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  1. Potential banana skin but sounds like he’s got them drilled and organised..exciting times!
  2. Hell needs a bull whip to get the best out of Rhodes
  3. How about doing a Warhurst and putting big Dom up top? Might just work?
  4. Rhodes must be shocking in training or expressed his desire not to play.
  5. First thing I I said.. VAR would have come into play and it would have been disallowed.
  6. She needs half a stone in her and I could supply the said weight...
  7. I’ve purchased it but SAG have told me I have enter through my living room door and exit through the dining room...surely this can’t be right?
  8. 4-4-2 is the basis for any team when you consider a solid back 4, 2 wingers defensive mid and attacking mid. its the flexibility within this that is key... the modern game baffles me at times and is over complicated. you can still attack in numbers and defend in numbers leaving a sole attacker...you can still have running full backs. it all comes down to the managers philosophy and instilling the discipline in the shape. i know what I mean even though I’ve confused myself..
  9. Remember us being 5 nil up at half time to Bolton
  10. The worrying thing is, these prices have remained in place all season and when I mentioned it they just laughed. No wonder our transfer policy is ludicrous.
  11. Sell him..get rid..doesnt contribute anything...
  12. Now that the Cowleys are heading to udders...we seriously need to let Monk bring in who ever he wants..no point in making do.
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