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  1. Good player. Signed to help change our style under Wilkinson but never really happened. sold to arsenal.
  2. But if you start any comparison at the beginning of a bad run you will always find relegation form. if you’d took it after the Preston game we’d be certs to go down. The only thing that is meaningful is the current league table which doesn’t suggest we’re in trouble.
  3. Why don’t you go back 30 games and add in the 5 wins we had on the spin at the end of last season?
  4. He plays for RC Lens according to wiki. not doing that bad.
  5. Adam Reach

    Reach is a good footballer but people are right to call him out for his bottle. ive never seen a pro footballer nesh as many tackles / headers as him.
  6. Think its bad now

    That was awful - a complete lack of urgency and desire to get 3 points that were there for the taking.
  7. Course not. im just making the point in the difference between attitudes. We got a better result than them against Bristol.
  8. Everyone wet theirselves when we drew at home to Bristol - they’ve just turned united over and they’re all walking out saying how well they played even though they lost. get positive
  9. No he got a straight red.
  10. Liked Nilsson and he was an excellent player. People are really odd about him though - he was very good - but people talk about him like he was Maradona. Best in the world? Nah sorry.
  11. It was great - so much better than the carbuncle we currently have. There was no need to change it.
  12. It would be strange to tell someone not to pass the ball quickly and positively and to not slice through opposition defences wouldn’t it?
  13. The missing link...

    It’s not. Its forestieri.
  14. Agree - it’s a start. hopefully if it takes off (which I think it will) there might be a bit more investment in giving it its own identity so to speak. good stuff Wednesday. i personally think it will be rammo every game.