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  1. Nice that you quoted from my earlier post..imititation is the best form of flattery..
  2. fatzooma

    Why did we sign Hector?

    Because, Hector was the first of the gang With a gun in his hand And the first to do time The first of the gang to die.....
  3. Making my nipples sore just looking at it!!
  4. fatzooma

    Best boss?

    Can only be...Peter Shreeves
  5. That was a bad night..I was still at School and got charged full fare on the bus home..
  6. fatzooma

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    I was at this one
  7. second goal still not announced on Radio Sheffield
  8. fatzooma

    Mel not happy

    Absolutely, he’s a very knowledgeable guy. Played at the top and should be respected.
  9. fatzooma

    Reinstate Stuart Gray

    Get rid of Jos and expect another leftfield choice of manager. KM has form in this department and DC will buy into it again.
  10. fatzooma

    Howard Wilkinson

    Personally I reckon he’s a bit past it age wise and I wouldn’t want to stress the guy. However, Wilco’s high tempo percentage play strategy is maybe what’s needed..maybe a DOF role?
  11. fatzooma

    Our Player values

    350k a piece
  12. Seen as though there won’t be any Radio Sheffield press conferences prior to a match, we won’t find anything out and those awkward questions will never be asked. Sheffield Wednesday are slowly becoming the North Korea of the Football League with their state owned media and propaganda.