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  1. He’s moved about for some serious money.. must be a complete bellend
  2. All aboard HMS Titanic...next stop League 2
  3. Chris Turner was the man to find a gem
  4. I seriously hope we don’t bother as it won’t be out on time and will probably be total turd
  5. So are Derby going to get a 12 point deduction next season?
  6. Unless the prices drastically decrease, the crowds certainly will. His business acumen is virtually none existent
  7. 2 posts, both negative..Blade, rovrum , dingle?
  8. Women and children first, the band to keep playing regardless and I’ll take my chances with the rest....and try and avoid the iceberg that is league 2
  9. Wouldn’t surprise me if there’s another points deduction..Still, the 10!year Premiership return is still on..
  10. Heartbreaking. RIP Sheffield Lad.
  11. Chansiri has them locked in the boardroom and has told them they have got a second season in the Championship and has sent Moore to get a pipe of Pringles to celebrate..
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