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  1. No baldys, gingers, fatties etc amongst us?
  2. Lots of self conscious insecurity, if all you can think of is to take plss out of some dudes eyebrows.
  3. At the end of the day, it’s not our club anymore
  4. You’ll give him a chance? What does your view matter in the scheme of things?
  5. Loathe him or love him, we have a manager right now so what’s the point in these manager threads?
  6. Over the course of the season, they gained enough points for promotion. Don’t see the issue
  7. So coz someone has a different view they are a blade? exactly the reason I don’t post here, nice one mate
  8. So glad the exile has ended. Can you wait another 9 months? It’s been good an all
  9. A thread about the starting line up, without the actual starting line up.... novel
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