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  1. All he had to do was keep Stuart Gray for a season and give him a bit of cash to prove himself. There was no need for a committee, no need for a left field continental manager. The pitch was the best and most necessary improvement he made yet everything else has been a combination of the bizarre and at times obscure..He’s a bit like that chav lottery winner who just spends and spirals our of control..I preferred the slow build boring days.
  2. Greg Davis comedy ‘Cuckoo’ has a reference when he gets ticket to see ‘The Owls’ with his father in law...He also happens to be one of the screws out of Scum.
  3. Fair enough but football isn’t just about the league and never has been. The magic of the cup was eroded when Man U decided to withdraw and play in that World Club (or whatever it’s called) competition. It was always seen as a chance to come up against the big boys and maybe get a rare tv performance. Personally I still love it. Shrewsbury must have loved that yesterday!
  4. FF should have been out after he spat his dummy out.
  5. F’ckin pathetic excuse for a squad. They should have been up for it more than ever. Only viable reason for that performance was a massive hangover after celebrating for a week
  6. Everything about horrible Leeds and to be honest, horrible little millennial pricx with a lot to say and not a deal to back it up. We unfortunately have a few as does every club up and down the country.
  7. Am I right in saying Kieron Lee’s natural position is right back?
  8. This decade...and probably last
  9. It’s not even as if the extortionate ticketing is actually balancing the books....or the taxi company.....or the energy drink....or the in-house kit manufacture...
  10. Only possible answer is they have enjoyed Christmas a bit too much and not given afuck
  11. Half the team must have ripped the arse out of Christmas and not behaved professionally throughout .
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