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  1. Ooh...a bit touchy love. come on then...which one of the ugly bunch is you?
  2. More of the aesthetically challenged...
  3. In that case I'm hiding under the bed!
  4. Couldn't be help it! Some proper gurners though.
  5. What bizzare looking fans we have..
  6. He appears to be moving away as the Doppler effect is shifting towards the red end of the spectrum.
  7. Quite a few by all accounts and the Police knew what they were up to! The day I had the nonesense was after the pigs had played Peterborough at home. Apparently they had been picking their fans off in the way to the train station. And the Police had been in. Plus the staff at the Globe had pointed them out as well. Pity that someone has had to be glassed for something to be done (if you can call 2 year suspended as fitting)
  8. Check out the crazy vortex hair crown towards the bottom right
  9. I often thought about going back with a couple of mates (wouldn't have took much) to lay in wait but then I remembered I'm 45 and got a fair bit of responsibility..I'm sure they will do something to end up locked up before the suspended sentence expires.
  10. It was me mate!!! Seriously no joking. I was in with my Mrs and the same bloke and son came in and said 'we're all Wednesday aren't we'. I said to f'kin right and his goons tried starting...I was with my mrs as well as we had just watched us away at Birmingham on the screen. immnot advocating or proud, but I picked up a pool cue and twatted one of them...the 'Dad' bottled it and ran out and my Mrs cracked one of the others. Outside were about 8 more. luckily for me, some lads from Chezzie came over to me and said they had got my back. Im unformed by the staff at the Globe that it's the same idiots...although I am annoyed that someone else has got caught out.
  11. gutted

    I would have taken a draw at 3pm. Good result but gutting none the less
  12. Yorkshire grit

    I agree with the OP to a certain extent but we don't need the added pressure of what a derby game brings with it....plus throw Cardiff and Mr CW into the mix for more distraction.
  13. Joost

    I looked at saturdays highlights again and you're right...he is good but couldn't help notice the ball watching/offside being sprung.
  14. The momentum is good

    As the lefty leftist snowflake that I am...I can only agree, Momentum have been fantastic in swinging the youth to vote Labour.