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  1. Old enough to remember which is even creepier!
  2. fatzooma

    New manager fits fans criteria!

    I like Phil Brown but I think he’s had more than his ‘moment in the sun’
  3. fatzooma

    The Blavdes best ever chance to avenge BDM

    Yep, and didn’t they name it bouncing day or something?
  4. fatzooma

    Was it hooliganism in the 70's?

    Cheeky bit of slap and tickle back in the day...too many people get offended by the thought of having a Stanley knife opening up their face or having a their balls kicked up into their gut. Get a grip...it was only a bit of fun...
  5. Does Jos see something in Fox that the rest of the footballing world can’t see?
  6. A stay of execution..Although Megson got the boot the day after winning
  7. £50 for the night out in London? Is it still 1985?
  8. fatzooma

    Next Manager - It’s now so obvious

    Bob Peeters, it just has to be!
  9. fatzooma


    Said it for ages and he’s just what we need right now...For flipsake Chansiri...Go and acquire the services of Bob Peeters now!!
  10. fatzooma

    Chansiri kicking off

    ...and that’s what gets results....
  11. Inevitable, but not until we’ve raised enough money to lure Bob Peeters!!
  12. fatzooma

    Steve Haslam / Stuart Gray

    ....and you think Jos’s tactics are much better?