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  1. Played poo to say it's a south Yorkshire derby very worrying so far this season
  2. Gutted if we lose ff for reported 7mil what kind of quality player can we get for 7mil
  3. Was a dull match 1 nill thriller can't lie but what a great day it was great fan Base
  4. We got nothing in midfield rushed a little and give ball away expected more from us for a final.but never happened to be honest we never looked like scoring dint think hull was that good as well and was there for taking great day out and fantastic fans
  5. Shame we dint get the result we wanted but what fantastic fans we have great day let's all look forward to next season more to come
  6. If we can't get through with a 2 nill lead we don't deserve it wake up Wednesday
  7. Need to get a grip there going to destroy us at this rate come on lads get the tempo back
  8. Ffs Wednesday come on my get a point from how this is going
  9. There's going to be a meltdown on here on the plus side blunts have lost
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