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  1. In a manner that gives him a good chance of winning the ball back and getting possession for the team. anyone can chase a ball around a pitch - getting it and using it effectively is the reason Hutchinson is a v good player and joey is much more limited.
  2. No I don’t think so. he’s a much better footballer than pelupessy.
  3. You're right. JP is like a dog chasing a tennis ball around a park.
  4. He played well. hector and palmer were superb though. so pleased for Palmer - so much stick got nothing that lad and now he can’t put a foot wrong and been called up. Well done Liam.
  5. If this happens (I don’t think it will). and we beat united over two legs with them having finished 3rd and just missed out on automatic and us 6th I will have completed football and will leave it there happy and contented for the rest of my living days.
  6. We aren’t going to do it. the complete no mark of a manager we had until the new year has seen to that. shame but positive about next season.
  7. Winnall looked injures at the end has anyone heard if it’s anything to worry about?
  8. Winnall looked injures at the end has anyone heard if it’s anything to worry about?
  9. I wasn’t the only one - the star has him down at a 5 and everyone else 7 or above. im not a nuhiu hater - he was rubbish last night though.
  10. Thought nuhiu was totally ineffective mind.
  11. We aren’t getting in the play-offs this season folks - save yourself the unnecessary let down. too many teams in the way and we would need to win probably 8/9 games and we’ve not the got the quality available to do that at the moment unfortunately. hope I’m wrong.
  12. George Hirst is 20 years old. He’s played 22 first team games (21 in the Belgium second division) and scored 2 goals. hes never started a game in English top flight football. Time to move on.
  13. No chance this year lads - save yourself the disappointment. Couple of home wins on spin hasn't turned us into genuine promotion candidates. Hopefully we'll continue to have a positive finish though.
  14. Good player. Goes missing in big games sometimes though. I think he tries too hard sometimes - wants every ball into feet - would love to see him making the run hutch did for the missed chance last night instead of running back 40 yards to get the ball off the centre half.
  15. Why do they keep running and kicking the wall?
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