approving overpriced jacket manufacturer mind)...
  2. fatzooma

    Imre Varadi

    Imre...never met or heard of another Imre. Is it one of those made up names that parents do these days? Only his was made up in the 60’s?
  3. Chelsea away Great Draw if we beat Luton...
  4. fatzooma

    Van aaken off

    Great translation
  5. Howard Wilkinson should have been given the backing/money from Bert McGee and the unambiguous board. Instead he went to Leeds and had success.
  6. fatzooma


    When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, Or even your year, I'll be there for you...
  7. fatzooma

    George Boyd.

    Really not sure? Bully appealing to his better nature? Carlos and Jos not playing him right?
  8. fatzooma

    Bruce likes to counter attack.

    He either can’t wait to get served or he’s man marking the guy in front.
  9. fatzooma

    George Boyd.

    He was like a new signing
  10. ‘’He built from the back with Joao in attack...we’re Sheffield Wednesday ...we’re turning clocks back ...and there ripping a hole in the space time continuum’’ catchy? I think it will be sang as we cruise into 6th spot...still drunk...yes
  11. fatzooma

    1993: A few questions

    Actually gave me a semi...Mel Reese..Good keeper in the making and Welsh international.
  12. fatzooma

    1993: A few questions

    I vaguely remember 3-3 Derby away...pissed out of my mind and jumping all over a pool table singing my head off...getting back to the coach and all the windows had been put through. Went with Weeney etc...great times, very drunk