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  1. That hasn’t happened - sounds like something you hear from blades “the star hates us!” ”radio Sheffield hates us!” ”the council hates us”
  2. The same here with iorfa taking over at right back from odubajo.
  3. I think Murphy will be ok for us. he was poor today but has shown bits of real quality - particularly on his debut. he got hooked and dropped by bullen a couple of times so might have lost a bit of rhythm but I think we should persevere.
  4. I think he’s been awful every game he’s played. constantly out of position. Dives into tackles. takes himself out of the game trying to win headers on the touch line. gives the ball away. beaten too easily when someone runs at him. dont like having a go but he needs either a rocket off the management or dropping.
  5. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. odubajo has yet to have a good game for us though - i can’t help it if that makes you upset - it’s just my opinion.
  6. Odubajo was dire. he’s not had a good game yet.
  7. He was poor. Odubajo was garbage again also. rest very good.
  8. From memory it was our inability to deal with the tall wide player that came on in the second half who completely changed the game.
  9. I miss Carlos. It’s been shybo since he left let’s face it.
  10. The chairman should have either backed him for the management position from the start or not at all. if this was some kind of interview for the job - he’s hardly had a disastrous start - what did he need to do to get it? i think the chairman’s now put him in an awkward position where he’s perceived to have failed - when he’s hardly had a chance. i didn’t want bullen to be our manager - not because I don’t like him but because we need an experienced manager in the mould of Bruce - we’ve now got something in between bullen and Bruce and if I was bullen I’d be a bit annoyed.
  11. Because he says he was terrible and created a real negativity around the place. also says he wasted £50m on transfers and ended up being investigated around it.
  12. Mates a boro season ticket holder. despises him.
  13. How did we all realise that again?
  14. Against Barnsley without bannan Harris and Murphy were unplayable- because the midfield were consistently feeding them the ball to feet to run at their full back. Not a 70 yard pass on to their toe - just consistently winning it and giving it.
  15. Hutchinson is excellent and one of our most effective players.
  16. It’s bannan who’s not as good as everyone thinks. good player but over rated. our best performance of this season was without him in the team.
  17. Come on then. Who got the other in the 4-1 win? first one to answer gets absolutely nothing but a fleeting sense of self worth.....
  18. I meant why you think he’s still got it in him to do well?
  19. The worry I have is we’ve lost the only 2 tricky looking games out of the first five and made hard work out of the other 3. 9 points off two newly promoted sides and a relegation candidate and 2 defeats off seasoned championship sides.
  20. There’s a reason Brentford didn’t keep odubajo which we’re now finding out.
  21. He has been awful. Said it a couple of weeks ago. amazed he keeps getting picked over iorfa. constantly out of position. over commits in challenges.
  22. Palmer should play he’s been excellent at LB since moving there.
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