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  1. they’re just totally different events, at completely different times, giving rise to a completely different set of circumstances - so by saying get on with it because 320,000 died In the Somme you may as well say “get on with it because of Burger King”
  2. You probably get me now because you’ve changed what I’ve said completely to something you understand.
  3. just because it’s currently in the doldrums doesn’t mean I don’t like football - or Wednesday - I would hope it eventually finds its way back to the sport it once was. i just don’t care how a rich chairman/owner and his millionaire staff and players attempt to manoeuvre their way through this issue without trying to lose any of their money and with seeming little appetite to contribute anything else.
  4. Footballs just being shown up for what it has become over recent years - a non-essential matter that generates and pays out millions of pounds to people who don’t do much. we always knew this - it’s just now a torch has been shined on it. couldn't care less whatever the outcome really.
  5. These two things are so vastly different you might have well as compared Covid-19 to the moon landings.
  6. If true - pretty typical of irresponsible football clubs. couldnt care less about em.
  7. I thought he was awful. god awful. terrible touch, couldn’t really pass or head the ball. pace absolutely which got him out of trouble and occasionally allowed a bit of a surging run to get the crowd going but he would have been out of the game now even if he hadn’t packed up.
  8. He was a below average premier league striker who became an average to occasionally above average wide midfielder mainly because of a willingness to work hard. was never class and certainly not unstoppable. degryse was a very good player - more should have been done to keep him if possible.
  9. this is a good one because his signing was seen as an indication of our demise at the time but he was actually very good. his debut away at Everton was excellent.
  10. he was popular though so doesn’t really fit in this scenario.
  11. I know care went into a superb rugby career. did any of the other players make it and if so which ones and where at?
  12. i remember - I think palace had a shot that missed the post by about an inch in injury time.
  13. i think Irwin was a much better player than Worthington to be fair.
  14. good player for us. He was a never more or less a 7 out of 10 pretty much every week. which over 400 games Is going some.
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