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  1. Why does the new owner have to do that? a coherent recruitment strategy, a decent commercial strategy, a decent PR strategy with fans would all be a decent start.
  2. The daft thing is - everyone is up in arms - but neither of em are that good anymore. westwood was dropping clangers pre Xmas and (although I do rate him) Hutchinson isn’t the player he was in the play off seasons. hutchinson was playing until recently. them two coming back isn’t going to stop this mess
  3. no. Because we need leadership from the top down and we haven’t got it.
  4. Needs to put us up for sale. ASAP.
  5. Ahh here we go - it’s palmers fault again. glad someone reminded me for a second I was starting to think it was the complete car crash of ownership, manager, overpaid, underachieving, unmotivated, lazy squad of players. but someone reminded me it was the lad that’s played at wednesday all his life and always done his best and captained us for the first time today. thanks......
  6. no-they need to know they are in danger of getting us relegated because they can’t be arsed to make games a battle and collapse as soon as they come up against a side that competes. they are in the large - a disgrace - and aren’t what i associate with a club I’ve supported for 35 years.
  7. I think he deserves time - although the team selection, formation, player commitment and tactics over recent games is becoming a worry to me.
  8. I want to agree but it’s strange that 2 of last 3 managers have binned them.
  9. Bannan plays for himself. when everything else is going well that looks good. when it’s not he’s exposed as not being as good as he thinks he is. he wasn’t the worst or the only one that under performed tonight - but I knew from a few minutes in he thought he was gonna get his own way against a poor team - when he realised he wasn’t he showed he didn’t want to know.
  10. no chance mate -although I admire your optimism
  11. Monk isn’t the problem. Not at the moment anyway. its the failure at the top - manifested in bad recruitment, strategy and everything else really. calling monk out who’s been in the job no time and having inherited this car crash is daft.
  12. I wouldn’t turn up tonight either.you'll be the only one there.
  13. Positive start - goal after 15 mins to put us in lead. missed opportunity to make it 2 shortly after. following hour sees us create nothing and Luton gradually get on top and equalise with around 15mins to go. we frantically try to hold on to the draw to come out with something from the game but concede again shortly before the end. just enough time for us to get a corner in injury time where atdhe plays head tennis with himself in the box trying to force it home but it’s ultimately cleared. monk says that it’s a process and there were positives and that we’ll take the positives with the negatives but also the positives mean there’s not as many negatives so stay positive for next week.
  14. Coming out of 3 fixtures with Wigan, Barnsley and Luton with only 4 points is a disaster - anything less would be a disgrace. these fixtures were an opportunity to at least suggest we hadn’t thrown in the play-offs which we’ve missed.
  15. but he is guilty of smashing a lad over the back of the head with a wooden stick though isn’t he? so presumably the only thing Is to establish if that in that circumstance it was justified. can you think of something that the lad could have done there that would justify it?
  16. Harris for de Cruz - otherwise agree
  17. yeah could you imagine Martin Scott at half time to his assistant “here mate someone’s just passed me a letter saying this game is rigged and there will be a penalty awarded against us - should we say anything?” ”no boss” “ok” after game “weird how I’ve got this letter saying a penalty would given and we’ve had a really dodgy penalty given against us - should I say nothing now and nothing for the next 15 years?“ ”yes boss” ”sound”
  18. Same mate - if it was my lad I would have cracked him without a second thought. And I’m no police hater but that is shocking.
  19. There is no excuse for the police officer. its a disgrace and he should be sacked. disgusting.
  20. I actually thought about your post when I saw the team lineup yesterday mate. You weren’t far off. I’m amazed he picked that side though.
  21. 4 forwards and bannan In midfield and with a youth team player in holding role - I love football manager too.
  22. Exactly - people constantly use the argument “he’s put his money in” etc yes he has - and now we have an overpaid under skilled squad with millions squandered on wages, sky high ticket prices, a possible points deduction and have sold our ground. Maybe he should have kept it in his pocket.
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