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  1. Orient...tell me haven’t been relegated again?!!
  2. 5 million to a premier league club is ffuucckk all. Take no less and run
  3. There used to some photos around the pool table in The Ball at Crookes of the reception, but I’ve never seen them anywhere before.
  4. John Sheridan....qualifies as Irish but he’s English really
  5. This fella didn’t mess about when it came to getting players fit... and i I don’t mean Booby Knut
  6. If true which it probably isn’t, you can’t turn money down like that regardless of who is willing to pay.
  7. Sorry for not knowing...hence the question mark....
  8. What I wouldn’t give for it to be 1990 again. 18 years old, plenty of fanny, great music etc etc
  9. I’m sure the recruitment will pay divotdends...sorry, tell me to sod off....
  10. So it looks like Middlesbrough will miss out on promotion so let spit the dummy out and nobble a few rivals. Fast running out of parachute money.
  11. They certainly are but it’s easy to spunk it up the wall. They will still have there hangers on and entourage in tow which all costs. As well as all the high earners who will want to jump ship. Can be a bit of a poison chalice. i agree though, I reckon players like Westwood on a free but big wages is probably there best bet and he would be daft not to at 34.
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