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  1. Sell him..get rid..doesnt contribute anything...
  2. Now that the Cowleys are heading to udders...we seriously need to let Monk bring in who ever he wants..no point in making do.
  3. I watched it from behind the settee...couldn’t wait for it to be over.
  4. Tried and tested...Cowleys aren't. I reckon it’s a good move...but the I know nowt
  5. Have another poll asking if you had heard of the Cowleys before they were mentioned on Owlstalk. YES NO
  6. Totally agree...also love all the dinosaur argument yet Hughton’s name always gets a mention.
  7. Thinline Tele’s don’t cut it for me and neither would the Cowley’s with a pair of 330’s...now a 360 would add an element of refinement but still not good enough....Give me Hughton with a Gibson 335 any day.
  8. What we are becoming is less attractive by the week..Appoint a manager now
  9. Reach??? Nah it can’t have been...he’s not very good by all accounts
  10. Reach is just one wonder goal away from all the naysayers coming in their pants... Chill out...we are top of the league
  11. In one thread we are talking about ‘high pressing game’ and in another about dropping Reach.. Reach must cover every blade of grass during 90 minutes. ......and all this on the back of 3 wins and top of the league. reality check folks
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