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  1. I think the point they are making is that as we charge rip off prices we can’t grumble at being ripped off by other teams. im sure their commercial department can sleep easy selling us tickets at that price when we charge top whack ourselves.
  2. If you’re watching Wednesday at the moment - and have come to the conclusion that Palmer is struggling you either don’t know the game or have a pre-assumed opinion about his ability. hes been consistently good at left back since moving there and in part has removed some of the urgency over fixing the left back problem. hes starting for Scotland this weekend in a team full of players who in the majority far better than those at Wednesday which will only make him improve further. utter rubbish to say he’s struggling.
  3. Were we unlucky not to win? I don’t think so. i don’t know why you’re trying to defend it. The majority of those losses were under Lee bullen- so maybe monk will fix it - but I doubt it because of the players we have. Particularly up front.
  4. I wouldn’t call it a travesty at all - we were also lucky to get an opportunity to score in the 94th minute. either way whether it was luck or not - we drew and my remaining point stands - we’ve only beaten 2 newly promoted teams and two struggling teams. We’ve lost all of the other games save for a home draw with Fulham.
  5. Everytime we've played anyone half decent we've lost - except for Fulham - where we were lucky not to lose and drew. Our wins have been against Barnsley, Huddersfield, Boro, Reading and Luton. Bar a miracle from Monk we will be bang average mid-table.
  6. If we had any capable of playing they would be playing. Jos tried it regardless - remember him?
  7. Came on tonight - anonymous - he’s finished. get him off the books for gods sake. it makes me sad watching him chase round like a dog looking for his favourite toy.
  8. Yes when it costs £40 to buy a ticket.
  9. FA Cup final 1993. I was 12 and was absolutely devastated.
  10. The “sell your ground” chant today was brilliant
  11. He was magnificent today - completely dominated their strikers along with borner - brilliant.
  12. Fans are as much to blame now. on another thread I was asked if i was “on crack” for saying I would prefer to have beaten a premier league team and gone into the 4th round of the cup than beat boro in a mid-table league game tomorrow.
  13. No - I take it you disagree? give us a quick explanation as to why you think beating middlesborough away on Saturday is better than beating Everton on Tuesday then?
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