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  1. ka58

    Chelsea Away

    Was at that game - there was a massive fight in the north stand. 3-1 Chelsea after we’d been there and got a draw.
  2. Is there anyway of watching this on tv / Internet?
  3. Hirst senior.....? that would be David Hirst who was one of the finest players we ever had.
  4. ka58

    luton game

    Will this be on ifollow?
  5. ka58


    Hes scored 6.
  6. ka58


    Yes I would - hes an excellent footballer and would be an asset to any team in the championship and I dare say a few in the lower end of the premiership.
  7. ka58


    One of our best players.
  8. ka58

    How are we feeling ?

    The best thing is to do what I did after the Brentford game - write this season off and hope united don’t go up and leave us behind forever............
  9. Sorry but think we’ll lose comfortably, 2 or 3 nil. hope I’m wrong.
  10. ka58

    Carl Bradshaw

    We resigned him in a swap deal with Bradshaw in 1988.
  11. Maybe I suppose. Still don't think it's that big an issue.
  12. Maybe - can’t say I’m overly bothered and it’s not like every game is being rearranged it’s just the derby games. i also think big night matches generally have a better atmosphere than day games. either way I’m not really getting what the problem is.