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  1. Hmmm...it’s nothing to do with football. More to do with Greed and Gluttony..The man is a sinner!
  2. With a bit of luck he’ll overdose on MSG and his heart will pop
  3. The absolute epitome of decency and polar opposite to bruce...
  4. Exactly...probably the same people who didn’t want Bruce but have been crying all week. the expectations of Wednesday fans astounds me.
  5. Absolute quality shirts..Centre Blue stripe!! What’s not to love? Nice distraction from other stuff
  6. I don’t think you had even heard of GVB up to 2 days ago.
  7. Yet in another post you said leave it till we get the right man? i don’t think Bullen is the long term answer but for a few days/weeks he’s probably the sensible choice, at least while the dust settles.
  8. I seriously think we are going to struggle to attract someone so I’d prefer Holloway than some Jos type appointment
  9. But maybe Hughton reads Owlstalk and you’ve just told him...well done
  10. We need a complete set of coaching staff as well cos Bullen and Weaver are not ideal, even in the short term
  11. Absolute BullshiT...how you can say he’s done nothing wrong is beyond me...he knew what he was getting into and had time to consider it in the time we gave him to grieve and get his head together. No loyalty, no honesty, no decency. i actually go back on my criticism of the MOTD panel when they laced into him. the man is a (unt end of..
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