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  1. I don’t think it trashed our image it just sounded like a sound error not people ignoring the minutes silence.
  2. He isn’t good enough and needs to go ASAP.
  3. I don’t get why anyone’s bothered about it. I wasn’t there but from what i hear it was observed by both sets of supporters?
  4. He’s out of his depth at Wednesday and needs to go. sure he’s a nice bloke and bear no malice to him but he will not take us forward in a month of Sundays.
  5. ka58

    The Blavdes best ever chance to avenge BDM

    To be fair we’ve rarely gone to the lane in a position of favourites bar perhaps the early 90s. in the 00’s we regularly went there fearing a thrashing. people are talking like we should be going there and taking the mick.
  6. ka58

    Adam Reach

    He’s a superb footballer. anyone who thinks he’s overrated doesn’t know what they’re on about out simply.
  7. ka58


    I think one of his worst traits is how unpredictable he is. i have no idea who he is going to play from one week to the next with the exception of bannan reach and Dawson.
  8. ka58

    Team for Blades

    Dawson palmer lees hector pudil thorniley pelupessy bannan penney Reach fletcher
  9. He's managed to identify the issue is conceding and then make it worse.
  10. Let’s face it - our chairman decided to employ a complete random fella as manager. hes not up to it and we’re poor. we have good enough players to be better than we are at the moment.
  11. I didn’t suggest playing him when he was injured though did I?
  12. If Hutchinson is fit he should play. simple as that - play your best players and he’s one.
  13. Well yeah but so is world peace - point being we’re not going to go up - and I would say it’s unlikely we will go down. We are out of one cup and likely to choose not to field a competitive side in the fa cup. so I personally think the derby is probably our only chance of something positive happening this season.