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  1. and a potential points deduction and the sale of our stadium on top.
  2. Ok - but because you’ve said it for a long time doesn’t make it true though. I’m not saying he’s the worlds best otherwise he wouldn’t be playing for Wednesday but a Left sided player who, creates goals, scores goals, versatile, good passer of the ball. player of the year a couple of seasons ago. picked by every manager he’s played under.
  3. Based on the fact that he is technically very good, works hard and is rarely injured. it was only a week ago an intelligent run and great pull back set up our goal at Leeds / when everyone decided we were good again. and now we’ve realised we’re not that good and suddenly it’s Adam reach’s fault.
  4. Ah the bi-monthly “reach is over-rated” thread. how I’ve missed thee. hes one of our best players.
  5. The problem is - we don’t have a plan. the chairman’s aim is to get to the premier league - but he doesn’t have a plan. so what he did was invest a lot of money into the playing squad to fulfil his aim - but it didn’t work - and now were a loss making club without a squad capable of fulfilling his initial aim and are outside the ffp rules. so now the chairman is trying to come up with initiatives to forward sell our revenue to keep in the Ffp rules - but those options are running out - we’ve had taxis, drinks, season ticket offers, ground sale, ridiculous pay on the gate prices, daft corporate box prices , all just to keep us in the rules for the time being. all that has been done instead of formulating a sustainable plan to improve the club. we are in real danger of being a club unable to recruit, with points deducted and having already spent our gate receipts on an ageing unbalanced squad - and the only strategy is to come up with another front selling idea. its an awful approach to running our club - and all people are bothered about is when we can spend some more money to permeate the problem. a mess.
  6. it’s because when we lose a game supporters think we’ve had it - and when we win they think we’re going up. the nature of the championship suggests you’ll have some up and down results. hes just tempering expectation. It’s boring but I can understand it really.
  7. No - I mean giving the club owner who told you he was selling up last year, is under investigation by the EFL, and has just transferred ownership of the club to his wife, £4.5k of your money up front to cover the next 10+ years of watching Wednesday.
  8. Imagine looking at this offer and deciding to buy it. Madness.
  9. Just another warning sign for me - club is being run into the ground in pursuit of a premier league bonanza we look ill equipped to achieve.
  10. I would imagine he’ll come on as a sub once or twice and make a few starts but be average - though people will come on and say he’s a genius. then he won’t play again for ages - but there will be scores of posts about how we only need him back in the team and that’s why we aren’t winning. then we’ll release him and he’ll sign for Grimsby or something - and everyone will say we should have played him cos he was all we needed. then Grimsby will release him and we’ll never mention him again. on the other hand he might be fkin mega - all the best hidalgo lad.
  11. How come everyone prefaces a statement with “that” or “these” or “those” or “this” nowadays the official swfc twitter page is the worst for it; ”THAT travelling support” ”THIS players performance” fkin millennials
  12. Would be a great signing - just type of striker we need.
  13. We’re gonna get hammered - let’s face it. we play in their league. sure we can push a legal argument but imagine trying to sue a club challenging the rules you signed up to..... never gone end well is it.
  14. Some typical short- termism going on here. No one seems to have learnt the lesson yet....
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