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  1. may be you need to read the question again== sheep i said didnt see bullen in the technical area didnt say he wasnt there ?? just for the sheep .he wasnt stood in the technical area with the manager for 90 minutes + injury time like he usually does
  2. didnt see bullen in the technical area on tuesday nite just the new manager ? noticed all back room staff was sporting rather nice matching blue/white striped bobble hats
  3. everybody is expecting us to be hammered on friday, everything is against us == new manager, a depleted squad. a team that as been void of ideas and a team who dont know how to play a football match beyond the half way line, our opponents ready for the kill, BUT this could be to our favor new manager new ideas and tactics even in the short time he as been here, players arent dumb they will have picked up quickly how he want to play what formations ,etc injuries havent help and 9 of the injured i wouldnt put in the squad anyway. i put clare in hes had a good period on loan at gillingham , united and there fans are being very cockie at the moment well jose and the boys may have a surprise in store come friday night when swfc are down being kicked from all angles we rise up and stand proud and fight back defeat may come but honour of wearing the famous Sheffield wednesday shirt can never be taken for granted
  4. nothing better in football than a fa cup replay at Hillsborough on a cold Tuesday night -- 16th January 7.45 kick off ,hopefully its cheap enough to get the ground full and we can have a 2018 cup run as well as a 2018 resurgence back up the league a few loan players in a lot off loaded and just maybe we can get a top 6 finish
  5. new manager installed makes a change to get a manager who,s actually a new face and name, from the usual dross of deadbeat managers that do the rounds when a football job comes up , also a new ceo another good appointment, hopefully shes handing back the cheques to the thick so called wednesday fans wanting season ticket refunds with a "go forth and multiple" message , and we got a 0.0 today wasn't pretty but we are still in the 4th round draw which makes a change owlstalk members before a match baah baah
  6. fans = supporters= customers let chillax abit every bodies getting there christmas socks in a twist, it will be all right in the end ,true it dont look to rosy at the moment and after mondays performance we hit the bottom of a large barrel , so the only way now is up, yes the players need to take a lot of the responsibilty for the inapt performances and also carlos and his merry men of Portuguese trainers have a lot to answer for, but their era as finished we start a new now . the chairman as come in for a lot of flak rightly or wrongly the guys heart is 100% blue and white and wants to succeed and he will get us into the promised land. then we have the new ceo appointed which stoked the flames of discontent abit more , ffs give the lass a chance she might just be the person needed to bring sanity back to the club , what ever happened at charlton was always going to happen the club was screwed before she arrived charlton should have been bulldozed and made into a shopping mall 20 years ago for the good of football ps neg away i love it want to get ot 2k neq by june 18
  7. just as predicted lazy unfit players not fit to wear the famous swfc shirts, its not a touch and brush we need when the new manager is appointed its a full operation and cleansing
  8. i hope tomorrow the players actually show some sheffield steel and put a proper performance in for us the fans for swfc and themselves another brentford performance is not acceptable all this injury crap is a smoke scren we have 2/3 replacements for each injured player if bullen bothers to look beyond the selections he started against forest and brentford i just hope we dont become a cropper against burton if they score 1st it wil be 11 burton players never past the halfway line TIME FOR THESE UNFIT NON PRODUCTIVE PLAYERS TO ACTUALLY WEAR OUR CLUB SHIRT WITH PRIDE AND PUT A PROPER SHIFT IN FOR ONCE before anyone of the owlstalk sheep fraternity points out who look 1000 negs so what get over it add to it feel free then you can go back to being sheep
  9. bullen beginning to sound like carlos and he,s only been in charge 2 matches ( 2 matches to many) we have a squad of 28 players plus youth team and he comes out with the injury excuse again we have frederico venancio been here for around 6 months never played one efl game ,?? he was saying today after the match- the team was leggy after 15 minutes ?? the teams just had 7 days to recover, well here a surprise you've got 48 hours rest before our next match god help us we are going to get hammered against burton === bullen do us a favour get thee sen off to the liberty stadium m1 ,m5 m4 follow the directions
  10. carlos as gone thanks for 2 great seasons but you fell on your own sword we move on football as no sentiment, now s the time to clear the rest out including bullen, he asnt covered himself with glory during these times and all the so called fitness coaches, technicians etc etc , and the person/persons who overseas transfers they have cost swfc millions in unnecessary transfers of poor players on stupid wages megson /pullis combination is the only way forward and we might just make it 3 rd time lucky for promotion
  11. i can live with losing and live with being played off the park if, as long as we have given 100% each time , sometimes you have to say the other team was better today etc etc, what isn't acceptable is players going though the motions not trying stealing a wage and couldn't give to hoots about the fans the club the history of swfc we have a manager whos tactics are now alien to when he walked in to swfc 2+ years ago, and cant see anything wrong in how he sets the team up to play, a chairman who as invested in swfc more than any chairman in swfc,s history but is being advised very badly and now learning swfc isnt a cash cow to milk dry at every opportunity. fans will buy into the dream if they see a dream unfolding and progress is being made, id like to see mr chansiri say no more money for transfers in January the gravy train stops until you trim the squad and off load 7/8 players , see how the manager and his masses of back room staff cope doing this, we have gone from having no money and 26m in debt and survived a winding up order, to now squandering funds in a obscene way and still not moving any closer to the premier league
  12. looks like wednesday pulling the plug on any more stock of shirts this season what you see in in shop is whats left there be no away shirt or 150th year anniversary kit ,chansiri cutting his losses for this season out of approx 25 sizes from infant, children women and men we have 3 sizes on display season finishes in 6 months absolute shambles by the club i can see the so called 150th year anniversary kit being next seasons away kit and we go back to having a white stripes incorporated in the home kit chansiri made a massive mistake not including stripes bit like the cardiff chairman when he tried to change there team colours completely a very proud football club being run by a very poor chairman and clueless manager
  13. forget about the poor performances when is the away kit and the 150th year white kit being released . this is now a matter of great urgency forget brexit or that the football we are playing will send a insomniac to sleep we need these kits on sale we need them now
  14. its painfully obvious a change is needed not only in the manager position but also the playing staff needs refreshing. this is something we didnt do other than odd player at the start of the season we now need a major overall with id say 7/8 players going out, and bring in 4 better quality players , the players clear havent the stomach to play for swfc , the impression is that the dressing room is very toxic at the moment
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