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  1. Comparing Zidane to Beckham is like comparing a rolls royce and a ford mondeo.
  2. I don’t disagree but I’d just question signing a 28 year old German second division player.
  3. I would rather see van aken given another chance rather than sign this lad to be honest.
  4. I think he’s got potential - I think he should be out on loan in league 1 getting some games and without pressure.
  5. Cant afford to pay that to him if ever can’t play / would have to be up to him to take some sort of structured deal based on appearances etc.
  6. He was the best player at the club until his injury. if he’s fit and we can protect ourselves in terms of him becoming injured again in any new contract he should get a year offer.
  7. If we could get any kind of fee for joao I’d sell him. massively over rated due to the hyperbole when we signed him.
  8. The last thing we need to do is sign high earning 30 somethings.
  9. Blokes finished - terrible signing. seems a decent lad and that but he’s done.
  10. Win our next two home games and we are def in it. 4 points a dogs chance. any less no chance.
  11. Great player. One of the best strikers I've seen at Wednesday when fit and firing. Far too injury prone and agree would have to be incentivised based on appearances etc if we were to keep him - otherwise let him go.
  12. Barrick scored the first in the Newcastle game followed by Pearson. Mirandinha got one back then hirst scores that fantastic goal. cov away Carr was good - 4-1 - hirst, Sheridan, worthington, Atkinson.
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