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  1. I’m not a fan so far. to change my mind id like to see a bit more consistency in team selection and 3/4 wins.
  2. I hate these concourse videos. massively cringey
  3. Absolutely - from a player who’s phoned in pretty much every game he’s played in this season.
  4. Danny Mayor

    2013 nostalgia thread
  5. £65m for Fessi, Hooper and Reach..........bargain for someone....................
  6. Sean Clare

    Its a shame but he’s got a point - Sean clare is a prospect not the saviour.
  7. Good example of why we are where we are. no idea.
  8. Ditto boro with rhodes except swap crock for finished as a top level striker.
  9. Well it either was or it wasn’t?
  10. You can’t excuse a person in power for taking bad advice.
  11. No Almen Abdi today

    Yeah think that might have been true - but people forget Wim Jonk was always fit and played week in week out whilst he was Wednesday.
  12. That he’s not good enough to get us out of it?