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  1. Where would you play them and who would you leave out?
  2. ka58


    I would be delighted with that.
  3. ka58

    The Westwood problem

    We need to Sell Westwood for a reasonable fee ASAP.
  4. ka58

    Elev8 done it again

    They really aren't quality products though are they - I hope the grandkids enjoy them but lets not kid ourselves.
  5. ka58

    Sean Clare

    Fair does.
  6. ka58

    Sean Clare

    I would tell him he’s got a week to accept contract or it’s withdrawn.
  7. What people are forgetting is that they want him, but we want rid of him. Norwich will know this which is why we won't just be able to demand what we want for Jordan Rhodes. I just hope the deal goes through - Hunt and Rhodes were both on my list of disposable assets to try and assist with the FFP situation. Two out in a couple of days would be good work by the club.
  8. ka58

    Lee & Hutch

    I would let Hutchinson go if we can his wages paid on loan. Lee should play in midfield providing he’s fit.
  9. ka58

    Adam Reach last season

    Had my reservations-showed himself to be a very good player last season.
  10. Said for a long time the criticism of Palmer is unwarranted. hes played almost 150 games for us now - largely at championship level and is certainly no worse than hunt for me. will be on nowhere near that money and didn’t cost a transfer fee. i think he needs a boost in confidence which might come from being picked on the right side with a back 3 - rather than an orthodox right back position.
  11. David jones next please.
  12. Glad. He’s not great. We need freshening up anyway and it’s decent money and a chunk off the wage bill for someone who could leave for nothing next year. of the players I’m worried about leaving hes way down the list.
  13. What do people think he was on a week - £15k?
  14. ka58

    Feel a bit sorry for Mr Chansiri

    I think save for a general increase in the squad from lower half strugglers to mid to upper half challengers pretty much everything else has been managed terribly. kits tickets manager signings marketing it goes on.
  15. You’ll have enough for the shirt but not enough for the tram home afterwards.