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  1. A thread about the starting line up, without the actual starting line up.... novel
  2. Mate, give it up, it’s getting old and tedious
  3. Can’t believe some of the replies, Bilic is a top manager who IMHO would be perfect
  4. I agree to an extent.... but cc chooses the players to be on the pitch. If they ain't following his instructions, should they be there?
  5. Unless your one of the clique, dont bother mate, its not worth it
  6. I remember it well, was in line with the goal line and saw CW flap at the shot. I did have the programmes but binned them, and I have never watched the replay even though I had it recorded.
  7. No....yes sorry what was the question again?
  8. This will be my last comment, because it is obvious to me, some on here would prefer this to be a closed shop when others dont share their views, however informed they may be. I havent "gobbed off" at anyone, no personal attacks, no insults. I was merely putting my point across that Ashley isnt as bad as everyone makes out. At no point did i say I would prefer him to DC. Not exactly a flounce, just a thanks but no thanks, enjoy your clique.
  9. Nobody is doubting that mate. Im just saying ma aint the the bad guy he painted to be
  10. At the end of the day, they are both businessmen, and would both sell their granny if the price was good.
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