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  1. If you go and buy one other than for your kid you’re basically excusing the club for the shambles. 4 months into season - here’s my £50 sir.....I wouldn’t have one given me by the club.
  2. To be honest anyone who goes and pays £50 for our kit when it finally comes out is part of the problem. i can get it if people are buying them for their kids but anyone else is basically asking to be shafted.
  3. Isn’t football rubbish these days. remember how great it was when you just used to walk down the ground and have a laugh and cheer them on. sh*te now.
  4. This is a good post and is pretty much bang on. if rod and emu had turned up 3 years ago and said they were gonna sort out a pitch that was like Blackpool beach, replace a scoreboard run on coal and spend £30m+ on players people would still have been chuffed. it wouldn’t mean they knew what they are doing. At the minute we can’t even sell kits to our own fans....it’s that bad.
  5. Make your own semedo tweet - simply rearrange any of the following words into any given order; winning positive wednesday love the fans thoughts day win strong
  6. I was delighted we signed him - he’s been a disaster so far.
  7. Wildsmith

    He’s a good young keeper. slating wildsmith is daft.
  8. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Ill take Alex Ferguson’s view on his performance at Everton over yours mate to be honest.
  9. No. You can also add the fact that it costs an effin fortune to go and watch us now aswell. i don’t get the surprise - he probably didn’t know who we were 3 years ago and everyone just assumed he’s some Father Christmas come over to sponsor our ride to the premier league. We’ve better players since he came so can cut him some slack but the rest of the job he’s done is very poor. i said this from the off but was regularly called a pig.
  10. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Moyes would be a fantastic appointment -can’t see it happening though unfortunately.
  11. They weren’t more talented or skilful. I’m not downplaying the talent of those players - don’t get me wrong. its not even right to compare. but put our current team in whatever kit you want and whatever ball on whatever pitch and they would batter that side. the games moved on - it’s not a criticism of the former just a fact.
  12. They would still get hammered - sorry but it’s true.
  13. One of his best performances was away at Leicester - 1-0 down and with ten men and he was magnificent. booth equalised with a fantastic volley to make it 1-1. got so drunk after my mam threw me out the next morning after I sleepwalked into the airing cupboard during the night and p*d all over the towels. let me back in the following afternoon. great times :)
  14. Football wasn’t rubbish - it was where it was at the time - but those teams would get beat by a cricket score against modern day teams.