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  1. Just get Adidas, Nike or some other manufacturer to sort it.
  2. fatzooma

    1st fixtures

    Ooh very close!!
  3. fatzooma

    1st fixtures

    Not sure but we play Utd in November and end of January
  4. Wilkinson has his teams fighting fit and that first season in Division 1 proved it worked as we steam rollered teams!
  5. If someone like Wolves come in for him and offer stupid money then I say flog him. Anything upwards of 10m would be a good return.
  6. Yes!! And bring back Danny B from wolves and that Marshal bloke.
  7. fatzooma

    Rhoys Wiggins

    Drugs cheat
  8. fatzooma

    Rhodes to Rangers

    Do they play in the French leagues?
  9. fatzooma

    Shirt maker

    Snooker Loopy nuts are we, Bukta, Puma and Nike......
  10. fatzooma


    And now he’s gone so we call all sleep tonight..
  11. fatzooma

    Sam Hutchinson

    Can only have just gone as I saw him walking past the Waggon and Horses at Millhouses last Saturday.
  12. fatzooma

    Not over until the fat lady sings

    Mathematically, our illustrious high achieving neighbours can still be relegated as well..it’s a long shot but none the less a probability of sorts.
  13. Shame he doesn’t want to play football for the club who’s supported and developed him both domestically and internationally. Shame his father is promoting him to not play for the club who supported and idolised himself. Shame that a young lad is motivated enough not to play but wants to play at a higher level before actually proving their worth at a lower level. Shame that there isn’t more transparency about the whole situation and we are left to speculate on what’s iccurring.
  14. Some great memories there...if not a little before my time.
  15. fatzooma

    Surely not the new #SWFC kits?

    It’s actually ‘Priority Finance’....only this is spoken in a South African accent.