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  1. Not trying to name and shame but sometimes posts and threads are a bit throw away. I always find it interesting to see what opinions were at the time. just glad we didn’t persevere and go along the lines of sticking with the manager adage.
  2. Not sure why you got negged for this?
  3. Just ask him son and delete this post so he doesnt see it tomorrow...im sure your Dad is a good bloke and will take you and your mate to the match..don’t worry about naughty Stoke fans
  4. What with Bolton’s player crisis, can we lend them Pelupessy.
  5. Not sure but why don’t we get all our inadequacies out on the tablenfor all to see...oh the joys of modern communication
  6. Giggs, Kanchelskis...Wonder why Bruce favours pace.
  7. All pretty average. Thorniley came in and did well. Looked comfortable
  8. I’m sure this will help Sam raise his gain.
  9. Wonder what Brian Clough would have made of that list..
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