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  1. The worry I have is we’ve lost the only 2 tricky looking games out of the first five and made hard work out of the other 3. 9 points off two newly promoted sides and a relegation candidate and 2 defeats off seasoned championship sides.
  2. There’s a reason Brentford didn’t keep odubajo which we’re now finding out.
  3. He has been awful. Said it a couple of weeks ago. amazed he keeps getting picked over iorfa. constantly out of position. over commits in challenges.
  4. Palmer should play he’s been excellent at LB since moving there.
  5. Good - I don’t think he’s ready to play for us so can’t be a bad thing him playing at a competitive level.
  6. Would prefer Bannan to be dropped before Reach.
  7. Died at just 40 - what a shame.
  8. Winnall Looked like a dog chasing a tennis ball last night. woeful.
  9. Shouldn’t boo him. never been a championship left back.
  10. Rhodes is pretty much finished at this level I think.
  11. Wasnt there a rumour him and forestieri had a fight or something?
  12. Remember playing Blackburn at home towards end of last season. winnall started and was completely ineffectual. Nuhiu came on - scored - and effected the game to the extent we scored 3 of our 4 goals with him on the pitch.
  13. Rhodes can’t hit a barn door. amazed at his deterioration - Middlesbrough must laugh at us.
  14. I’m unsure about him myself. But I’m sure Rhodes isn’t going to score goals - I’m not sure winnall can’t. give him a go off the bench and see what he can do.
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