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  1. i don’t think measuring a player by how team did is particular useful. for example - we got 4 points from the away games at derby and Charlton - but he gifted Charlton their equaliser - although we ultimately won. And he gave away the penalty that cost us two points at derby. so let’s just say they were the only two games he played in - his record would be undefeated and 2 points per game but he actually cost us 2 points and could have cost us 4. he didn’t start ok under bullen either - he has been consistently poor.
  2. pointless stats. hes been a car crash of a player for us. in one of those games where we only let in two goals he gave penalties away for both of them! lost us points on numerous occasions. Giving penalties away - getting sent off - constantly out of position. Useless. he’s already been listed as available for transfer but bizarrely brought back in to fold by monk afterwards. I’d have been impressed if after his awful first few performances he’d stepped up but he got worse.
  3. Stopped reading when I got to “Moses is a good player” he’s diabolical.
  4. Probably our best player - not so strong in the tackle so inexplicably derided by some.
  5. totally agree - the collapse of reserve team football has kept players back for decades. lads at 22 shouldn’t be kicking balls about with other 22 years olds they should be playing with and against experienced players.
  6. agree nothing of what I’ve said is intended to undermine Nilsson - great player for us.
  7. And Tassotti. i don’t recall Milan racing to replace him with Nilsson when he was up for sale for £375k. by the way - really liked Roland Nilsson and was a very good player but annoys me when people scoff at comparisons with sterland as if you’re talking about some world great - when sterland was in my view anyway the more effective player and certainly in the same league even if Nilsson is your preference.
  8. played 4 seasons in top flight for Wednesday, one in relegation team. Rest in lower leagues or Sweden bar a brief end of career run out for Coventry city. when leaving us at 30 years of age signed for Helsingborg. Biggest transfer fee of £350k when players like Garry pallister were going for £2m. best right back in world - don’t be daft. and I stand by what I said - all round I would pick sterland over Nilsson. played more games at the top level, scored more goals, more of an attacking threat.
  9. Your kidding yourself if you think Nilsson was the best right back in the world. .
  10. sterland scored nearly 50 goals for Wednesday, played for England, won the league with Leeds etc. nilsson was a great player but every year that passes gets shifted up another level to the point where someone was saying he was the best right back in the world whilst playing for us which obviously isn’t the case. if I had to pick either for my best 11 it would be sterland.
  11. No - sterland was miles better youre right.
  12. First series was great - players were visibly getting healthier And fitter from the process. this series was pretty average for me - just a load of blokes wandering around in the middle of nowhere saying how concerned they were for “razor” and “merse” whilst sat plying razor with drink in a bar whilst he sat with a bra round his head and a sober merson sat upstairs in a hotel room on his own worrying about him.
  13. I don’t believe he’s necessarily lying - but his stories are so off the mark all the time I rarely believe any of them.
  14. exactly - a 20 year old who doesn’t even have any symptoms goes for a haircut and inadvertently transmits it to the next customer who is a 70 year old man with a heart condition who dies.
  15. Footballers will also have families they’ll be worried about - Troy deeney for example has a young son who has had breathing problems. troy deeney as a person is massively low risk for getting seriously ill with the virus but his son might not be.
  16. I agree to a point but contact sport and football in particular is a bit different - youve for physically contact people on and off for long periods-you gonna go and head the ball and have faces and spit and sweat contacting each other. They wouldn’t be sending people back to do a Normal. job where every few minutes you had to grapple with someone in the factory and put your face in contact with someone elses every few minutes.
  17. they started him on the opening day the following season and he got rinsed. i always like the look of him but he’s tainted now and if he comes back in the first mistake he makes hell be hounded out again. Need to shift him on.
  18. The Sanderson sponsor used to get covered in a thin film of gruff if you remember
  19. agree with all of this but would probably just add “and Almen abdi” after Francis Jeffers.
  20. He was useless in every game bar Forest - after being given a chance.
  21. people always say give him 10 games. he then starts 5 and is abject and rightly dropped. i wouldn’t mind if he scores 1 on 10 if he contributed to the team overall but without a goal it’s generally just 90 mins of him losing headers and bring outpaced by defenders with an occasional missed chance.
  22. I thought he was a good player but in hindsight was probably a luxury we couldn’t afford. Certainly not someone to get stuck in but was decent - owes us nowt put it that way.
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