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  1. I stopped reading after... "If I was a manager now worth my salt, I wouldn't go anywhere near it (the job). the brackets...(the job)
  2. Soo..without trawling through all the pages as I’m sure it’s been asked already..Who has suggested this signing? New manager in the wings? Is Paul Cook currently In Australia watching cricket?...(if indeed cricket is being played)
  3. Occasions if you liked a nice pint of bitter or even better....Pils
  4. Or the exact opposite...I want no part In any potential good fortune for them
  5. Chris Coleman?? Where do they get these names from
  6. Who is he? Who is he....Ahh Andy, I know him..
  7. I’m guessing he has a lovely moustache?
  8. I can hear the legend that was ‘Big Guns’ stirring in his exile!!
  9. Is this the same interfering Chansiri who Pulis emailed and didn’t get any response From? unless of course Pulis was lying or he’s that out of touch with technology he forgot to press send?
  10. I know he’s not been a success with us but it will be some years until we sign such player as Rhodes, Fletcher, Hooper etc etc
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