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  1. I covered it in the bit where I said ..the list goes on
  2. I seriously hope he does come in. Don’t care about him as a person. DC needs to sell up ASAP as I can only see is free falling.
  3. Totally agree. We are In the darkest of times. From the day Chansiri walked through the door it’s been a farce. The pitch was about the only positive...oh and the failed play off attempt. From the stupid In-House kit manufacture to Doyen. From recruiting an unknown German to losing Steve Bruce and his back room staff....the list goes on and on....and all to the back drop of watching our neighbours go from strength to strength...when will it end
  4. Probably will but when a player has made such a commitment to a club he loves, he should be the decent thing to help them find another club and career.
  5. Just how I remember it from early 80’s when I started going..Loved the old Kop
  6. I somehow can’t remember the yellow one with the strip of white and bunts logo on the sleeve. what year was that? i had the yellow silky one with the floppy blue collar as my first away kit..So wish I still had them but they got handed down to family
  7. I’ll take a 7 point deduction if that’s what they mean?
  8. One of our own Wednesday hero’s....ran on the pitch and took a swing at the then Villa manager, John Gregory..Absolute feeble attempt and totally missed. I might add that Gregory was being quite annoying during that match as he was near enough running up and down the line. guessing it was around 1997/98?
  9. It’s probably been mentioned but I can’t be bothered to read 14 pages...Reckon it needs to go along the same lines as 1939...draw a line under it and resume when the country is in a state to continue. It could be the best thing to happen in years... on another note... how many of our bloated, self important, egotistic players will be keeping fit and thinking about getting back to full training and actually giving a shyte.
  10. Not just him but rip up all the big contracts and get rid.
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