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  1. Not really, use the money we get for Joao to buy hector
  2. Did anyone watch Harris interview? Said everyone fit bar one? Who’s the one?
  3. I don’t get people saying Mike Ashley is the main one to blame. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a full on d8ck, but in this situation he has identified his target and gone for him. He’s a businessman at the end of the day, so regardless if we don’t think 1 million is enough, he’s bound to try and do the best business for himself. The main culprit is Bruce. Get rid and get someone else in who wants to be here. In any other situation I wouldn’t be bothered he wanted to talk to Newcastle, but the fact that Chansiri waited and let him have an extended break with his family before he started just shows what the guy is really like. I hope chansiri sticks to his guns and gets as close to the 5 mil as possible. The only worry in this is that Newcastle back out and chansiri is stuck with Bruce who dosnt want to be here.
  4. Agreed, can’t be a coincidence he’s replying to him either, suggest odabajo is all but a done deal to me. Let’s hope hector follows!
  5. I’ll be the first to say it... is it on red button?
  6. Iorfa at RB, and Palmer in CM... interesting
  7. Never done this before. Assuming I just sign in on sky app using same details as sky go and it will be on live section? I can only see option for “West Brom V Forest”. Will an option appear to click red button?
  8. Seems like the wolves fans rate him... https://twitter.com/wolves/status/1091094734750261249?s=12
  9. Has anyone heard when this will be? Will it more than likely be February 1st when he takes charge?
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