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  1. I can get a ticket thursday if anyone needs one let me know
  2. Aye same boat as charlton. Will more than face or donate the excess than face to charity
  3. Anyone need a one, got a spare ID with tomorrow points?
  4. tried using the email on here and they keep getting rejected any ideas??
  5. ordered my city on second day of sale and still not arrived. Might nip to the post office tomorrow
  6. I'm at uni in nottingham so the bus would be ideal to get to games! Any idea who to get in contact with about it
  7. I hoped he would come back and get back to form that we loved him for. However with lavery back fit would he 4th choice and never get the chance?
  8. https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/1289552-matchday-ticket-to-wigan-athletic-at-hillsborough?ref=share-undefined-copy_box-web-deals&rui=206531458&rpi=176862004 Link for mine please :)
  9. fans will be furious! I've got mine so not to fussed
  10. it is obvious the club have sold out and shut the site so fans can't try and get them
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