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  1. Still think FF is in talks about signing a new contract. Monk was asked again about how he felt about losing Fox and fletcher, but no mention of FF?
  2. No need for the abuse tho is there. Especially fox, the abuse he got was ridiculous and I don’t blame any of them for wanting to leave if so
  3. Two sides to every story. Don’t blame any of them for rejecting a contract if it’s a lot lower than what they are currently on. It’s a short career and they need to make as much as possible before they retire. Some of the comments on here abusing the players is ridiculous. We have such a toxic fan base at times
  4. Maybe. Only one I’m disappointed in is Fletcher, but can understand with our current finance situation and his age
  5. The official site does not say that tho, which is what I meant. Strange they have said Winnall and Hutch will, but didn’t for the rest.
  6. Anyone think talks are still ongoing with FF, fletch and fox? They have said Winnall and Hutchinson will be released after 30th June but no mention of fox, Fletcher and FF?
  7. Am I right in thinking we can still watch the games live on Ifollow in the UK - for a fee?
  8. Hopefully reach does not return until end of his contract
  9. Name me a better player ? Arguably fletcher... even the players said it the other day. Shame he’s had the injuries, I for one will be gutted if he does not get a new contract
  10. Best player at the club. He is the only one who looks to create something.
  11. Apparently his home is up for sale https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-77425447.html
  12. Dawson 6 - nothing really to do, kicking isn’t great Palmer 6 - best choice at RB Iorfa 9 - quality yet again. What a bargain. Someone in the premiership will snap him up eventually Borner 8 - Solid as ever. For his size he wins an awful lot! Never ever backs out of a challenge and bounces straight back up when he does go down. Him and Iorfa are the best CB partnership we’ve had in a long time Odabajo 6 - better than usually but still scares me every time he tries to defend. Need better Harris 6 - fairly quiet, would like to see him run at defenders more! Played quite deep today Pellupessy 6 - ok today. Kept the ball moving but doesn’t really offer much going forward Bannan 6 - when will a manager learn to play him further forward. He’s so much better up top end of the pitch creating rather than collecting from defence Murphy 6 - did ok. Stepped up last couple of games. Reach 5 - not sure why people thought he was good today. He backs out of everything challenge which is soo frustrating. Way to soft, and is 100% not a number 10. Should be on the bench. Niuhu 6 - nothing he could really do today. Had 2 men sandwiching him every time and ref falling for it every time, yet he jumps against one of their players and he gets penalised. Frustrating. Subs... FF... 7 - best player at the club. As soon as he came on it gave everyone a lift. He has to start every game when fit. Da Cruz 6.5 - looked good from the little he played. Looks to have a swag/cockiness about him. Looked very lively. Would start him ahead of reach Saturday
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