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  1. 10 Year Season Ticket...Surely no one bought one? Did they?
  2. I got as far as Pearson....it’s probably the least attractive job in football.
  3. So that’s a resounding No...you don’t actually know.. The sale not illegal but the financial returns were...my question being, if it was a bodged affair, then why is t it null and void? or do you want to try and be of superior intelligence on a Forum..dreary me
  4. So without reading all the content, if the sale of the ground was deemed illegal, does that mean it then goes back to before it was sold??
  5. Eldorado..Married to the old bloke Bunny (I’m probably that age now)
  6. Very interesting about Westwood but I’d like to know how he got this reputation? very good interview but I can’t imagine this sort of thing happening in 20 years time..Imagine watching Some of today’s footballers waxing lyrical about the time they played fifa on the team coach or what trainers they bought...or the time one of em hid so and so’s headphones..boring millennial prikcs.
  7. So the Mark Duffy rumour is rounduns? I heard it was defo ITK?
  8. Loved him playing for us. 2 million the Wednesday way..Terrible first touch though...........
  9. Ya see this is what always surprises me. Nothing comes out of the club due to confidentiality clauses etc but we always seem to get the dressing room talk which is usually..such and such is a trouble maker. Surely it’s only ever rumour?
  10. Surprised Carlos didn’t fancy him..Had plenty of flair and reckon Carlos could have got the best out of him. However we continued to play Players like Helan
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