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  1. And the week before at Charlton when he committed himself far too high up the pitch which cost us. Bloke must be responsible for at least half a dozen goals. Awful.
  2. Moving iorfa is not the solution - he’s excellent at centre back. odubajo has cost us minimum 5 goals personally - off top of my head - 2 pens at preston - pen tonight - Brentford last week - Charlton week before there’s probably more but have had a drink. Terrible right back.
  3. On the sky football app all the other games are marked as being shown on “sky football” And ours is shown as being shown on “sky action”. does this mean we’re the featured game or something else?
  4. I don't care about P&S rules- it's beyond boring. We'll have Martin Lewis presenting on Sky Sports at this rate.
  5. weird isn’t it. I would agree with one - Palmer for odubajo.
  6. lets say you were given inside information that Wednesday were going to be given a 60 point deduction by efl and would be relegated. youre the only one who knows. wednesday are on ladbrokes at 50/1 to go down and you have a grand in the bank. you can make £50k - what do you do?
  7. betting on it isn’t going to change any of what you said though.
  8. yes absolutely. 6/7 years of being reliable, effective, scored some important goals, works hard.
  9. Great player for us over the years - not the best - not the worst - always affects the game.
  10. who cares about how much money he’s spent - it was his choice/risk and his potential reward. it doesn’t offset the rest of the absolute mess that we’re now in.
  11. You’ve just gone from last 20 years to comparing it to the 1970s.
  12. We’re marginally better now then we have been - in that we now are skirt around the fringes of the play offs rather than not getting near them. were still not particularly good though - and have paid a massive price for the privilege - including selling our ground and the rest.
  13. “Remained close to his heart“ He should have done a better job of looking after it then. what exactly makes you think it remains close to his heart?
  14. He’s been disastrous. an aggressive statement about suing the league we play in for compensation Is a further risky ill thought out strategy - lose - get ready.
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