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  1. Has anyone heard when this will be? Will it more than likely be February 1st when he takes charge?
  2. Alex Bruce responding to a villa fan slagging off Bruce.. Also took you from the relegation zone to a play off final within 12 months, left you with a far healthier squad on and off the field, with a net spend of next to nothing compared to previous managers who spent millions but all good #haters
  3. S W F C

    Red Button Coverage

    Cheers, will check tommorow then.
  4. S W F C

    Red Button Coverage

    Sorry if it’s been mentioned already, but heard a few people say the game is on red button tommorow, is it???
  5. Yep or that, but if you can’t do any of that, you need to take him down. We have never been good at “clever fouls”. Thought joey had an excellent game up to the 85th minute.
  6. How can anyone blame Jos for 4 players not bringing down Barnes?
  7. Tottenham will listen to offers for Toby Alderweireld, Danny Rose and Mousa Dembele. For those who don’t know the circumstances with Tottenham, why are they selling 3 of there best players?
  8. S W F C

    Wigan travel

    Inter City owl are charging £20 for adults - see https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/july/ticket-details-wigan-v-wednesday/ train prices arent bad either. Around £25 for anytime return
  9. S W F C

    Wigan tickets

    My dad isn’t using his ID for Wigan, but has enough points to get them tommorow. However, he’s never signed up online as he goes into shop to get them all the time. How do I sign him up using his ID so I can use it to get a ticket? Ive got him down in friends and family, but someone mentioned above that it won’t work.
  10. S W F C

    Wigan tickets?

    Yes you can purchase any ticket with any ID
  11. S W F C

    Wigan tickets?

    Wigan Athletic Allocation 4,550 ALL TICKET Ticket Prices: Adults: £28 Over 65: £15 Under 18: £10 Under 11: £5* Under 5: £2* *Only available when purchased with an Adult #swfc Wigan Sales (1/2) Mon 23/7 9am: STH w 660+TPP Mon 23/7 2pm: STH w 630+TPP Tues 24/7 9am: STH w 600+TPP Tues 24/7 2pm: STH w 570+TPP Wed 25/7 9am: STH w 540+TPP Wed 25/7 2pm: STH w 510+TPP Thurs 26/7 9am: STH w 490 + TPP Thurs 26/7 2pm: STH w 460 + TPP #swfc Wigan Sales (2/2) Fri 27/7 9am: All Season Ticket Holders Fri 27/7 2pm: All Owls Foundation Members Mon 30/7 9am: General Sale All sales dates subject to availability #swfc
  12. Give him away to get him off wage bill