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  1. unfortunately , we will be back to square one and if we don’t recruit early (which we never do) we won’t hit the ground running. Mid table at best next year. We’ve just missed a golden opportunity
  2. 3rd person narrative suggests Maurice is a narcissist
  3. I’m not sure where people get this idea that the ground only looks bad now due to the lower crowds...I suggest doing a search of the crowds through the past 50 years and tell me when we were averaging 35k season upon season...we have fluctuated between really low and probably around 23k average
  4. I agree to a certain extent but I think we need a poll and each entry submitted should have the post code of the entrant...
  5. Match...although it was ages ago
  6. Bannan has been there in a much bigger age against Hull So has Hutch, Palmer, Hunt...
  7. And just as equally, we could totally screw it up
  8. Maybe we need to look at way of recreating an away day experience...have an enclosure at Hillsborough called the Kop where everyone who goes to away games gets to sing their hearts out,
  9. Back to Olive Grove..get all the Hillsborough inhabitants up in arms about having to travel across town on a Saturday afternoon. if you don’t live in Hillsborough or the locale, it’s a pain In backside to get to
  10. I’ve been to Espanyol’s Stadium and was very impressed. It holds 40k but sees bigger? Modern and had a great atmosphere
  11. 10 minutes? Plus 4 at end of first half?? Really??
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