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  1. https://www.watfordfc.com/news/official-hornets-sign-highly-rated-garner Signed for Watford officially
  2. Stay tuned for some more transfer news coming out of Hillsborough tonight. #SWFC https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/all-about/sheffield-wednesday-fc
  3. I don’t get how we managed to f it up... if they agreed we could do it, but then changed their mind, what have we done wrong?
  4. Can someone summarise please in simple terms? My understanding is that the EFL had agreed that we could include the stadium sale in the accounts but then changed their mind? What have we actually done wrong?
  5. Disagree with this. If it weren’t for coronavirus the season would have ended ages ago, meaning they would have no choice to give us the penalty next season.
  6. Interested in signing “Keke” Simmonds apparently - From Man City. Close mates with FDB
  7. I would love to know what evidence Chansiri had to allow the stadium sale in previous accounts, and if he did have evidence, how have we not got away with it? if he did not have evidence, did he really think he would get away with it..
  8. Can someone please clarify - so we sold the stadium and backdated it to previous years accounts, hoping to make a profit in that tax year.. However this has been rejected meaning we broke the FFP rules. So what happens to the stadium sale, do we include that in this years accounts?
  9. Still think FF is in talks about signing a new contract. Monk was asked again about how he felt about losing Fox and fletcher, but no mention of FF?
  10. No need for the abuse tho is there. Especially fox, the abuse he got was ridiculous and I don’t blame any of them for wanting to leave if so
  11. Two sides to every story. Don’t blame any of them for rejecting a contract if it’s a lot lower than what they are currently on. It’s a short career and they need to make as much as possible before they retire. Some of the comments on here abusing the players is ridiculous. We have such a toxic fan base at times
  12. Maybe. Only one I’m disappointed in is Fletcher, but can understand with our current finance situation and his age
  13. The official site does not say that tho, which is what I meant. Strange they have said Winnall and Hutch will, but didn’t for the rest.
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