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  1. Nah, you see he sent it me via whatsupp which is nowt to do wi dialup. Thanks for taking the time to let me know though.
  2. I’ve just been sent this by friend North of the border. I can’t be arsed watching it all myself but knock yourself out. https://www.open-goal.co.uk/siferrymeetsbarrybannan/
  3. Depends how you interpret "1000 new sales". I read that as being 1000 people that didn't have one last year, not 1000 more than last year.
  4. I'd have settled that. We were subjected to 'Madine's changed the game'
  5. S61 1Aa but that didn't register on the taxis! It's on the corner of union st and midland road.
  6. 2 spare here. Upper silver £25 face value. Will accept £15 each.
  7. 2 spare here. Upper silver £25 face value. Will accept £15 each.
  8. Not sure there is any Sam but I'll double check and let you know. There's snooker tables if that helps!
  9. As Alan Lee has no doubt scared everyone from going into town I thought I'd stick this on as an alternative. A couple of mates (Wednesday fans) have recently bought the old Rotherham Transport Sports and Social Club on Union St and they'll be opening the doors for us at 3. It's basically the more the merrier. Kids welcome, ample free parking (minibuses included) and it's only a short walk to the ground. If you think you might pop in then let us know in here or PM, just so they can gauge what staff/grub to chuck on. Ta
  10. I understood it that he was told he couldn't speak us. George Graham gave him 4 days to go and speak to him but he left it too long so Arsenal pulled out. To be fair it was one of the most honest interviews I've heard. He basically admitted that the price tag made him think he was something he wasn't and it affected his game.
  11. I'm out with him now in Rawsons. Every drink he takes from his pint, it fills back up with bile.
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