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  1. Quite like West Brom so not them. West Ham on the other hand..I would love to see them come down.
  2. Matias, Abdi,Fletcher,Boyd,Rhodes,Jones need to go. I’d also argue that the Pelupessy experiment hasn’t/won’t work and look to bring in loans in that area. hunt is back up at best so I would also shift Palmer. Looven has been a good servant but should go if we are to progress. Pudil back up and Fox needs to put in some serious work or leave.
  3. Absolutely, I would have loved him back with us.
  4. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Forestieri anyone?
  5. FFP and avoiding an embargo

    I can see Hooper and Fletcher going. Really hope Hooper stays mind
  6. Ahh, the home of the fair dodger!
  7. As a train Guard, I’m glad I’m off this weekend!
  8. I think Liam Needham is one of em
  9. Tuesday night dilemma

    The relegation battle is beginning to get real!
  10. I want to believe we have acquired a rough diamond but I feel he won’t really get any better and is not what’s needed right now.
  11. I suppose you could but depends on which mid season...if we put the plans together now for the kit to read for the start of next season then there is a distinct possibility that it will be ready for mid point next season...or even the year after.
  12. Tuesday night dilemma

    A draw with some serious injuries and sending offs.
  13. It’s actually getting quite funny now! I can’t wait for the next instalment from our madcap owner!